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  1. DaKine

    Deutsch Ostafrika 15 Rupien (Tabora)

    These show up with frequency in the major auctions - by recall at a lot less than 5k.
  2. DaKine

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Steve@sovereign hit nail on head: Look carefully at the reverse - very poorly executed in detail & George looks almost comedic (or maybe a dunce?). I really don't see the appeal - I like the 1902 matte proof golds, excepting the dam- wiping evidently done at the mint, so got those. I have seen recently on ebay the 1902 half sovs going for a tick under 400 quid. I'd much prefer one of those!
  3. DaKine

    2019 Proof Britannia out at Royal Mint

    Thanks says the blind man!
  4. DaKine

    2019 Proof Britannia out at Royal Mint

    Well the New Britannias have been out for about two days or so with no posts. No Interest? Not that it is the end-all, but some of the mintages are quite low (350 for the 5 oz silver, 240 for the 1/4 oz platinum).... https://coins.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=51+792+4294948390&Ntk=SI_Titles-Desc&Nty=1&Ntt=great+britain&ic4=KeywordSearch-A-K-071316 Well, post it someone if you are able & thanks!
  5. DaKine

    The Queen's Beasts, or why was I on a hiatus?

    The nicks and rubs on Lizzie's cheek/jaw/ear/etc. are not there at all on the full rolls that I have purchased. I think this is a result of careless handling post minting and likely after removal from rolls. I bought one separate falcon and it was bad but the two rolls were 20 very nice coins without any.... On a separate note, I am not at all sure these will ever be scarce; however as a group they do look very nice. I do agree with the assessment that the first three were much better than the latter group.
  6. DaKine

    Germania space red

    Yes, agreed. Just too d--- much. Actually looks a bit tawdry in red as well; not to mention that red colour is a symbol for ?? neighborhoods and/or businesses.
  7. DaKine

    Britannia Bars

    Why are they not dated or token denominated? The RM would sell a lot more I am sure...
  8. DaKine

    Britannia MULES - Anyone buying ?

    IMO, just not enough of a difference on the mule to get a lot of people excited....
  9. Aaargh! Really loses appeal; they may have been smarter to go with more traditional 5 oz version and a gold or two. That multi-metal plating thing is really for the birds (IMO).
  10. MCM sold their allotment out virtually instantly, but I was able to get TWO with shipping for $57.90! I think this is going to be VERY collectible and will watch for possible gold issue to come...
  11. DaKine

    2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

    Hey, I like the Shetland ? reverse Viking ship - that is nice!
  12. DaKine

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Ha ha, Yes I did miss out as well; they'd have to pay me for that one....
  13. DaKine

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Wow, that is some garbage. Hate to be a hater, but really now!
  14. DaKine

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Very nice set there! Your 2005 looks a bit proofy?
  15. DaKine

    UK Pre-Decimal Silver Thread...

    Here is an extremely rare pattern 1946E COPPER NICKEL shilling. Only one I have ever seen in any of the "silver" series.