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    Raeezzy reacted to BackyardBullion in 250g Silver Forum Bars (2019)   
    Hello everyone. @ChrisSIlver and I are very happy to announce the official reveal of the 2019 250g Silver Forum Bars!
    Here is the prototype for the 250g 2019 bars

    We have been working on the design year upon year and we have evolved the design one step further to incorporate an all in one "2019" year date stamp. 
    These bars are all hand poured, stamped and finished by myself meaning each and every bar is unique in some way. The weights will vary bar to bar (although none less than 250g) and the cooling patterns of the silver will also be unique and different for each one. 
    The allure of hand poured silver is growing stronger month by month and these bars are a brilliant way to start collecting hand poured silver and at the same time supporting the forum and my own business too!
    There are a lot of different aspects to tell you about so I have split this post up into various sections, hopefully this will cover most of your questions but if there is something I have not covered then please feel free to get in touch or comment on this thread. 
    What are The Silver Forum Bars all about?
    The Silver Forum Bars (in all their sizes) have been created as a way to draw the silver forum community together but also as a fundraising and brand awareness raising exercise. Proceeds from the sales of these bars help keep the forum running in the way we have become accustomed to. Silver Premium and Gold Premium and now Platinum memberships go a long way to helping the running of the forum and to help keep the membership prices as low as practical, The Silver Forum Bars we make help a lot. 
    Also, it is about raising the brand awareness of the forum and to encourage new people to join the forum and to make standard members think about supporting the forum by upgrading their membership or simply supporting the forum on a one off basis. 
    Schedule, production and delivery
    These 250g Bars will be minted to order throughout 2019 with a maximum mintage of 25 bars. 
    Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks due to hallmarking
    As with all of my Hand Poured Silver products these bars will be Assay Tested and Hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. 
    Hallmarking is a very good addition to any poured silver. It is your guarantee that these bars are indeed 999 fine silver and made by me in 2019.
    Mintage & Serial Number reservations
    The mintage for 2019 will be 25 bars. This mintage is set and will not change. We decided not to increase the mintage this year to keep the exclusivity of the bars as appealing as possible.
    Serial number reservation - If you currently own a certain serial number then you will have first refusal at reserving that serial number for 2019. So, if you bought bar #10 last year then you need to let me know if you want to keep that number. If you do, great it is yours (once you have paid!). If you don't get in touch to let me know before Sunday 31st March then all remaining unclaimed serial numbers will be opened up to other people. 
    If you do not own a serial number from 2018 but would like to get a 250g  bar for 2019 - there will inevitably be some serial numbers available in due course. I will start a first come first served waiting list for people without a 2018 bar and we can fairly allocate available bars in due course. 
    When the time comes to allocate unclaimed serial numbers we will be opening up a first come first served thread in April (a date yet to be confirmed). Any left over numbers/reservations will be assigned randomly. 
    To join the waiting list all you need to do is comment on this thread or drop me a PM. 
    I hope that all makes sense. In summary, you have until 31st March to reserve your existing serial numbers if you already own them. If you are new, or an existing member who wants additional bars then you need to reply here and I will put you on the first come, first served waiting list. 
    Prices are set as follows
    Standard or Non member price - £200 per bar
    Silver Premium member price - £185 per bar
    Gold & Platinum member price - £170 per bar
    UK Postage - Included in the price of the bars
    International postage: +£7.50 tracked for 1 bar or free for 2+ bars
    Forum membership and pricing 
    As you can see there are some very good savings to be had for upgrading your membership - so take a look at the benefits that are available for premium and gold premium members today!
    A few notes on pricing
    These bars are hand poured, hand stamped and polished by me. They take a lot of time and energy and equipment to create. These are premium hand poured silver products, not cheap bullion. They are a way to support the Backyard Bullion business, my brand and most importantly, The Silver Forum. As I said earlier, proceeds from the sale of these bars go towards the upkeep and running costs of this forum. This helps keep membership prices as low as possible for premium and gold premium members and ensures that standard members can still use this forum for free. 
    Standard members - The difference in price is as a way for you to support the forum in a one off style payment rather than signing up for membership. But also please feel free to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the discounts available. 
    The price also incorporates the Hallmarking costs, this includes postage of these bars to and from Edinburgh and the application of the hallmark.
    Payment Information
    To secure the reservation of your bars and serial numbers you will need to pay me before 31st March 2019
    If you are interested then please let me know in this thread or via PM. 
    Also, I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have about these bars. 
    Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Silver Forum!
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from BackyardBullion in 250g Silver Forum Bars (2019)   
    Hey BYB, I would like to be put on the waiting list for a bar please. Hope I am able to get one! Thanks.
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    Raeezzy reacted to BackyardBullion in **NOVEMBER** Group order   
    This was my day......

    The Unicorns came a lot earlier than expected - so they have all gone out!
    Now, there are going to be a few people who will still have to wait a little bit - we are just waiting on a few more coins which were delayed coming from the EU Mint. They will be with me this coming weekend and then all remaining orders will be shipped. 
    But, the lions share have gone today, a second batch (most of the people with 10 oz Unicorns) will be posted tomorrow. 
    So, busy week in the "today I received" thread no doubt!
    Massive thank you to Mrs BYB for helping get these parcels done and shipped!
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from rob6 in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    And 2 tickets for me aswell please. Sent via Paypal FandF.
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from Foolssilver in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    And 2 tickets for me aswell please. Sent via Paypal FandF.
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018   
    And 2 tickets for me aswell please. Sent via Paypal FandF.
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from GrahamDiamond in Hello from London   
    Hello everyone, I recently discovered this whole world of stacking from youtubers like Backyard Bullion and Silver stacker. Im interested in the community and the prospect of having tangible investments. I'm look forward to learning more.
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    Raeezzy got a reaction from GrahamDiamond in Hello from London   
    Thank you all for the warm welcome, Im not a frequent member of any forums so forgive me if I commit a faux pas like responding too slowly or not tagging everyone etc.