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  1. I’m still buying but only at or a fraction (no more than 2-3%) over spot. I think there’s some life left in the bull market yet and I’m hoping it doesn’t fall sharply and suddenly. I think the chaos over Brexit here is pushing the price up and if it’s no deal I can see more people turning to gold and it easily making £1,500 before the year is out.
  2. I agree with you. The quality of the photos are generally very bad and I could take better photos then many I see with my iPhone. Move just bought two half sovereigns from an auction house which I’ve got to pick up tomorrow and I’ve taken a bit of a gamble and I’m hoping they’re better than the photos show. One small positive could be that other people are put off by the bad photos that might otherwise be a very good coin. Less competition!! Just a thought....
  3. That’s what I thought but I’m no expert. But thanks for giving your opinion, here’s a clearer photo (1st one of the same coin which you can see clearer now I’ve received it.) I’ve also bought another of the same date and wonder if you could tell me if that is a wide date? Also the number 2 looks like it’s been double punched. (2nd photo).
  4. I managed to buy a 2002 half sovereign on eBay for £144 at the weekend and today I’ve bought a 1914 half sovereign for £150 and a 1915 half sovereign for £142 including auction fees so they are still out there for reasonable ‘ish’ price I bid on the local auction house online today and wasn’t quite quick enough to get the 1878 full sovereign that went for £240 or the 1907 full sovereign, also for £240. With fees they were £282 each. 😩 Ah well I got two half sovereigns at reasonable prices so it wasn’t all bad. Yes you read that right, I kicked myself when I saw it as I was going for the half sovereigns. 🙄 Ah well I got two half sovereigns at reasonable prices so it wasn’t all bad. Now I’m just hoping the 1915 has a little M on it as only 125,000 were made. I live in hope. 😆
  5. That’s a great way to do it. I much prefer the older sovereigns and something with a bit of history to it. I did buy two 2018 sovereigns last year and whilst they’re nice and sparkly they just don’t hold a lot of appeal for me but I bought them as the price was good. It just intrigued me to see what others look for in an older coin before deciding wether to buy.
  6. I’ve wondered this for some time and I’m what I’d call a novice into the world of gold coins but I’m mostly interested in sovereigns, what is it that you look for when deciding wether to buy an older coin or not? I’m hoping this could help other novices like myself as we’ve all got to start somewhere. Take for example this 1862 shield back sovereign that I received today, I’ve been looking for one for a while and settled on this one. Which I think may be of the wide date variety. The price was right and the coin seemed in good condition but I don’t really know what I’m looking for or how to grade a good coin from a bullion grade coin. What is it that you look for in a coin before deciding wether or not to buy? The obvious points such as price etc I understand. I appreciate this question is very broad but I’d be interested to know others thoughts on this.
  7. Thanks for replying. It’s the gap between the 8 and the 6 which seems wider on it and the 2 looks a bit further to the right. I’ll post a better photo once I receive it. What one person sees another can’t so I’m none the wiser really. Do you know wether these are rarer? I’ve found a few examples sold for a bit more having a wide date. I’d be interested to know if anyone else has one of these in their collection.
  8. Another new purchase of mine. Could anybody tell me if this is the ‘wide date’ variety of the 1862 sovereign? The wide date seems to go for a slight premium when I checked sold prices. This is my first shield back sovereign and I’m very much hoping it is. 🤔 The 2 looks a bit separate from the 6 to me but it could just be my eyes. Not the best photo, I haven’t received the coin yet. Could you advise @sovereignsteve?
  9. Hello all, As a new (ish) gold sovereign collector I thought I’d start a new topic for everyone. What is your favourite sovereign and why? Discuss full and half sovereigns, dates, mintage figures, etc. What is your favourite sovereign in your collection and why? Is it a rare date? Is there a sovereign with a mint error in your collection (known or unknown)? Discuss your favourites.
  10. Thanks all for your advice. I made up my mind in the end and received the 1887 & 1892 shield half sovereigns today and I’m surprised they are slightly better quality than I imagined. I have no idea how to grade them but they seem like good coins.
  11. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take to arrive? Apologies if you’ve covered this elsewhere in this post. Still at £149.99 I’m hinking of getting one but a bit dubious after reading some of the earlier comments. Nice to see you received yours so maybe I’ll order one.
  12. That’s very interesting to know. There’s a story behind every one. I’m still trying to get my hands on one. It seems on further digging that the photos I put above aren’t the photos of the actual coin I’d be buying. So I’m a bit dubious until I see the exact photos.
  13. Last month? July, wow you did do well. 😊
  14. So I’ve had my eye on the 1918 India Sovereign and I’ve come across one for sale for £340 *gulp* but it’s a very nice example. What is the feeling from other members about wether it is worth the slight premium? I have no idea how to grade it other than it doesn’t seem to have had too much of a hard life. Can anyone more experienced give their opinion on possible grade? If I do buy this its one for the long term collection. I think it’s the rarity of the India mint mark that draws me to this particular coin. Photos below and opinions welcome for my final purchase of the year. No more....no more, dare I say it, with Christmas coming.
  15. Could anybody tell me, is this the ‘big zero’ in 1860 that I’ve read about on the 1860 sovereign that is sometimes seen? If so I wonder how rare it is.