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  1. 10 hours ago, Clens92 said:

    Sorry, but that's hardly a fair way of telling if gold is real.

    I sell face to face sometimes, and if someone wanted to take pictures of me there would be no deal - and I would never deal with them again.  Some people value their personal privacy and security more than a sale.

    No need to be sorry, just taking a chaps picture after all. If he doesn't mind, all good, if he does the coins could be iffy in some way.

  2. 13 hours ago, Lea79 said:

    Hi guys?

    Anyone know when the 2016 Gibraltar Christmas 50p gets released?


    I think the 2015 coin was released towards the end of Jan 2016 and if I remember, it nearly didn't get produced at all. The Gibraltar Gov were planning on scrapping the 50p Christmas coin, but due to popular demand decided to continue. Not sure about this year's issue though.

  3. On Monday, June 06, 2016 at 17:40, forgottenmemorie said:

    Very Smart Man.

    We all have car insurance, not because we envisage a crash.

    But in event something happens we are financially sorted.

    I'm taking about coins because its something that we collect personally.

    We collectors / investors spend our money on coins..

    We are careful how we allocate our money.

    Your partner may spend her money every month on Designer handbags, Nights out, Lavish Clothes, Expensive Fragrances, Salon, Sunbed  etc.


    But when you divorce she will want your coins even though she never expressed any interest in them prior.

    Regardless of the fact you saved every month to buy them. While she squandered her portion of funds.


    Food for thought.


    So your partner/wife spends/ wastes her money looking and smelling nice. She looks after herself and goes out dinning and having fun, with ????. You on the other hand choose not to "waste" your money like she does. So you don't go out, buy supermarket clothes, don't care what you look like and buy coins instead...... like I said,  shite marriage that won't work because you clearly aren't comparable.