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  1. Some were paying for, not reserving, a coin then phoning up and asking for it not to be sent until another coin or two were purchased at the buyer's convenience. This facility I believe is no longer available.
  2. Yep that's right. I wonder if HGM are intentionally changing their model and will align it to the likes of Atkinson?
  3. I agree, but on the flip side how many businesses say " I know you have enough money to buy three items from us, but we only have one in stock at the moment. We might have some later in the week"
  4. Hi and welcome Dave. Just like others, I've never had a problem buying from other forum members. As for buying gold for short term profit, it's risky mate and I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket.
  5. Mmm, just had a quick sniff around the Internet. It seems as though it happens from time to time for no reason.
  6. Hi and welcome. You'll certainly learn a lot. I have and still am.
  7. MCJ

    RCM Predator Cougar

    Love her Magesty, just not the RCM's version. That side just shouldn't be shown. She hasn't even got her hat on, only a pearl necklace that old Phil gave her ?
  8. And they won't allow private individuals to own gold.
  9. $100,000 for a card! Every footballer's wag should have one
  10. This isn't going to help much, but I used a nectar points to Ebay voucher last night, UK seller, £121 price, and it went through as normal. Perhaps yours was a larger amount?
  11. MCJ

    RCM Predator Cougar

    Aarrrgh my eyes...my eyes...
  12. Pop in your card and a gold sovereign will pop out?
  13. Sorry to hear that Steve, hope your saga ends favourably for yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience, it has made me think twice about ordering from them again in the future. What happened to the customer always being right?
  14. Sorry to hear your experience with Aurinum hasn't been a good one. I've used them many times with no issues and I've always been happy with their service. Although DHL can be a pain I'm told. I think you've taken the correct action by asking them to define shortly. If they are going to make you wait until the investigation has ran it's course, and you dont want to wait, you should ask for a cash refund or be sent your order. Point out that you've done nothing wrong, your cash was good and that you shouldn't have to wait for them to claim before sending you your order. Your situation differs to the chaps in the link since you haven't received anything, no damaged parcel or any silver. In the UK under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, retailers have, in most cases, up to 30 days to deliver. If the goods still haven’t arrived in that time you can cancel and claim a refund.
  15. I didn't see the proofs, maybe next time. Everyone seems to be busy, perhaps the slight drop has helped. Just seen this add from gold line. Not sure if it's recent or not. Austria Gold 100 Coronas - LOW PREMIUM ONLY 3% OVER, http://www.goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.jsp?coinId=37&yp=4261
  16. There's a lot of gold up for sale on HGM at the moment. Never seen so much.
  17. Will Gold And Silver Purchasers Become Terrorists? Also highlights why " the bottom " is difficult to predict. I liked this statement. .."We have often stated that smart money, aka controlling interests, buys low, sells high. It is also axiomatic that unusually large volume surges are from smart money in action. The public simply do not act in such a coordinated effort in concert to create heavy volume days. The public only react." http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/will-gold-and-silver-purchasers-become-terrorists
  18. Surely hedging is king in a situation like this? Short oil and FTSE, trade FX, buy bullion gold whilst low, sell into rise, pick up gold producers shares- day trade if required, don't be greedy, take profits when targets reached, happy days. Juggle all of the above and make money. Just buying PMs and hoping to make money, if that's what your main aim is, when the price goes to £xx is going to limit your success. You'll be missing out on all the peeks and troughs. IMHO.