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  1. If you're purely interested in stacking bullion coins as cheap as you can get them I can certainly understand the "silver is silver" mentality. Personally I don't see why you can't still have attractive designs on bullion coins, of course the fancier you get the longer it takes to produce and more premium you end up with. Having said that, if it's an unlimited mintage it could make sense, the design on the American Eagle hasn't changed in over 100 years, much to the chagrin of American collectors. >the Apollo 11 launch That reminds me, it looks like we're going to get a 50th anniversary Apollo 11 coin https://www.usmint.gov/news/design-competitions/apollo-11 I'd like to see certain historical figures get more recognition, for instance Æthelflæd, daughter of Alfred the Great who retook Derby from the invading Vikings after which Leicester surrendered and the Viking leaders of York offered her their loyalty. I only learnt of her and other significant figures in British history from watching Simon Schama's history of Britain-says a lot about our schools. Possibly something celebrating the exploits of Victoria Cross winners? Their stories are amazing.
  2. DrKarlMoneys

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    You may be interested to know that SilverGoldBUll currently have a sale on these, I picked a few up from there as I also noticed that the European Mint for some reason don't have it and didn't want to wait for the group order after this.
  3. DrKarlMoneys

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    I've been thinking about this myself recently as I purchased some silver from the US (https://www.goldenstatemint.com/) as some designs are quite elusive/expensive over here. I wasn't sure what the postage and tax would be in advance (I've included numbers below to help give people considering this an idea) but it was worth it for me as I wouldn't have been able to get hold of some of the coins otherwise. One of the ones I really wanted was a Buffalo without a big circle spoiling the back of the design. E.g. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/mix-match/mix-match-silver/usa-buffalo-1oz-silver-round which currently costs £19.30 inc. VAT for 5+. I got 5 from https://www.goldenstatemint.com/1-oz-buffalo-silver-bullion-round.html for the equivalent of £13 each at time of order. UK: £95.5 US: £65 p+p, credit card surcharge and taxes add £6.77 per coin bringing the cost up to £98.85, so just for those 5 coins the order cost is comparable to a UK dealer. Not that much more considering and I get a version of the design I like. While it's a large proportionate addition if I were ordering them in larger amounts it'd be more worthwhile. Ordering internationally adds a lot of overheads but it's a £33.85 difference for which I'd be able to get ermm... 1 Britannia and some change. It really comes down to: how much do you want that particular coin? Personally I'll stick to group orders and buying from UK sites unless it's something that I really can't get elsewhere. Breakdown below: Subtotal: $196.97 USPS Priority Mail International Padded Flat Rate Envelope $32.55 Credit Card Surcharge $9.18 Total: $238.70 = £182.92 Import VAT £31.72 + £11.25 Clearance fee = £42.97 total import costs Total order costs £225.89 11 coins in the order = £20.53 avg. cost per coin before taxes p+p, credit card surcharge and taxes cost £74.51 which adds £6.77 per coin
  4. DrKarlMoneys

    first goldsilver.be order

    You know European Mint accept Bitcoin which would avoid this problem. Some places like Silver Gold Bull offer discounts because they save on fees from payment processors. Something to consider next time. https://silvergoldbull.co.uk/payment/
  5. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver jewellery

    @PansPurse I agree, I'd like something visually distinct - I don't need it to look like I've been in my sister's jewellery box. The book looks interesting, I'd like to try something like that myself but I doubt if I'd personally have the patience.
  6. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver jewellery

    I've thought of getting a silver chain for myself too but the problem with jewellery is that there's very little choice for men with almost all of it being designed for women. The main exception seems to be watches but that can be an expensive hobby. There are some very nice ones which are more affordable though (try Tissot or Hamilton). Also gold chains seem to have negative connotations with gangsters and as has been mentioned it has a high premium. Having said that if anyone knows of anywhere that caters for men I'd be interested to know.
  7. DrKarlMoneys

    2018 proof britannia

    I quite like this years. the 2017 one reminded me of the 2012 Olympics logo. I'll pick one up but is it me or does her helmet look a bit Trojan?
  8. DrKarlMoneys


    Thought I'd eschew the introductions thread in favour of this which seems more meaningful anyway. I ended up here after going down the rabbit hole. The stock market had been routinely reaching all time high and one look at the charts showed upward trends that can't possibly be sustainable. So I went and looked up people who correctly predicted the 2008 crash and recession to see what they were saying now. What I found was quite alarming e.g. Robert Shiller, a nobel prize winning economist has been warning about this. “My latest kick is to be thinking in terms of narratives, stories that drive the market,” Shiller said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In some sense, we’re similar to the 1920 — I’ll say the ’28 market.” Back then, the stock market had been roaring higher — all the way up until it crashed spectacularly in 1929. “Calvin Coolidge was president. Pro-business,” Shiller noted. “Everything looked good. Anti-regulation. Same story. That’s part of it.” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/robert-shiller-stock-market-today-similar-stock-market-1928-204253341.html Alan Greenspan says there's a stock market bubble and a bond bubble driven by $21tn debt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=106&v=edxn_2ZCGs8 There also seem to be numerous housing bubbles around the world, high debt to GDP ratios are common and the Americans have been rolling back legislation especially Dodd Frank. As I'm sure you know there's a prepper community on YouTube who forecast the death of the dollar following a crash of the stock and bond markets and a hyper inflationary period. While I don't believe the Federal Reserve is master minding it all, it's plausible that it could happen. This would be especially bad as many currencies are linked to the dollar. All this raises the question of what would replace it and the intriguing possibility of going back to a gold standard. While this is also a stretch it's, again, not implausible. If nothing else gold and silver has always been a safe haven that's shot up in times of crisis. Another is widely predicted so stacking makes sense from that perspective. In the UK we have the Brexit headache and it's looking increasingly likely that we won't have a deal in time. Should that happen the GBP would likely be hit hard and gold and silver will go up. I brought my first coins for stacking back in March, 4x 2017 Britannias and was very impressed with them. Since then I've been keeping a look out for interesting designs while having some purely for stacking that I wouldn't be so reluctant to part with if the silver price were to shoot up. I'm particularly interested in some private mints like PobJoy. Didn't know they existed and they have some great designs. While watching silver videos on YouTube I stumbled across a BackYard Bullion unboxing video and found out about this forum and the group order which I think is a very good idea. I'm currently collecting 2oz Queen's Beasts and have started coin sets from the last year before coins started getting debased, so 1919 in the UK and 1964 in the US. Starting with these as they're easier to acquire.
  9. DrKarlMoneys


    They look amazing but are quite expensive ornaments.
  10. DrKarlMoneys

    Mucha coin series

    Not a bad idea, I might just do that.
  11. DrKarlMoneys

    Mucha coin series

    I'm also a fan of the Anonymous Mint designs and would like to get a collection of the Mucha series. The only place I know of that sells Anonymous Mint designs is http://preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/ but they only seem to do the Celtic Lore range of which they seem to have limited stock. If you know of a way to get them over here I'd be interested to know.
  12. DrKarlMoneys

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Indeed, I was a bit amused to see that I was entirely responsible for a few lines.
  13. DrKarlMoneys

    Price Drop

    Manipulation conspiracies aside the most convincing answer I've seen is quadruple witching: refers to the third Friday of every March, June, September and December. On these days, market index futures, market index options, stock options and stock futures expire, usually resulting in increased volatility. http://www.investinganswers.com/financial-dictionary/stock-market/quadruple-witching-97 Having said that, looking at the charts we haven't seen anything quite so precipitous on those days in the past year at least. But if you were a manipulator surely such large, sudden price moves would only draw attention to you?
  14. DrKarlMoneys

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    I kind of see what people are saying about them looking like tourists postcards, I still like the Trafalgar square design, though. DOn't necessarily mind the cloud effects, they were based off water colours and I can't blame them for trying something a bit different, even if they didn't turn out to be such a hit. Haven't seen the Sharps Pixley bars, I'll look them up.
  15. DrKarlMoneys

    Turning fat into Silver

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