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  1. MCJ

    2017 Britannia proof

    Looks like she's passing a relay baton with her left hand!
  2. MCJ

    The New Peter Rabbit coin sold out?

    I guess that's why the tax man checks eBay? (I'm not a tax man)
  3. MCJ

    The New Peter Rabbit coin sold out?

    Does all this quick flipping attract income tax on the profit?
  4. No need to be sorry, just taking a chaps picture after all. If he doesn't mind, all good, if he does the coins could be iffy in some way.
  5. Ask if the trader would mind if you took a few pictures of him, if he starts to get agitated, walk away.
  6. Here's one unslabbed in Fine and one Good/Extra Fine Spink (2016) 3805 F £50, VF £150, EF £675, UNC £1450 I reckon Steve has it about right at £50-£60
  7. MCJ

    Victorian Pennies

    Here's another site that may be of interest to you. http://pennycrowncoins.co.uk/Pennies_(Bronze)_1860-1901.php
  8. MCJ

    Seen Any 2017 Designs?

    The Owl is a modern version of a very old design http://athenianowlcoins.reidgold.com/
  9. MCJ

    Silver Deals.....

    I've asked as well, and like others the answer is always nope.
  10. MCJ

    Seen Any 2017 Designs?

    It'll be a bugger to clean milk spots from.
  11. MCJ

    Christmas 50p

    Yes, I believe they have. http://en.numista.com/forum/topic46794.html
  12. MCJ

    Christmas 50p

    I think the 2015 coin was released towards the end of Jan 2016 and if I remember, it nearly didn't get produced at all. The Gibraltar Gov were planning on scrapping the 50p Christmas coin, but due to popular demand decided to continue. Not sure about this year's issue though.