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  1. Foster88

    Old Sovereign advice

    We’ve all got to learn and start somewhere. 👍🏻 Happy stacking/collecting. I only started buying old sovereigns in 2018 and I really like the ones I have. The Victoria shield backs are definitely my favourites.
  2. You’re doing your bit. Just stay at home and sit. 😊 Stay safe.
  3. I too have signed up to volunteer. I’ve had to close my business due to all this and whilst I’m sitting at home I might as well do some good.
  4. I might have been stating the obvious, I admit, but as far as I’m aware nobody on this thread had highlighted this point regarding the coming recession that we all know is coming. On another note, you’d have the NHS abolished. 😕🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Stockpiling toilet roll? Try getting your hands on Dettol or any other antibacterial spray. It’s impossible and soon becoming the new ‘gold’, once the panic is over of course.
  6. I think, but I might be wrong that this is a forum for healthy debate and opinions and you feel the need to pick one sentence from my comment and belittle me but I might be wrong. How sad you feel the need to belittle others. 🤔 But I might be wrong. You might want to try being nice, I know that might be slightly alien to you but try it sweetie, it might suit you. Did you know, perhaps not, but silence is also an option. Apparently and ironically silence is golden would you believe. Now stop belittling others and volunteer for NHS, as have I. I’ll look forward to that rain in 2020/21, it will make a refreshing change in UK. 😘
  7. I too am self employed four years ago after being made redundant I decideded to start my own business. I’m worrying about having 80% of my wage paid ONLY in June. I have a small stack of silver and a modest amount of gold. Do I care what either is worth? No. I’ve had to close my business which was very, very difficult until further notice, I shrugged my shoulders and decided to volunteer for NHS. I know that this isn’t as easy for all, every day I’m not working is another bite out of my deposit to buy my one home. The longer people don’t stay at home, the longer we’ll all be dealing with this.
  8. Oh the irony. You post asking people not to post about the pandemic which if you see my earlier posts on this thread I said “This isn’t the place for it.” But the irony is that you felt the need to post about a topic that has stopped in the wrong category to ask for it to be stopped being talked about when it has already stopped.
  9. You can have your opions on gold but through 2020/2021, it’s going up. Not down. I remember clearly the 2008/2009 recession, I think this one will be worse. Don't get me wrong, I’d rather we were not in these unprecedented times and I fear we won’t be the same nation after this. I’d rather we have a stable economy any day and see little gain in my small gold reserve but recession is coming and an increase in gold is going up. Regardless, I’ve done what matters most and signed up to be an NHS Volunteer. At a time like this I couldn’t care less about the price of gold.
  10. Hi all, I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks of getting into metal detecting. I once had a very basic metal detector as a child back in mid 90’s. I’ve been thinking more the past few weeks of getting back into it, I say getting back into it, the metal detector I had as a child found very little of value. I’d like to get into this seriously but I know nothing of laws and permission regarding this, I know or I presume I’d have to get permission from the land owner before detecting. Do any of you on this forum metal detect? If so what detectors do you have and how can a beginner get into it? Do you need permission for everywhere you go? im not looking to find a Viking or Celtic hoard of gold, it would be great if I did. It’s more of a hobby interest. I’d be really interested to know.
  11. I’ve been looking at the Royal Yacht Britannia since I arrived. I’m just hoping it’s still open on Thursday/Friday.
  12. Hi all, It’s my first time across the border, having never visited Scotland before (I’m slightly ashamed to say) I’m on a work sort of trip. Based in Edinburgh for the week from yesterday (Sunday) to Friday 20th March I was looking for recommendations for things to do and see. Being someone with huge interest in history and might I add being half English/ half Irish & Scottish (according to My Heritage but that’s another story) I was very much looking forward to this trip. The plan was work Mon-Wed and Thursday - Friday to see Edinburgh but I fear nowhere will be open. So to the Scottish members on here or to the people that have visited this amazing city. Where can I see apart from Edinburgh castle? (Which I’m praying is still open by Thursday 19th March) to visit locally for someone so interested in history he sometimes forgets he’s in the 21st century? I really don’t want this trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, my first time here to be an all work, go back to England in unprecedented times for quarantine trip. If it has to be then so be it.
  13. I found this quite interesting on the German gold market:
  14. I really like the Adidas Cloudfoam range. I’ve got three pairs and like the name, it’s like walking on a cloud. Well, what I imagine walking on a cloud would be like, I can’t say I’ve ever attempted it. 😆 But in all seriousness they are very comfortable.
  15. The best person you can be is yourself and why not. Everybody else is already taken. 😊
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