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  1. The Barrons Gold Mining Index plotted against the price of gold. Even with the recent rise in the stock price of gold miners, the ratio is still near all-time lows. In 2019, the passive index-tracking funds GDX and GDXJ rose 39%, but that is just a small upward blip at the end of the chart. There should be plenty of happy times ahead for gold mining investors.
  2. Tesla is ridiculously overpriced, but it is being held up by irrational exuberance. Betting against Tesla is like betting against a religious cult - it's just too risky.
  3. I think BT may be a value trap. I'm also cautious about BLND and LAND, because they are heavily exposed to commercial rents, and these will fall if there is a recession. I like many of the others in the Fool list though. It is quite surprising that the FTSE is so cheap. Why would you own bonds when you can get these kinds of yield from blue chip equities?
  4. Some others worth considering: Marston's (MARS), Phoenix Group (PHNX), The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG), City of London Investment Group (CLIG).
  5. I'm wishing I'd taken my own advice and bought the house-builders. The market seems to think that Boris' win is good for them:
  6. Well just be glad you weren't invested in Eddie Stobart...
  7. Surely the financials will be worst affected if there is another financial crash. If you are just expecting a recession then OK, but then house-builders shouldn't be too badly affected. Having said that, I'm out of house-builders at the moment. Commercial REITS like BLND would also fall in a recession. I like GSK because pharma and healthcare is defensive. I also like RIO, though obviously a recession would reduce demand for industrial metals.
  8. For myself, I'm prejudiced against financials, so I wouldn't own HSBC, BARC, or AV. Any reason not to include GSK? Also, the house-builders pay fairly well: GFRD, TW, BDEV.
  9. I don't think the nature of the breaches was published. I am not a customer of Glint myself, so I 'm not in a position to recommend or not recommend them. If you are concerned about them, there are plenty of alternative ways of owning gold these days.