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  1. That's quite naughty! Excellent!!!!
  2. IMO, there are better examples of other design, some Mexican. Personally, I am not a fan of this medal's execution of what is a beautiful piece of art.
  3. Yikes, not another bullion series! I think we have a second Royal CANADIAN Mint. Not a buyer, this is IMO hurting other series to release so many different types of coins and medals.
  4. Some of the Mexican pieces are nice - that is after all where the stone comes from....SOme of these are pretty high relief, just not quite as high...
  5. IMO, the chariot a better choice as it is the original design, more or less. Not too expensive when I found one...
  6. I believe Krause has these listed. A google search may turn up a bit more & also the history behind them - some kind of fundraiser in San Francisco Bay area for ANGUILLA!
  7. That is rule of thumb for run of the mill. Some, like the 2014 Britannia simply will NOT be available at anything near that price. Please let me know if you can get issues such as the 2018 Proof Oriental Border Gold Britannia near those prices. I think your question posed is difficult to answer.
  8. For some reason, I like these as well and have a few myself. Those struck on Fatman dollars and Panama balboas go for a bit more. Have you seen the one struck on a Mexican 50 pesos (higher denomination, forget what) that now sells for 8+ thousand dollars!
  9. Shameless pandering, I like it though. My Britannia is more "bimboish" than even the 2014 Britannia by quite a bit.
  10. DaKine

    Silica gel:

    Anyway, just trying to alert all to use care with it. No indicator dye on my lot - don't use them anymore though.
  11. DaKine

    Silica gel:

    There was NO concrete floor to the safe. However we do live in the Washington, DC area and it does have humidity. Tony, I believe you may have missed my point - the get pulls moisture out of the ambient air. Unfortunately it keeps pulling until you have an overabundance. That is why you have to check on the silica gels and change them. How often? Nobody is sure so best to err on the careful side. What I am saying is the paradox is that if left unattended, the gel can make things WORSE!
  12. DaKine

    Silica gel:

    I put some in a personal safe about two years ago; I looked back in 6 months later and there was a puddle of water in there1 Evidently the silica gel is hygroscopic and will attract moisture/water even past the point you want and keep pulling water in - uggh!
  13. These show up with frequency in the major auctions - by recall at a lot less than 5k.
  14. Steve@sovereign hit nail on head: Look carefully at the reverse - very poorly executed in detail & George looks almost comedic (or maybe a dunce?). I really don't see the appeal - I like the 1902 matte proof golds, excepting the dam- wiping evidently done at the mint, so got those. I have seen recently on ebay the 1902 half sovs going for a tick under 400 quid. I'd much prefer one of those!