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  1. My bad just learned how to
  2. I don't know if this is a member bit just got a fake peace dollars along with two real ones from a seller with other listings u.s.a..morgans it's being sorted just a heads up
  3. Thanks @MikeSol for the second picture
  4. Out of curiosity can anybody tell me how much a kilo of us junk would be via the group order and what the face value of that works out at might be time to place my first order 🤔
  5. Not a bad deal from ebay under spot $4.30 face of junk/constatutinal silver
  6. One of the first things that got me into silver rip old man a fellow silver bug
  7. Kal drogo from thrones can help
  8. Yes was fine and I think u might be able to buy up to 3 per house if that helps
  9. It is tempting nice presentations always a plus