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  1. Thanks for the advice. This is what I usually do anyway. It saves the extra commission for the privilege of using a third party to bid on your behalf. It makes no sense really.
  2. I wonder who bought the 1865 half sovereign. Hmmmm 🤔 I too watch this auction as it’s ‘local ish’ to me and I can’t believe the standard half and full sovereigns are still going for the same prices they did in the summer. You’d think someone would tell them that the gold price has dropped since then!!
  3. Agreed and lesson No.1 for 2020. Keep this 👄 closed. I know some women (no offence intended) who would have kept this > 👄 quiet. 🙄 Slap on the wrist for me.
  4. No, I can categorically say that I’m not the seller. I wish I was, having said that if I was I wouldn’t be letting this one go. 😆
  5. Just out of interest, where do you buy your silver from in EU? I have a modest stack of mainly 1oz Britannia’s mostly but never thought to buy from EU. Maybe this is our last chance pre-Brexit, that thing that never seems like it will happen.
  6. It’s a cold December Sunday afternoon here and in a rare quiet moment whilst drinking my tea at home and scrolling through the forum I started to wonder where all it started for me. How did I get into coin and bullion collecting. Then I remembered. I went upstairs and found my first coin in a drawer where I’d say is where my collection started. But it wasn’t with the rest of the new bullion coins, I’ve kept it separate for some reason. I haven’t looked at it for well over a year, maybe two, but as I did it took me right back. I was about twelve years old at an antiques fair with my mum. Unlike most twelve years olds I used to love going to the antiques fair on Sunday afternoons with her, my friends thought I was mad. So, whilst browsing the brightly lit glass cabinets on the stalls I spotted a 1892 Victoria Crown, I had no idea what it was, it’s worth or even why I wanted it. After some persuasion my mum agreed to buy it and that’s where it started. There were probably 100+ coins in the glass cabinet but I wanted that one. (I wish I’d picked a sovereign now at 1990’s prices) anyway, I digress. As my mum handed the money over to the stall holder, an elderly man of about 70 ish years old he said “Here you go, look after it, I have a feeling you’ll be collecting more coins won’t you young man? Just a bit of advice, when you’re buying coins and collecting, always buy what feels right.” Then with a wink and a warm smile from the stall holder and £15 from my mum I must add, the silver crown was mine. Then we left. I sat in the car on the way home and smiled all the way back. Now some 20 years on he was right, how he knew I don’t know. But out of all the silver coins I’ve collected, the sovereigns and half sovereigns, this is one I’ll never part with because it’s where it all began for me and here it is. Today it’s probably not worth more than £20 but to me it’s priceless. Where did your collectiong story start? I’d be interested to hear.
  7. This one would be a keeper. I wouldn’t sell this if I got it for the right price. The trouble is that I’m not sure what the right price is? 🤔
  8. Do you think? I’m selling to up the deposit I have to buy a new house but will it be worth more in early 2020? It’s a question that has no answer I suppose.
  9. Hi all, ive been watching a half soverign and can’t decide wether to buy or not. I have no idea if it’s rare which it is listed as rare. (I shouldn’t be buying but selling at the moment....anyway) I’m wondering, the other soverign collectors and buyers, what would you pay? Photos attached are of the actual coin. The head side is quite worn but is it worth much more than spot price? Thanks Foster88
  10. Hi all, I’ll keep this short, I have about £3,000 worth of gold that I’ve bought in the last few years. All sovereigns and half sovereigns. Around Feb/March next year I need to release around £1,000 from said gold collection (insert crying emoji). I’ve read a lot about ‘predictions’ for 2020 which I know need to be taken with a pinch of salt about the price rising above 2019 levels. But all I’ve seen since September is prices falling. The thing is, do I try and sell 4/5 sovereigns before Christmas or wait until the New Year and if so where is the best place to sell? I’d sell (reluctantly): 2018 gold soverign 1979 gold soverign 1897 gold soverign 1892 half soverign 2002 half soverign. Do I hold out to sell in 2020 or do I sell now? Hmmmm decisions, descions. I’d be interested to hear from anyone else with gold thinking of selling. This for me is a case of needs must. Foster88
  11. Please add me to the prize draw. I’d like to offer £16 in cash. (Hopefully someone can use it towards another silver/gold purchase) I haven’t joined this before, I wasn’t sure how it worked and I’d like to be a part of it this year.