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  1. I'm sure precisely none of you will be surprised to learn that this was going on but it's interesting to get some insight into how they do it. https://www.ft.com/content/79658b20-e1e0-11e8-a6e5-792428919cee
  2. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver to go....

    @Bdean316 try the European Mint
  3. DrKarlMoneys

    Golden State Mint - Silver Shield rounds

    Some UK dealers stock a selection of his products and I have bought some before. There are some very nice, well done designs, I'd be interested in a group order if one were organised, spread the cost of importing them.
  4. DrKarlMoneys

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Not sure if you mean the make of car or type of money, either way, good call!
  5. DrKarlMoneys

    Roman Coin for my 10 Year Olds Birthday

    You may also want to try https://www.bandgcoins.co.uk/product-category/roman-imperial/
  6. DrKarlMoneys

    New Series - World of Dragons!

    I might also get started on this series. Found it for £19.99 on preorder from https://www.yorkshirebullion.co.uk/the-aztec-1-oz-silver-round-world-of-dragons.html
  7. DrKarlMoneys

    Buying silver for less - a practical solution

    For me this is what it comes down to, there have been a shocking number of cases where companies have claimed to hold precious metals on people's behalf and later been found to have nothing with investors being left out of pocket. Take this example from January https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/texas/articles/2018-01-25/owner-of-austin-vault-accused-of-fraud-in-missing-bullion Personally I wouldn't trust anything that wasn't independently audited. A long list here... http://about.ag/goldsilverfraud.htm
  8. DrKarlMoneys


    There's a fire in your house. Everyone else is safe, you're the last one left. You look over and see your stack about to get liquidated(!) what do you grab?
  9. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver surprise

    The average across all the ounces was £18.92 per oz but obviously the more premium coins and the BYB bar skew this upwards a bit.
  10. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver surprise

    Yes, and that includes me, which is part of the reason I did this, to get some more interesting variety and things I may not have otherwise, which I did. They're not but the worst I had was a couple with a little spotting which I was asked about in advance and which I paid less for. To the credit of the members I was buying off I actually had a couple who said they'd accept returns if I didn't like something but I've not felt the need to take them up on that.
  11. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver surprise

    That was the first of that series I got, they are nice, I think I might get the others. Not sure why Rwanda did them, though, considering they're a land locked country!
  12. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver surprise

    I got the idea for this after watching a Salivate Metal video about a mystery unboxing. In his case, he just couldn't remember what he'd ordered but it got me thinking. Most wanted ads for looking for something quite specific but I posted a 'surprise me' wanted ad late Saturday night (I live a very rock and roll life style) for any silver (up to 5oz per person) and willing to pay up to £20 per oz. I set the limit at £20 as that's about what it'd cost to buy a 1oz Britannia in the UK at the time. I was relying on people valuing what they had fairly and didn't want to be too restrictive otherwise I would have ended up with only a lot of bullion coins which, though nice, wouldn't have been as interesting. https://www.livememe.com/djkl341/live-dangerously--austin-powers-meme/ I had 4 messages of interest by mid morning Sunday. While it's still a buyer's market at the moment with spot being so low it's good to know that there are people still willing to sell.
  13. DrKarlMoneys

    Subscription arrangements for pound cost averaging

    That would be true if you gave the dealer a specific budget each month but I was thinking more along the lines of a customer committing to buying e.g. 10x 1 ounce Britannias a month and they take whatever that comes to each month from a direct debit. Same principle as if you're on a variable rate gas and electric deal and use a consistent amount each month. It would though be a sensible precaution to have a cap on the total invoice amount to guard against price spikes and adjust the number of coins as necessary. Could be a good idea for those stacking for a pension. Just thought of it after watching a Silver Future video where he talked about buying $100 of silver each week but sometimes forgets and puts in larger orders next time to compensate. You'd have to be fairly discipled to do it consistently over a long period of time. I know we have reps from some dealers on the forums so I'd be interested to hear their thoughts on this.
  14. Dollar (or pound) cost averaging is an approach used by may to accumulate a stack while reducing the impact of shocks in the price. This makes sense but I don't know of any dealers that offer a subscription to facilitate this. E.g. setup a direct debit and get a certain number of ounces of a bullion type of your choice per month. Why does no one do this?
  15. DrKarlMoneys


    I also like the plain bullion and reverse proofs. Don't know what they were smoking when they cam up with the multi coloured ones, only the black and navy look any good and if you like them you may as well do it properly and get the reverse proof.