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  1. This rendition does nothing for the design, which IMO is washed out. I have one in the designer frame, which is nice (overpriced though!). I have tried to get these but think the 52 quid admission price too steep for what it is.
  2. That MS64 1913C is really a great coin. I was able to content myself with a "63" which is not quite as nice. The 1914 C seems to be out there in 63/4 grade and it does seem the 1909C is underrated in like condition.
  3. I got mine in USA for 1330 USD when gold was a bit higher. I think that the bullion coins are many times the way to go. The biggest laugher is the QB in silver with the bullion 10 oz going for about 180 and the proof 500% marked up from that!
  4. DaKine


    Wonder what gimmick they will have on this issue? They really worked the sole Germania. Now what heat sensitive garments that disappear with added heat? Seems possible....
  5. I am only seeing the shilling. IMO, wiped and retoned, this would either details grade for it or go possibly "35". Not EF or AU though.
  6. IMO, this is "as struck" but unfortunately on poorly prepared flans, not all of the marks are struck out by pressure of the die strike - in other words, this is NOT post strike damage.
  7. DaKine


    Britannia decidedly hot in this upcoming one! Yikes, not a lot of dignity there though....
  8. Tony, I'm with you! However, by the time he makes King he may not look a lot different than QE II.....
  9. That's quite naughty! Excellent!!!!
  10. IMO, there are better examples of other design, some Mexican. Personally, I am not a fan of this medal's execution of what is a beautiful piece of art.
  11. Yikes, not another bullion series! I think we have a second Royal CANADIAN Mint. Not a buyer, this is IMO hurting other series to release so many different types of coins and medals.
  12. Some of the Mexican pieces are nice - that is after all where the stone comes from....SOme of these are pretty high relief, just not quite as high...
  13. IMO, the chariot a better choice as it is the original design, more or less. Not too expensive when I found one...
  14. I believe Krause has these listed. A google search may turn up a bit more & also the history behind them - some kind of fundraiser in San Francisco Bay area for ANGUILLA!
  15. That is rule of thumb for run of the mill. Some, like the 2014 Britannia simply will NOT be available at anything near that price. Please let me know if you can get issues such as the 2018 Proof Oriental Border Gold Britannia near those prices. I think your question posed is difficult to answer.