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  1. I'll have: 1x 5 oz 999 Silver Provident Metals Bar and 1x 1 oz 999 Silver Buffalo Indian Bar Please @BackyardBullion. As an aside and because it's not been mentioned yet: people should check what their bank charges for international transactions, mine have a 10% charge but they're still a fair price and you'll have difficulty finding these in the UK.
  2. This week seems to be crunch time for Brexit. What do people think the impact will be on the price of PMs? Just today gold is up 1% and the FTSE 100 is down 2%. At time of posting a 3rd meaningful deal has been postponed until later this week as May still doesn't have support. Common market 2.0 (Norway plus) looks like a good compromise option Labour MPs may be more inclined to get behind so May wouldn't need to rely on DUP support to get it passed. If May were to be forced to leave before a deal gets through I expect it'd be very bad for the pound and good for gold. In the event of a no deal I'd buy as much gold as I can afford, put my head between my legs and kiss my arse goodbye. 😟 Is anyone buying gold in preparation for Brexit right now?
  3. I'm just surprised they're targeting this at such a young age group. I understand they're less likely to stay in education for as long in China but I suspect the average A level student wouldn't be able to explain the concepts involved in stock trading if you asked them.
  4. Given that we've just had the worst recession in living memory I don't think HMRC should be going after people doing some 'flipping' to make a few extra quid to help them get by. If it means they can do something they enjoy and don't have to sign on for benifits because of it surely that's a net gain? I can imagine people deciding to setup a business after dabbling in this. I wonder how many people have been put off setting up a legitimate business because of the amount of complexity and bureaucracy for the privilege of having the tax man take so much.
  5. I'm a stacker first, collector second. Having said that I must disagree with the above quote. While the design is important if we only valued the designs, not what they were on we may as well be collecting stamps. Some designs are also available in copper but while these can look good they're not worth anything. I'd rather have them in silver.
  6. Glad he got spotted. If he complains when you message him, link him to this
  7. DrKarlMoneys

    Panda question

    IMHO presenting it like that cheapens it. Looks like a car air freshener.
  8. Bit surprised these weren't snapped up sooner. I nabbed the 2018s which turned up promptly and in good condition.
  9. I imagine it'd be a bit difficult to appreciate the detail on the coins when they're being thrown at you, though! 🤣
  10. @SIlverstan I'd love to get one of these but can't see it on your website, how are you doing this preorder?
  11. Where did you order it from? I'd also like to get one but it looks like you can only get it from the US Mint website.
  12. That is a very odd looking pig but I do like the second picture.
  13. I loved those designs, keep up the good work.
  14. I ordered 5 which arrived with no problems, coins are in good condition.
  15. DrKarlMoneys

    Britannia Bars

    You may want to look at SilverGoldBull https://silvergoldbull.co.uk/10-oz-britannia-silver-bar Currently £134.96 by wire transfer or Bitcoin, £140.36 by PayPal or card. They also have their own bar at spot for new customers https://silvergoldbull.co.uk/10-oz-silver-gold-bull-silver-bar I've got one before and it's quite nice. Shipping is £19.09 from Canada via UPS tracked.