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  1. Very nice piece, where did you get it from?
  2. Yesterday evening I saw a Youtube video of a grab bag of coins someone had got off ebay. Of course this sent me down a rabbit hole where I looked on ebay but we don't seem to get them here. I did find, though job lots of vintage sterling silver rings. E.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lot-of-8-Sterling-Silver-925-Rings-vintage-to-modern/264365021751, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8-x-925-Sterling-Silver-BRACELETS-A-Mix-Of-Chain-Styles-42g/173935429813 Are lots like this worth bothering with? Related to these I also found a seller SIlverBazaarIstanbul who does amazing designs with either sterling silver signet rings or a selection of stones set in sterling silver in a wide array of designs. But the price is less than I'd expect to pay for something like that. They have a lot of good seller feedback but are they too good to be true or are things just that much cheaper in Turkey? Thinking I might buy one or two just to see.
  3. As @TeaTime suggested the cheapest option will be putting a normal round on a chain. I'm guessing he's relatively young so maybe one of the Marvel coins? These have the date on the other side, though. I don't think there is anything like what you're asking for, though one of the members might be able to do a custom piece. I think @sixgun's suggestion would be best-put up a wanted thread and see what you get.
  4. I don't think we'll ever see 90% gold and silver coins in circulation as currency again but the Chinese and maybe Russians look to be stockpiling gold with a view to making their currency redeemable for PMs a bit like the US silver certificates. Doubt we'll ever see even that in the West though.
  5. The price dropped a bit today but I suspect it'll go up again in the next few weeks with the Conservative leadership contest. Whoever wins will be the next PM-and it could well be Borris! This would mean more Brexit turmoil as he's a hard Brexiteer. There's also the possibility Trump might be impeached, on top of the trade war I think there's a strong political driver to rising gold prices.
  6. Only a few minutes but talks about how central banks are buying gold to reduce dependencies on the currencies of other countries, the US especially. Also quotes Ray Dalio saying that gold is just like another currency when talking about the reasons a person might buy gold.
  7. This week seems to be crunch time for Brexit. What do people think the impact will be on the price of PMs? Just today gold is up 1% and the FTSE 100 is down 2%. At time of posting a 3rd meaningful deal has been postponed until later this week as May still doesn't have support. Common market 2.0 (Norway plus) looks like a good compromise option Labour MPs may be more inclined to get behind so May wouldn't need to rely on DUP support to get it passed. If May were to be forced to leave before a deal gets through I expect it'd be very bad for the pound and good for gold. In the event of a no deal I'd buy as much gold as I can afford, put my head between my legs and kiss my arse goodbye. 😟 Is anyone buying gold in preparation for Brexit right now?
  8. I'm just surprised they're targeting this at such a young age group. I understand they're less likely to stay in education for as long in China but I suspect the average A level student wouldn't be able to explain the concepts involved in stock trading if you asked them.
  9. Given that we've just had the worst recession in living memory I don't think HMRC should be going after people doing some 'flipping' to make a few extra quid to help them get by. If it means they can do something they enjoy and don't have to sign on for benifits because of it surely that's a net gain? I can imagine people deciding to setup a business after dabbling in this. I wonder how many people have been put off setting up a legitimate business because of the amount of complexity and bureaucracy for the privilege of having the tax man take so much.
  10. I'm a stacker first, collector second. Having said that I must disagree with the above quote. While the design is important if we only valued the designs, not what they were on we may as well be collecting stamps. Some designs are also available in copper but while these can look good they're not worth anything. I'd rather have them in silver.
  11. Glad he got spotted. If he complains when you message him, link him to this
  12. DrKarlMoneys

    Panda question

    IMHO presenting it like that cheapens it. Looks like a car air freshener.
  13. I imagine it'd be a bit difficult to appreciate the detail on the coins when they're being thrown at you, though! 🤣
  14. @SIlverstan I'd love to get one of these but can't see it on your website, how are you doing this preorder?
  15. Where did you order it from? I'd also like to get one but it looks like you can only get it from the US Mint website.