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  1. DrKarlMoneys

    Germania joins Britannia and friends. New silver bullion coin

    I agree that the design isn't as refined as our Britannia but it's only the first release for the mint and I do like the design so I'll cut them some slack. I'd be in the market for some so I signed up for their newsletter on their website and was a bit surprised to see a Polish postal address.
  2. DrKarlMoneys

    The gold export illusion

    Just came across this segment on YouTube. Apparently Britain is a massive global hub for gold and it's counted against our exports. This has the problem of giving a misleading impression that we do much more no-EU export than we do. Very interesting and definitely worth a watch. They show some gold bars being poured in Bairds amongst other things.
  3. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver price

    Nah, just looking to buy the dips.
  4. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver price

    I've also been wondering what's going on with the price lately. Silver, gold and Bitcoin have all taken hammerings at around the same time.
  5. DrKarlMoneys


    @SILVERFINGER I had the same thought
  6. DrKarlMoneys

    Silver coins you don't like.

    The Marvel and Disney coins look overpriced and gimmicky to me. Probably slightly more controversially the Peace dollar. Not the best depiction of Liberty and the eagle on the back is just dull and uninmaginative. The silver eage design could do with updating too, though I understand it's an iconic design. What really annoy me are US buffalo coins with a big circle in the back of the Buffalo spoiling an otherwise great design. Thank you SMI https://www.coininvest.com/en/silver-coins/american-buffalo/1-oz-silver-american-buffalo/
  7. DrKarlMoneys

    9Fine Mint silver bars

    Those bars are pretty but the packaging reminds me of something... https://www.greenandblacks.co.uk/gift-ideas/shop-by-product-type/chocolate-bars/g-b-s-butterscotch-100g-bar.html
  8. DrKarlMoneys

    What are your typical silver purchase volumes or sizes?

    With silver prices so low and potentially quite large bubbles on the horizon I'm taking the opportunity to buy silver to stack more than collectable pieces with higher premiums. However the stock market crashing and silver shooting up again is speculative. Silver has been shown to beat inflation, but over long time frames. What is more certain is that throwing some money at my mortgage while interest rates are nice and low will save me money, especially in the long term. I therefore prioritise this and spent approx. £330 on this group order. As tempting as the pretty shiny things are it's important to not over exert yourself.
  9. DrKarlMoneys

    Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds

    Ah, nice to find someone nearly as paranoid as me! I've warned about this myself as the storage questions pops up semi routinely here and I've been weighing my options as well. It seems that old school purely mechanical safes would be more secure than fancy electronic ones. Some safes are so alarmingly trivial to get into that I really think trading standards should get involved as it's a real consumer rights issue. It's even worse in the US as people may also use them for storing firearms. In the meantime I think it's important to educate people so they're not putting their faith and hard earned cash in something which is not fit for purpose. Obviously locks can be picked but as someone who does lockpicking as a hobby I know that you'd need special tools and skills to open them. Even if you had a proficient lock picker a decent mechanical lock would still slow them down and that's ultimately what the safe's there for-to buy you time. It'd be beyond the ability of a common thief completely. I'd rather take that option over one that can be opened by bashing it with a potato (look it up).
  10. DrKarlMoneys


    Talking of safes, I recommend everyone do a magnet test before buying. A lot of manufacturers cheap out on certain components and use solenoids to retract the bars and open the doors which are magnetic. Get a strong magnet, put it in a sock (so you can remove it again!) and put it on the front of the door as demonstrated here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3p5KUNfDG0 . If you can open the door, your safe, the standards and security ratings that may come with it are worthless.
  11. DrKarlMoneys

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Related to this I'd like to know what they think of the issues raised here: https://www.silverwareshop.co.uk/Hallmarking/The-Hallmarking-Con/ Essentially they're saying that something can be made abroad and receive a UK hallmark if it's been so much as wiped with a cloth in this country. They're apparently going to start using a separate mark for items they've hallmarked abroad but there still seems to be a bit of a loophole around products being imported unhallmarked and receiving a mark here.
  12. DrKarlMoneys

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    @BackyardBullion I was wanting to get a 2oz Griffin https://www.europeanmint.com/2016-2oz-uk-silver-queens-beasts-the-griffin-coin/ but they're currently listed as out of stock, any chance they'll be able to get them in?
  13. If you're purely interested in stacking bullion coins as cheap as you can get them I can certainly understand the "silver is silver" mentality. Personally I don't see why you can't still have attractive designs on bullion coins, of course the fancier you get the longer it takes to produce and more premium you end up with. Having said that, if it's an unlimited mintage it could make sense, the design on the American Eagle hasn't changed in over 100 years, much to the chagrin of American collectors. >the Apollo 11 launch That reminds me, it looks like we're going to get a 50th anniversary Apollo 11 coin https://www.usmint.gov/news/design-competitions/apollo-11 I'd like to see certain historical figures get more recognition, for instance Æthelflæd, daughter of Alfred the Great who retook Derby from the invading Vikings after which Leicester surrendered and the Viking leaders of York offered her their loyalty. I only learnt of her and other significant figures in British history from watching Simon Schama's history of Britain-says a lot about our schools. Possibly something celebrating the exploits of Victoria Cross winners? Their stories are amazing.
  14. DrKarlMoneys

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    You may be interested to know that SilverGoldBUll currently have a sale on these, I picked a few up from there as I also noticed that the European Mint for some reason don't have it and didn't want to wait for the group order after this.
  15. DrKarlMoneys

    Tax on importing silver from US to UK

    I've been thinking about this myself recently as I purchased some silver from the US (https://www.goldenstatemint.com/) as some designs are quite elusive/expensive over here. I wasn't sure what the postage and tax would be in advance (I've included numbers below to help give people considering this an idea) but it was worth it for me as I wouldn't have been able to get hold of some of the coins otherwise. One of the ones I really wanted was a Buffalo without a big circle spoiling the back of the design. E.g. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/mix-match/mix-match-silver/usa-buffalo-1oz-silver-round which currently costs £19.30 inc. VAT for 5+. I got 5 from https://www.goldenstatemint.com/1-oz-buffalo-silver-bullion-round.html for the equivalent of £13 each at time of order. UK: £95.5 US: £65 p+p, credit card surcharge and taxes add £6.77 per coin bringing the cost up to £98.85, so just for those 5 coins the order cost is comparable to a UK dealer. Not that much more considering and I get a version of the design I like. While it's a large proportionate addition if I were ordering them in larger amounts it'd be more worthwhile. Ordering internationally adds a lot of overheads but it's a £33.85 difference for which I'd be able to get ermm... 1 Britannia and some change. It really comes down to: how much do you want that particular coin? Personally I'll stick to group orders and buying from UK sites unless it's something that I really can't get elsewhere. Breakdown below: Subtotal: $196.97 USPS Priority Mail International Padded Flat Rate Envelope $32.55 Credit Card Surcharge $9.18 Total: $238.70 = £182.92 Import VAT £31.72 + £11.25 Clearance fee = £42.97 total import costs Total order costs £225.89 11 coins in the order = £20.53 avg. cost per coin before taxes p+p, credit card surcharge and taxes cost £74.51 which adds £6.77 per coin