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  1. Hi. Would any one be interested in swapping one of their QBs ( or even a Niue 2oz Turtle ) , for 2 of my Britannias 2016 ???
  2. Thanks to @Silvergulag for my prize of a 1oz Cougar and to @Bullionbilly for organising.
  3. Come on 66 - I can barely contain myself !!!!😎🚽
  4. Please note that my entry is 2x SILVER Libertad 1/10 oz. ( Just in case there was any confusion ). Cheers
  5. Where is the link to the new thread ? ( or am i going slightly mad ) .
  6. Hi.Anyone know the best place to coin capsules for the 10z QB ? I cant see them anywhere !! Thanks
  7. Ha ha !! Thanks. I actually paid Β£77 for it ( 101 dollars ) . Yes, the seller has kindly agreed to refund as i'm not happy.
  8. Hi. I dont know. Its like i said, as soon as i saw the "rolled-over" lip i became suspicious. I've not got another to compare it with it, unfortunately. To tell you the truth, it looks like a piece of steel !!
  9. Thanks. I was drawn to it straight away. It just looks amateur.