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  1. Griffin - £310 Lion - £300 both prices include guaranteed special delivery.
  2. Looking to complete the collection, let me know dates and price.
  3. GeorgeWoodall

    wanted Full sovereigns

    Your best bet is hattongardenmetal. 226ish each. Buy a couple and the 7 quid postage doesn't hurt too much.
  4. GeorgeWoodall

    completed 1920-1925 Sovereign

    Interested yes, price and pictures?
  5. GeorgeWoodall

    completed 1920-1925 Sovereign

    Looking to finish my George V sov set, cheaper the better.
  6. GeorgeWoodall

    Queens beast silver coins

    You can purchase a couple of the 2oz on @BackyardBullion group order for around £30.00, pretty sure they're in stock aswell.
  7. GeorgeWoodall

    Today I Received

    And I thought my 2oz QBs were fat, they're beautiful
  8. GeorgeWoodall

    Today I Received

    Thank you to @DaveWheat89 for these beauties!
  9. GeorgeWoodall

    First purchase - Thoughts and where i shopped

    Great purchase, I'm sure it'll be the first of many!
  10. GeorgeWoodall

    Bought Silver, and now Gold?

    It's easier to sell a sovereign than it is a 1oz gold coin, one reason being the cost.
  11. GeorgeWoodall

    wanted Silver, 1oz and 2oz coins/bars bullion

    Hi James, regarding your 1/10 brit, would you sell it for £100?
  12. GeorgeWoodall

    for sale 1/4oz Queen's Beast Wooden Case

    Lovely box, do you mind showing a picture of the inside.
  13. GeorgeWoodall

    wanted Silver, 1oz and 2oz coins/bars bullion

    Hi James, actually mainly looking for silver atm now, thank you anyways.
  14. GeorgeWoodall

    Recommendations for display binder/album brand

    Treasure chest!
  15. Purchased the ASE and crocs, quick service thanks mate