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  1. Today I received my Aug prize draw kook. It's great...thank you to the forum and again to @ChrisSilver
  2. My point is you're not compatable. If she is an outgoing party type, doing what you've said and not investing for the future, little by little, and you are....then you're not compatable and you've both picked the wrong partner.
  3. So your partner/wife spends/ wastes her money looking and smelling nice. She looks after herself and goes out dinning and having fun, with ????. You on the other hand choose not to "waste" your money like she does. So you don't go out, buy supermarket clothes, don't care what you look like and buy coins instead...... like I said, shite marriage that won't work because you clearly aren't comparable.
  4. I asked the RM if they would supply the Queen's Beast empty capsules. Here is the reply; Thank you for your email. Your order of single Queen’s Beast will be despatched in capsules. However unfortunately we don’t sell capsules separately as a packaging. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused. Yours sincerely, Daxesh Bullion Customer service team The Royal Mint
  5. Surely it doesn't only apply to a coin collection? What about cash, other investments, goods...etc..... If your other half is kept in the dark about everything you own and or do, you may as well be on your own, because your marriage is shite anyway....
  6. Not sure on the 766, that's why I said something like. Thought it was 736, plus 18 extra as part of the Lisbon Treaty and a further 12 when Croatia joined? As for the % of laws, it depends on how it's worked out. Only 10 to 15% if you want stay in, up to 70% if you want out. Yeah I meant MEPs, and yes they are all voted in, but not by us! As for the personal freedom etc. ..it's way down on the list for me. Far more important reasons to leave.
  7. There are something like 766 euro EMPs, of which 73 are from the UK( Each one costing us £1.79m) So we don't vote for around 693. The percentage of laws passed is more like 15% to 50% depending on which definition of 'UK law' you look at, some say as high as 70%. This isn't right. These unelected EMPs making even .01% of our laws is wrong. Guess which way I'm voting ?
  8. MCJ


    Hi and welcome
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum
  10. MCJ

    1oz Queen's Beast Lion

    @STG That's good news, thank you. Can you please let us know if the coins will be supplied in their original capsules? If we were to buy say 1 to 9 coins.
  11. MCJ

    Cheap Britannias

    I sent them an email asking the condition of the coins, they replied with " in mint condition supplied in original capsules"
  12. Hi and welcome mate.