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  1. I too saw these for a sale a few days ago. I find it odd that you can’t bid and buy direct through the auctioneers website, only through Easylive auctions with their high premiums for the privilege.
  2. Soon I hope. But if this is going to be the last year and with a mintage of only 100,000 (although that’s the 2019 mintage too) I suspect they won’t hang around for long and they’ll be at a slight premium too.
  3. I also have a few of the Oriental silver Britannia’s from 2018 and 2019 and I’ve anticipated the wait for the 2020 version. This is the first time I’ve seen it. Why are they making it the last in the series!! 😢 Although short, I’ve looked forward to seeing the new designs because they’re different. Bloody spoil sports.
  4. Apologies for the delay, work and life’s mundane tasks got in the way. Photos now attached. The capsule lid just removed for the photos, never touched or handled.
  5. Ok, will do. I didn’t know I had to do that so thanks for the heads up. 😊
  6. For Sale: 2018 Full Gold Sovereign, offers considered. Wanted: 2019 Full Gold Sovereign. I would consider an exchange but this might be a long shot. I need the 2019 for my date run and ordered the 2019 from Sharps Pixley in 2019 and they sent 2018. I’d just sell the 2018 sovereign and source the 2019 sovereign elsewhere, the 2018 sovereign is in a capsule and never handled.
  7. No it would seem they don’t, they didn’t send me an order confirmation email which I found odd. I screenshot the order just in case when I placed it otherwise I’d have had nothing as proof of order.
  8. I also ordered one from seeing this post, I ordered on Tuesday night this week £18 BELOW spot due to US/Iran tensions and it arrived today (Thursday). That’s as good as next day delivery. I was shocked when the postman knocked asking for a signature, I thought “No surely it can’t be the soverign”, the website said up to 10 days. A 2020 gold sovereign for £279. I’m pleased with the delivery and the nice capsule, sleeve and certificate of authenticity. 😊 I would definitely recommend. Any junk post will be returned to sender or put in the recycling. Now I’m up to date with my date run of consecutive year sovereigns (I know it’s only just 2020) before I part with my older ones. 😢
  9. I hope your son doesn’t get called up. Whilst the gold and silver price rise is interesting (in a way) it’s not worth the risk of life. Not ever. I hope your son is safe and well.
  10. Hi all, Well what an interesting week it’s been for the gold price in UK and USA, today we crept above £1,2000 an oz. I thought the end/beginning of a year usually see’s the price drop but with the tensions in the Gulf over the past few days....yet again it’s no surprise it’s shot up. Whats everyone’s feeling for the coming year and the gold price? I was ready to sell a few pieces but I think I might wait now. Is anyone still buying or sitting tight?
  11. Half sovereigns or 1/10th oz gold coins such as Britannia’s or Canadian Maples (the latter slightly cheaper). The 1/10th oz Britannia’s post 2013 are 24ct gold and are 3.11g but spend a bit more and you’ll get fractionally more gold in a half sovereign but they are 22ct. Personal choice I suppose but any of the above would be a good place to start.
  12. Hi, I received my prize from @Gerry a few days ago, it was a Pan American Silver 1oz round with a winning scratch card too which I wasn’t expecting. £5 won. 😊 He was chosen as my prize winner too and as he was drawn on Christmas Day I asked him to choose a charity and I’d donate £10 also, he chose Cancer Research and the donation has been made. Thanks again to the organisers of this, it’s been great and exciting to see everyone’s prizes.
  13. It looks like I’m one of the last. This brings back memories of being picked for the football teams at school....always last. 🙄😂
  14. This isn’t so much a deal at £18.77 each but I enquired with Sharps Pixley to ask what year their 1oz silver Britannia’s are and they are all 2020. Just thought I’d put it on here for anyone looking for the new 2020 Britannia.
  15. The next question is, will it go back up when Brexit happens and we eventually leave EU? That will be another interesting night for the gold price.