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  1. I bought the 1/4 Charlie from the Royal mint and it came to $212.50 delivered here in the US. Seemed pretty cheap.
  2. Don't have the mintage sadly, like the medal a lot; Ebay UK almost always has an example of the larger. Below is a picture of possibly an even better medal as well as a picture of the large format version:
  3. I have a much more difficult issue in trying to get capsules for 20 Balboas silver. The Lighthouse 62 size does not fit - too small. I then got a Y63 from another source and it is too big!
  4. As per my earlier post, I don't see in the end how it matters a hill of beans as to what the actual numbers are. There should be no secrets, that is information that should be ours to use or not as we choose. We do not need government to determine even mundane matters such as this. The US Mint have been releasing mintages for more than 30 years, and it looks that Eagle sales have done rather well both in terms of "special" issues and the run of the mill bullion pieces. Please note that the platinum bullion one ounce Britannias were announced as 5,000 mintage for 2018 and 2019 (don't know about the 2020).
  5. This is lunacy. The US Mint has made eagles in gold and silver for 34 years and releases mintages routinely, although sometimes there is a bit of lag. That verbiage in their response is IMHO a load of poppycock. Who are they to determine what collectors do with the coins they get? Mint the coins to demand and stop at the end of the year and then report the next year if you are lazy - or week by week if you are not!
  6. IMO, 2018 much more attractive than the busier 2019 with the circle breaking up the design. I hope they do better with the 2020. No interest in the 1 oz design for me.
  7. I bought two rolls of the Yale, and was VERY pleased with the quality therein. No scratches, even hairline like the singles you buy.
  8. I've got mine - a slave to collecting the set. A bit underwhelming really, but had to be done.....
  9. Good looking out! I bought pre-sale a one and a two ounce versions - I don't want any dam- milk spots!
  10. Ah, yes, well what I was getting at was that the mintage of "uncirculated" bullion pieces, even if unlimited, may ultimately be lower. This has happened frequently with the US Gold American Eagle series where the most expensive of the whole 30+ year run are uncirculated coins of certain dates, not the proofs. So there may actually be a lower final mintage of uncirculated coins in some instances. Also, if for whatever reason, the appearance of an uncirculated coins is preferred then it may become more popular with more demand.
  11. In general, this can occur if the supply/demand curve favours the first. This can happen if fewer were made or for some reason they are preferred by potential buyers. Not sure about this particular coin however.
  12. 1940 USD seems a bit steep, even given the current price of gold.... I got the silver, design of obverse is a bit questionable. I like the eagle reverse which is uncluttered by extra legends.
  13. Wow, Britannia looks quite the -itch, and Germannia quite cold. Not like the artist's rendering we were shown a couple of months ago IMO.
  14. One thing I was wondering about: at what point do the Royal Mint throw in the towel and melt leftovers.
  15. Wow, very nice. I really like these. I only have one of the golds, a 2005 1/2 oz. Getting a couple of the kilos has me up to FIVE, but three are more common types bought as bullion. I'm thinking those breasts look to be 21st century surgically enhanced....LOL
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