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  1. Finally managed to order a Gold and two Silver Proof's Good luck to everyone else still waiting
  2. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/the-gruffalo-2019-silver-proof-50p-coin-box-coa/
  3. Don't think so, bank's been debited & received a confirmation email
  4. I have just ordered two 1kg bar's for £829 all went through fine, I don't think the VAT has been added, probably get cancelled and refunded. Thanks Mick for the heads up
  5. Sorry for replying on your thread bud, I thought it was on the main one
  6. Managed to get three this afternoon, Cheers Ash
  7. https://allengelhard.com/the-collections/johnson-matthey/ag-odd-size/
  8. http://allengelhard.com/ This site is worth a read, great looking bar!
  9. Managed to get a 1kg Silver Umicore bar for £412 with discout and a few Nectar points
  10. Thanks for the heads up bud, got a 1kg Umicore Bar from Bullion by Post for £412 Delivered
  11. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/prince-george-fifth-birthday/ Three coins released today
  12. Thanks, I'm pleased with it, better than the last fake 1911 i bought that is now famous on Numi's Channel!!!