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  1. Zhorro

    Fake Proof 2015 Sovereigns

    I've just had a look on eBay and there is a fake proof 2015 sovereign on sale for less than £4. So, yes it would be easy to buy a certificate and an empty box and insert this coin. One easy indicator that this coin is fake is that St George's helmet has the streamer flying from it, but the last year to have this (on the sovereign) was 2008.
  2. Zhorro

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    Well! As no one seems to have a full list of the forthcoming coins from the Royal Mint for next year or knows when they will be released, I contacted the Royal Mint directly. I received the following response: Thank you for your email. In relation to a list of future coins for release I am sorry but we cannot offer this service. You may register your interest here https://www.royalmint.com/pre-register/ Hope you have a nice afternoon. Kind regards. Tyrone I wonder if they really want us to collect their coins!
  3. Zhorro


    I thought this thread was about the forthcoming ice age!
  4. Zhorro

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    It looks as if we are going to have a busy year next year! It would seem that prioritising one's spending will be more important than ever.
  5. Zhorro

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

    It looks as if the list of coins for 2019 is still being added to! Has anyone seen a list of issue dates for 2019's coins?
  6. Has anyone seen a list of the Royal Mint’s gold and silver coin issues for next year? I’ve just seen a YouTube video (SalivateMetal) showing the coin issues from the US Mint for next year (and their dates of issue). Has anyone spotted a listing from the Royal Mint setting out its issues for next year? It would be useful to know what is coming in order to budget and prioritise one’s spending. I was lucky enough to buy one of the 2018 “Gold Standard” coins but it was only because it was mentioned on this forum. Surely there must be a schedule from the Royal Mint setting out when and what it is issuing?
  7. Zhorro

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    If the Queen’s Head side of the coin develops milk spots that look like snowflakes will this increase its value?
  8. Zhorro

    New 50p coin series

    It looks as if it is not just Dr Who that has run out of ideas!
  9. Zhorro

    Royal Mint Quality

    A very good question!
  10. Zhorro

    Royal Mint Quality

    I've heard from a couple of sources that there have been problems with the 2019 proof sovereigns. My supplier said that a number of proof sovereigns had to be sent back to the Royal Mint. The one I received from them was in excellent condition. However, on eBay I saw this one (below) where it looks as if part of the surface of the coin has come away! Is this the problem you experienced? This puts milk spots (on silver) into perspective!
  11. Zhorro

    ‘1942’ sovereign

    It is certainly an oddity! But is it gold? Is the weight correct?
  12. Zhorro

    Brexit status ...

    The initial optimistic news did push up the Pound by three cents! Over the past ten days or so, the Pound fell from $1.32 to $1.27. To me this was quite a substantial fall but it was hardly mentioned in the news. Suddenly there is some "good" news and the Pound goes up by three cents - well I suppose it is better than an increase in interest rates! But I am confident there was no attempt to feed fake news to the currency markets.
  13. Zhorro

    1993 £5 Sovereign Proof

    What is the condition like? The proof £5 sovereign is a beautiful coin when it is in perfect condition, but if it is scratched or has finger marks, these would put me off.
  14. Zhorro

    Today I Received.....

    I had not seen this 2016 coin, but a 200th anniversary does seem to make more sense than a 202nd one!
  15. Zhorro

    Today I bought.....

    I have just bought one and now there are 25 in stock. Was anyone expecting this coin? I have seen no prior publicity about it.