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  1. Thanks for the info. Just read up on it. Seems it's very risky. Sending funds using PayPal's Friends and Family option is essentially submitting a payment with no expectation of goods or services in return. In fact, you have to agree that you are not paying for goods with the funds being sent and it is plainly disclosed that there is absolutely no chance of reversing the transaction or disputing the dispatched funds. I guess this method would work if whoever was sending the product out trusted the buyer enough to wait until receipt and review for payment. The only other way that it would work is if someone trusted me enough to send the money first and then have me send the stuff out. I mean, yeah, I'd be comfortable with that.. but why would anyone want to trust me?! lol
  2. I am selling some 1oz and 2oz Silver Coins and Rounds, and a few 1 Troy Pound Silver Rounds. All of these coins and rounds are at least .999 fine REAL silver, no silver plating or mixed metals. I purchased almost all of these directly from reputable online dealers and I can guarantee that I am the first owner of the majority of them. I have been putting nearly all of my coins and rounds in direct fit Air-Tite coin capsules, using clean white cotton gloves (or using a no-touch method) for a while now. The capsules for 1oz Silver Coins and Rounds usually go for around 50¢ while the capsules for the 2oz coins are about $2 each, but I believe the investment pays off in keeping the coins beautiful. I won't be removing any of the coins from their capsules, so if the coins are in capsules now, the capsules will be sold along with the coins. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll see what I can do. If you have any questions or want more pictures of something, feel free to ask. ROUNDS 15qty - Provident Prospector 1oz Silver Rounds in Air-Tite Capsules (original, discontinued design w/ map & compass on reverse) - $21/ea 3qty - 1 Troy Pound Rounds in Original Packaging w/ Edge-Engraved Serial Number and Matching COA (released by The Federal Coin Fund) - $250/ea COINS 17qty - 2016 Niue 1oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle Coins in Air-Tite Capsules (350,000 mintage) - $20/ea 3qty - 2014 Niue 1oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle Coins in Air-Tite Capsules (200,000 mintage) - $21/ea 7qty - 2015 Niue 2oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle Coins in Air-Tite Capsules - $39/ea 6qty - 2015 Australia 1oz Silver Kookaburra, 25th Anniversary (In Original Capsules) - $30/ea 2qty - 2016 Australia 1oz Silver Kangaroo Coins in Air-Tite Capsules - $20/ea 5qty - 2017 Australia 1oz Silver Kangaroo Coins in Air-Tite Capsules - $19/ea 13qty - 2013 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf 25th Anniversary Coins in Air-Tite Capsules - $25/ea 20qty - 2016 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Reverse Proof w/ Wolf Privy Coins in Air-Tite Capsules (50,000 mintage) - $30/ea 3qty - 2017 South Africa 1oz Silver Krugerrand GEM Premium Uncirculated (In Original Packaging w/ COA) - $45/ea 15qty - 2017 1oz American Silver Eagle Coin Graded MS-70, Early Releases (in NGC Slab) - $38/ea HERE is a link to a folder with pictures of these. If you are local to NJ, USA, and we can meet up, I'd like to exchange somewhere in public, maybe a library or a coffee house, for everyone's safety. Also, I would need to figure out exactly what you would like to purchase, before meeting up, so that I am not lugging around more than necessary. If you are not local to New Jersey: It seems that shipping for up to 40 coins/rounds (maybe more) to anywhere in the United States would be $7.20 + insurance. That is for a USPS Small Flat Rate Box, which comes with $50 insurance. If the value of the package is any more than that (which it most likely would be, in this case), it would be best to use additional insurance. Although the package will be packed securely and handled with care by myself, I can not speak for USPS and can not be responsible for their shortcomings. You can view USPS pricing here: https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#_c031 The options for additional insurance are here: https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#_c191 Please note that a Flat Rate Envelope (no padding) is an option for $6.70, however, for 50 cents more, frankly, I'd rather use a box if it was headed to me, to avoid any scratches, smashes, etc. The Flat Rate Envelope with padding doesn't make much sense to use in this case, as it is 5 cents more than the small box. Another important reason I like using Priority Flat Rate Boxes is because they come with Tracking Included, which can really help solve problems should they arise. I'm not sure how everyone else figures out payment here, but if we are not meeting in person, I'd like a check, I guess. Then I need some time to get it deposited and some time for it to clear after that before I can send these out to you. These are quite obviously real silver coins and there shouldn't be any doubt about that. The hardest part here is figuring out how to transfer funds without using cryptocurrencies, which I haven't gotten into. Alternately, if you have some gold coins that you are looking to trade for these silver coins, we might be able to arrange that. Thanks for Looking, Matt
  3. Thanks for the info, there. I don't readily know how I would send a small packet to GB holding roughly somewhere under 3lbs (avoirdupois) of silver. I am definitely going to look into that, though. Could I maybe label the package as "Numismatics"? Are the import laws any different if the coins are labled as "collectibles"?
  4. Hello everybody! Admittedly, I had thought to join a site like this because I wanted to sell some of my silver for a price that was less than you can find it for anywhere else, but for more than what APMEX would give. EBay takes big chunks out of prices that must already be competitive with online dealers, and Craigslist, it seems, doesn't reach a large enough crowd. After 5 minutes on this site, though, I feel like there's a lot more that The Silver Forum community may have to offer. My bullion adventures all started when, at the end of 2013, I had the idea to take an old black, beat up 1806 Large 6 Draped Bust Half Cent, which I had found and kept for some 15 years, into a local coin shop and try to trade for 1 troy oz of silver, as, I was pretty sure both were worth about $30. The plan worked and I walked away with the only thing the guy had to offer me.. a 1988 Canada Silver Maple Leaf BU in a plastic flip. I was happy. He seemed happy. It was a great trade. I got started buying more bullion in April of 2014 and I've been going ever since.. Provident Metals, JM Bullion, Amagi Metals, SD Bullion, APMEX, Golden State Mint, Modern Coin Mart, and others.. Here's my current wish list so y'all can get to know me a little better : MS-70 American Gold Buffalo Bullion or Proof Coin 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle BU Coins 2017 South Africa 1 oz Platinum Krugerrand Proof 2015 Canada 1 oz Gold Growling Cougar .99999 BU Coin (in Assay Card) 2012 Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf .99999 BU (in Assay Card) 2017 Mexico 1 kilo Silver Libertad High Relief Prooflike Coin 2017 1 oz High Relief American Liberty Gold Proof Ancient Egyptian Coins or maybe a Roman Silver Denarius or a Tetradrachm or something similar Isle of Man 1 oz Silver Cat Proof Coins Cheers, severalethos