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  1. ST1986

    coin on Royal Mint web site

    https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/prince-george-fifth-birthday/ Three coins released today
  2. ST1986

    1988 half sovereign proof coins. What’s the value?

    I would guess around £160-180
  3. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Thanks, I'm pleased with it, better than the last fake 1911 i bought that is now famous on Numi's Channel!!!
  4. ST1986

    Today I Received

    No import fee's, seller marked the coin as a "Token" and value of $25
  5. ST1986

    for sale Silver

    Will take the ten 2011 Brits if still available Ash?
  6. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Just hoping this one is genuine!
  7. ST1986

    completed 1oz 2012 sealed brits

    PM sent
  8. ST1986

    Info on the vintage poured bar

    This is a good website for old bar's, not sure if yours will be listed http://allengelhard.com/
  9. Yes i think only 1/4 ounce in both years Ordered a 2013 last week
  10. ST1986

    Fractionals and fakes

    Got caught out with a Canadian Sovereign, sent it to Numi to have graded come back from NGC not genuine!
  11. ST1986

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That's bad news its not a genuine sovereign, just tried looking through my ebay purchase history and must have bought it a while ago, cant find the transaction. Expensive lesson, but its the first fake and fingers crossed the last i buy! Hopefully it has some scrap gold value? Very pleased with those three silver coins i bought as bullion getting those high grades
  12. ST1986

    for sale 1kg Umicore silver bar

    Paid £450 delivered for a Umicore last month from the forum
  13. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Have you got the drill in reverse??? Next time before you drill, use a punch or a screw and smack it with a hammer center on the coin, will be easier to drill
  14. ST1986

    Sent off some coins to NGC (Part 2)

    Picture shows the coin in a strange black slab with no detail. Will break it out and get graded with NGC