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    MCJ reacted to blindguy in At what price level do you stop accumulating Gold   
    Do not forget the other metals. There are good buys in platinum and silver right now. Platinum is rarer than gold. As far as a price to stop buying gold I have learned over the years there is none. Just keep buying a little when you can. In the late 1970's I stopped buying when gold hit $250 or so. In 2005 I stopped buying gold when it was $600 a ounce. Buying metals to sell is all about timing but the way things are now around the world I like gold as a store of wealth. If you do decide to sell when the price goes up never sell more then 50% of what you own, it could keep going higher.  Jim
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    MCJ reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    I was right! The power!! The absolute power!! The universe is mine to command!! To control!!
    .....although i could be getting carried away....
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    MCJ reacted to blindguy in Forum bad influence?   
    I watch silver forum on Youtube and started buying Queens beasts  coins in silver and platinum. And now after reading on the forum for a few weeks I did something I thought I would never do. I bid on some gold sovereigns on Great Collections this week. I am beginning to believe that you all in the UK are a bad influence on us Americans! What is next, I learn to like tea? So kept up the good work and maybe someday I will like tea, I doubt it but you never know. Jim
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    MCJ reacted to Toshunya86 in Brexit status ...   
    So if you are a French citizen ,  anti Eu , anti Nato and pro-russia in foreign politics , you are a russian bot/agent of the Kremlin ?
    This shows your level of indoctrination. 
    IF a russian citizen would prefer the USA , UK , and West Europe rather than Putin , he will be an Mi-6 agent paid by Washington ? This is how absurd are your suspicions.
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    MCJ reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    I'm not going to bother going through every daft point you've made, but the majority of the worlds ills can be put at the door of the Vatican,
    from the mass genocide in central and South America, Europe and Asia, to the hoarding of vast wealth. The Vatican has been a hotbed of debauchery, fraud, theft, and violence throughout history. . The Vatican is all about power and money. Nothing more, nothing less. 
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    MCJ reacted to KitboyE17 in Brexit status ...   
    Communism cannot work - humanity is by nature greedy. 
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    MCJ reacted to SILVERFINGER in Brexit status ...   
    Hmm I think communism does work if you have a huge population where a large % of them are lacking academically and you want to subvert them and rule them, in my opinion its just a far left dictatorship.
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    MCJ reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    For all this socialism/communism versus capitalism bollox, I'm still waiting for a single successful country that has had socialism long term.
    Socialism/communism doesn't work, it never has, and it never will. No matter what the poorly educated and brainwashed youth of today think or say. 
    It requires a huge amount of governmental control in order to work, and that is something that as a species we can never accept. 
    You've got to be a shilling or two short, if you ever think left wing politics is a way forward. 
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    MCJ reacted to motorbikez in Brexit status ...   
    I think people are sick & tired of the Conservatives & labour treating the electorate with disdain & contempt, both of them trying to be all things to all men. The way they have f--ked up Brexit many people including myself are done with the conservatives & labour. At the next general election if the Brexit party put up a candidate in my area I'll vote for them even if it is a dog with 2 tails.
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    MCJ reacted to HighlandTiger in Who's upping their gold buying, in case comrade Corbyn gets elected   
    I'm thinking of upping my gold purchases just in case the apocalypse happens and Corbyn gets the keys to number 10. The theory being that when the pound plummets, (and it will), gold in GBP will rocket. 
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    MCJ reacted to Wackattak924 in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Hi guys
    I am supporting Children With Cancer UK and in July I will be taking on the Peak District 100km Challenge. 
    Children With Cancer are the leading national children's cancer charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. 
    The peak District challenge is a Challenging 100km walk in the peak District and I have set myself the goal of completion within 24 hours. 
    I am hoping that the community here can help me by donating via my just giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/daniel-bateman2. All donations go directly to Children With Cancer. 
    In return for your support each donation will give entry into my silver giveaway. 
    @BackyardBullion has been kind enough to be custodian of the prizes and these will be with him shortly. 
    Prizes up for grabs are
    2x 2019 Britannia 1oz
    2019 Australian Koala 1 oz
    2019 Australian Kookaburra 1 oz
    2011 Panda - kindly donated by Agpanda. 
    2014 1oz Somalian Elephant with Horse Privy - kindly donated by @KevinFlynn
     2014 1oz Britannia - also donated by
    I will announce the winners of the giveaway on march 29th. 
    Please use your silver forum name and put TSF in the comments box. 
    I thank you for your support and will keep you all updated on my progress. 😁
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    MCJ reacted to Pete in Queens Beasts collection   
    I realise this thread has massively gone off topic  BUT...
    If you want cheering up, the BBC news is proudly showing the police top-dog woman "Dick" bleating on about how a no-deal Brexit will cause massive problems for the police - really ??
    Hasn't deterred the 'new Dunkirk' spirit of illegal migrants crossing the channel in small boats.
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    MCJ got a reaction from Csaba in Milk Spots   
    I've tried to remove milk spots using a vinyl free eraser and Goddard's jewellery cloth. Guess what happened? The milk spots were removed, and so was the nice shinny finish. Using a 10x loop I could see the small scratches left by the cloth. With the naked eye, the coin looked fab.
    I'm now leaving the coin out in the open to naturally tone for the next 20 years...lol.
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    MCJ reacted to coinage in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
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    MCJ reacted to SILVERFINGER in UK Gun Ownership   
    Guns don't kill people, people kill people, if someone wants to kill someone they will use whatever they can get to hand, whether that be a kitchen knife or a Ford Transit van, gun laws only affect law abiding citizens, criminals dont care for the law or laws so they do not make a difference to any crimes that they commit, they just restrict the law abiding citizen to protect themselves from criminals, I think we should be allowed to own weapons within reason, IE a handgun or shotgun for home defence, for target shooting or hunting, but the vetting process for getting a licence be far stricter and harder.
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    MCJ reacted to sixgun in UK Gun Ownership   
    No they had to ruin it. ☹️
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    MCJ reacted to savoyard in Brexit status ...   
    Yes, but at least we have regained control of making a pig's ear of it.
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    MCJ reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    My worry is we will end up with a half in, half out arrangement, the leavers will be p*ssed, the remainers will still be p*ssed, and no democratic vote held in the UK will have any legitimacy ever again. That is worst case scenario. 
    Best case scenario is we leave without a deal. 
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    MCJ reacted to jonrms in POPPY Appeal MY DONATION.   
    Please see the video just finished.
    This is my FIRST bit of Silver to leave my workshop and off to a winner at my cost.
    I am proud to donate this to a worthy cause... and YES I just bought 5 tickets too.
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    MCJ reacted to Cornishfarmer in Australian Cricket   
    Heard rumours what they were saying to berstow in the tests in Australia, now they are kicking up about getting some back about Warner’s wife.  The ashes in oz was pure bullying by the players and press and our players couldn’t handle it.   In anyother work place this wouldn’t be excepted.     As for this a one match ban and match fee deducted is a cop out should be a 15 match ban which with the 3 formats should be a fair ban
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    MCJ reacted to sixgun in Price Au & Ag by end of 2018?   
    Kinesis kicks off full blown trading on 1st October. The pre-IC0 starts 1st July so gold and silver buying will have to start before then. They are expecting a trading volume of over $1 billion on the first day. Minters will have cash returned and will buy more metal which is the point at which the fun starts.
    There is good reason to expect the cabal to reset price before this fox gets in the chicken coop, that will reduce the damage to the usual culprits. All the never existed unallocated (and probably 'allocated') gold deposits will be settled for cash with a keystroke and then price will be allowed to gap up.
    We have the petro yuan contracts starting next week. This will be an economic poisoned pill for the USD. It won't be overnight but this is going to suck the US economy dry as the world's de-dollarisation accelerates and oil yuan are swopped for gold. Russia has already amassed what i recently heard is 40 000 tonnes of gold selling oil for gold and there is of course also a big silver stack to keep the gold company.
    So i expect price to be higher - how much? That is just guessing so let me guess gold $5k and silver $500. Yes we have heard this all before but this time there is substance to it.
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    MCJ reacted to ChrisF in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Sadly, I have to agree Six, until someone comes along with matching prices and better customer service I'll still be using gsbe.  Ive not had any problems as of yet but as 90% of my purchasing is for weight im not too concerned.  They know they are the cheapest and can do what they want.  Their margins are that low on  orders losing one of two customers is neither here nor there to them.
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    MCJ reacted to sixgun in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    i would buy off these people to save some money. i am glad they are in business as i have got some good deals from them. i could not care less if they called me from a pig to a dog - and they have. As long as the coins are alright and delivered that is fine by me. If they have the coins i want at the best price i will buy from them again and again and again. It is water off a duck's back.
    They are not con men. There is no con. Long ago i learnt to be careful with pricing when you move between currencies. For example you are always screwed over by paypal with their poor rates, so what seemed a bargain on ebay turned out to be anything but. Paypal are shakedown merchants but these small websites have exchange software that does what it does. They don't set the rates. Eva is not in the backend of the website fiddling with it to inflate GBP prices. i don't expect she has a clue.
    They don't have the best customer service. Most of us here know that. Every now and again someone creates a thread complaining about the service or some such but next week there is a post about a good deal on GS.be and many are piling in.
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    MCJ reacted to lightjaw in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    was about to buy a couple of oz of platinum from them. Screw them. I would rather pay the extra money than support idiots like this.
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    MCJ reacted to Roy in GOLDSILVER.BE TERRIBLE !   
    Of course, everyone is looking for the best deal.
    But put the profit in the pocket of your countryman!