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  1. My Matt BU 2019 five sovereign piece arrived yesterday. I am also showing the 2015 BU five sovereign piece in order to show the colour / finish difference.
  2. This article in ZeroHedge says that six of the crew will be flying back from the USA - and thus there will be a greater carbon footprint than if Greta and her grandfather had simply flown both ways! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-16/climate-activist-greta-thunbergs-yacht-trip-america-more-harmful-environment-flying
  3. In addition to the ones mentioned, there was a 2013 SOTD for the birth of Prince George (22nd July 2013) with a mintage of 2013. The 2015 SOTD for the 2nd birthday of Prince George is quite distinctive. I think it is the only BU sovereign that year to use the Jody Clark Queen's Head design - the Princess Charlotte SOTD and the regular bullion sovereigns for 2015 use the Ian Rank-Broadley design. Therefore there are only 400 non-proof 2015 Jody Clark head sovereigns. Regarding the 2017 Sapphire Accession and Platinum Wedding SOTD sovereigns, I thought the Sapphire Accession sovereigns had a normal reeded [milled] edge whereas the Platinum Wedding sovereign had a flatter, wider reeded edge (Coin News, July 2018, p.35), so it may be possible to differentiate between them.
  4. If they have no value, PLEASE give me all your fiat currency!
  5. Will it have a plain edge? I've not seen mention of this.
  6. This YouTube video is on the Beijing Coin Market. You might find something here.
  7. Gold is only really back to where it started the week. It had a really good day yesterday with the melt down in Argentina, growing worries about Hong Kong, the potential of negative interest rates, etc., etc., etc. Today, Trump realised that Christmas comes but once a year (IN DECEMBER) and institutional “investors” celebrated this by piling into the stock market and throwing away their gold. Today has been interesting – and as the saying goes: “May you live in interesting times.”
  8. "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience." Next target?
  9. Twenty minutes? Don't you mean two and a half minutes? Can dumb people really have Smart phones? Simply having the knowledge of the world at your finger-tips does not make you wise.
  10. I've just had an email from the Royal Mint about the new Paddington coins: "Hold on to your duffle coats, all will be revealed on 13 August at 9am!" Whether this means the designs will be revealed tomorrow, or whether the coins will be on sale at 9am, I am not sure.
  11. In the UK, analysts are talking about a further fall in the Pound against the Dollar (which would push up the price of gold in Pounds), however, if there is a successful Brexit or no Brexit, the Pound would probably rise against the Dollar (which would push down the price of gold in Pounds). On the international front, Russia and China are wanting to be independent of the Dollar and so have been buying gold (along with quite a number of other central banks). Gold could again become important in international trade. So, it is unlikely that these buyers are going to want to "crash" the price of gold. Speculators can make money when prices go up as well as when prices go down, but I'm not sure they are going to have the power to make gold crash. And all this is before we start to talk about a possible global financial downturn in which people will want a "safe haven" (i.e. gold). So, subject to the vagaries of the Pound, my outlook on gold is positive. But as to where it will be next year, if I knew that, I'd be a millionaire!
  12. And how long will it be before we are saying £1245 seems pretty damn cheap now?
  13. It seems as if not all members of the financial community are convinced by gold. On Bloomberg TV this morning (11.07am) Ron Temple of Lazard Asset Management was asked: “What about gold?” He responded: “I cannot get my intellectual arms around gold, if you can tell me how to value gold, I’ll, we’ll talk more about that…” And then at 11.53am, also on Bloomberg TV, Lionel Laurent was interviewed - he had just written an article titled “Bitcoin and Gold are Monuments to Irrationality”. I do fear that the mainstream news is missing the bigger picture regarding gold and doesn’t seem to be able to move beyond “safe haven”.
  14. I think we have just had another high point - £1,240.84 - the fun continues!