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  1. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Thanks, I'm pleased with it, better than the last fake 1911 i bought that is now famous on Numi's Channel!!!
  2. ST1986

    Today I Received

    No import fee's, seller marked the coin as a "Token" and value of $25
  3. ST1986

    for sale Silver

    Will take the ten 2011 Brits if still available Ash?
  4. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Just hoping this one is genuine!
  5. ST1986

    completed 1oz 2012 sealed brits

    PM sent
  6. ST1986

    Info on the vintage poured bar

    This is a good website for old bar's, not sure if yours will be listed http://allengelhard.com/
  7. Yes i think only 1/4 ounce in both years Ordered a 2013 last week
  8. ST1986

    Fractionals and fakes

    Got caught out with a Canadian Sovereign, sent it to Numi to have graded come back from NGC not genuine!
  9. ST1986

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    That's bad news its not a genuine sovereign, just tried looking through my ebay purchase history and must have bought it a while ago, cant find the transaction. Expensive lesson, but its the first fake and fingers crossed the last i buy! Hopefully it has some scrap gold value? Very pleased with those three silver coins i bought as bullion getting those high grades
  10. ST1986

    for sale 1kg Umicore silver bar

    Paid £450 delivered for a Umicore last month from the forum
  11. ST1986

    Today I Received

    Have you got the drill in reverse??? Next time before you drill, use a punch or a screw and smack it with a hammer center on the coin, will be easier to drill
  12. ST1986

    Sent off some coins to NGC (Part 2)

    Picture shows the coin in a strange black slab with no detail. Will break it out and get graded with NGC
  13. ST1986

    Sent off some coins to NGC (Part 2)

    Thanks for the information on this coin, just bought one on Ebay
  14. ST1986

    Renting out a home?

    Do some research into additional stamp duty & new taxes being phased in over the next three years If your in the 40% tax bracket, you rental income will be taxed at 40% I would stick it with a decent letting agent, mine are charged at 8% just find it easier with the paperwork & deposits etc Good luck finding one