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  1. I guess it's a secret ?
  2. I thought it was bullion.
  3. @Numistacker I know very little about slabbed coins as my question below will prove. What is a #1 NGC registry set?
  4. IMO, i wouldnt expect their value to increase over the years, other than the spot price increasing. I dont know the cheapest outlet for 1/10 britannias. But Chards sell them, when they have them in stock, for 20% over spot. Most dealers will offer you 2% under spot if you want to sell. Half sovereigns can be bought around 5% over spot and sold to dealers for 2% under. So for a pure spot increase sell, the half sovereign is a better buy. But if you like em, why not collect them. https://taxfreegold.co.uk/tenthbritanniasdates.html My personal favourite is the 2007.
  5. MCJ

    1oz Queen's Beast Lion

    Yep, the RM have said that they will be selling all 3 t coins from their bullion site.
  6. Well the 2 faced git won't be seeing any more of my hard earned that's for sure.
  7. MCJ

    eBay aficionados

    Deal was completed ?
  8. Sorry to hear you've been sent those vile emails. I've also dealt with and spoken to him in the past. Certainly seems way out of character, comes across as a very nice chap. Something definatly not right here.
  9. MCJ

    eBay aficionados

    Thanks HH. That sounds good to me.
  10. MCJ

    eBay aficionados

    I've got an eBay seller willing to cut me deal on a couple of silver coins. However we have a problem. Whilst his listing was active, we were negotiating the deal. The deal has now been agreed, but his listing has timed out. Other than doing the deal outside of eBay, how can the deal be completed? I believe he can make a new listing and send it only to me. If this is possible, does anyone know how he does it?
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum
  12. Is ebay safe to purchase Precious Metals from? Well there are more fakes on ebay than from any PM dealer. So to be safe, buy from a reputable dealer. If you have to buy from eBay: note the following. If the price is too good to be true, it's probably a fake. Does the seller's description of the item give you confidence that they know what they're selling. Ask the seller questions , (get a feel of what the seller is like from their answers), about the coin to remove all doubt. Is it real? Genuine/original packaging? In perfect condition as supplied by the mint?...etc. The answers will help if you have to claim through ebay's buyer protection. As Steve said, if the picture is poor, walk away, or ask for better pictures to be sent. If no clear pictures arrive, probably a fake. Know how to check the coin you've bought before leaving any feedback. Weigh the coin, measure it, both thickness and diameter. Learn how to perform a specific gravity test. Perform a ping test and for silver a magnet slide test. Put a picture of the coin up on the forum and ask for people's opinion on its authenticity. Compare the pictures of the coin you intend to buy with pictures of a know example of a real coin. Google what errors to look out for in a fake coin of the type you want to buy. Don't buy from sellers who hide their feedback as private. Only buy from sellers who have sold coins/bars in the past. Only buy from sellers with at least 50-100 transactions with 100% positive feedback. Very doggy to buy from China..fake capital of the world, unless you're really confident. Use your common sense. If something feels wrong, walk away. Thinks that's about it from me, someone will add more I'm sure. Good luck.
  13. Hi and welcome. What are you stacking/collecting at the moment?
  14. I have no idea. I haven't checked every entry.?
  15. Found this site, lots of info and mintage figures for many coins. http://worldsilverbullion.weebly.com/
  16. This site can help http://worldsilverbullion.weebly.com/
  17. No it doesn't. I bought a half proof sovereign last week for £3 less than I did in mid Jan, and it was the same year!
  18. Couldn't agree more. Buying blind and a hefty premium isn't for me. But others don't seem to be bothered.
  19. Hmm It's not an ugly coin, 4% would be enough.
  20. Hi and welcome to the forum. As others have said STG are recommended along with www.goldsilver.be Buying silver and gold, very sensible, having an ISA also cool, ETFS why not.....giving up whiskey? ...bad choice ?