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  1. Zhorro

    What's a good resource to learn about individual coins?

    The monthly Coin News magazine is a good source of information. Maybe do a search on eBay for coin books. Join a numismatic society. And as already been mentioned, a Google search will identify a lot of material.
  2. That is because George killed them all! Which raises the PC question, should we really be celebrating the extinction of a species?
  3. Zhorro

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Today the mantra of the kids in marketing seems to be “varieties” – and this seems to be the case in many walks of life (in the philatelic world more and more stamps are being issued but less and less stamps are actually being used on a daily basis). In the area of collectables the marketing assumption seems to be that collectors will want examples of everything so that their collections are “complete”. It would seem that the short term generation of revenues appears to be being put before the long term development of the market. I do fear that the people developing this strategy of “varieties” have little understanding of the nature of the products (i.e. they are not collectors themselves) and even less understanding of the people that are buying them.
  4. Zhorro

    Royal Mint 50p's

    But is a real pain if you have to send something back. First of all there is the disappointment when you open the package. Then you have to decide whether the fault is bad enough to send it back. Then you have to compose a letter, take the package to the post office and send it. Then you wait who knows how long, and by the time the replacement arrives, I think the anticipation of buying would have completely worn off! So, having someone have a second look at a coin is quite useful.
  5. Zhorro

    Royal Mint 50p's

    The Coin Connection is usually very good. The problem is knowing when and what is going to be issued. Often the Royal Mint seems to be very secretive and does not publish a schedule of issues. This time the Royal Mint has publicised the Gruffalo issue and so people are waiting for it (though I am not sure if we still know all the variations). If I had wanted one of these, I would have been on to CC last week to see if they would take an order. If you go back to what happened last week, I don't think many people were expecting the sovereign with the Matt finish. As soon as I hear about it on Thursday morning I contacted CC and placed an order and secured one at a price lower than the Royal Mint's issue price. Also they check the quality of the coins they send out - the Royal Mint seemed to have quality control issues with the proof 2019 sovereign. Bear in mind also that the Royal Mint's web site can be temperamental especially when busy!
  6. Zhorro

    Royal Mint 50p's

    I just do not understand why people do not place an order with a reliable dealer. You might even get the coin at below the Royal Mint's issue price and the quality will be assured. It would also mean that you would not have to stop up all night or take a day off work!
  7. Zhorro

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Just be selective. You do not have to buy everything. No one will ever have a complete collection of sovereigns, and once you are relaxed about this, then collecting can be fun again.
  8. I am thinking about buying one of the 2018 Australia 1oz gold rectangular dragon coins which is in the shape of a small bar: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/world-coins/australian-coins/1oz-dragon-rectangular-coin/
  9. Zhorro

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    I think if you are a sovereign collector, then because of the matt finish, it will be a "must have". If you are a flipper then, because of the 20,000 mintage, there may not be much in it for you.
  10. Zhorro

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    Isn't "brilliant uncirculated" with a "matt finish" a contradiction in terms? Though I do like the idea of a matt finish.
  11. Zhorro

    Today I Received.....

    A couple of items have arrived from Drake Sterling in Australia (pictures used with permission). 1) A 1916 S (Sydney) half sovereign, MS65 2) A 2014 I (India) full sovereign, MS68
  12. Don’t get me started on travelling... ok, you have got me started! The last time I travelled I ended up with two tickets each way on the same flight. Because of my bad back (don’t get me started on my back...) I needed a seat with extra space, so I tried to book it on line but I could not remember my password with the airline and so I was not able to check out. At this point I rang them up and I booked a basic seat but I was told if I wanted to upgrade I had to log on and change it and pay extra – now given that my initial problem was caused by not being able to log on, I was in a dilemma. Anyway I paid, in the hope that eventually I would be able to log on to the site. It was only when I put the phone down I realised I had not been given a reference number, and so even if I was able to log on, I would not be able to make alterations because of no reference number. Anyway, after another half an hour of trying to reset my password, I eventually managed to log on and book a premium seat, but as I had no details of the seat I had booked over the phone, I could not upgrade and so I pay the whole amount – I never did find/receive details of the seat I booked over the phone. Inevitably the journey to the airport seems to start at 3am... if the taxi arrives (don’t get me started on taxi drivers...). And what are the chances of the M1 or M25 being closed as I try to make my way to Heathrow or Gatwick? After a mind numbing couple of hours waiting in the airport, it is time for the flight (if it is on time). On a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, I sat by the window in order to get my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean – forgetting that the flight was at night and so nothing could be seen. But the worst part was the other two people in the row were asleep and so I was unable to get up and stretch my legs. This was the last time I had a window seat and explains why I am so keen to get a seat with extra leg room. In Hong Kong the lock on my suitcase got caught up in the luggage carousel, so as it came round and I tried lifting it, I merely ended up following the suitcase round and barging people out of the way. Eventually the carousel had to be stopped and the suitcase was unceremoniously ripped off - getting badly damaged in the process. And then the room in which you are going to stay – it may be small, have no soundproofing, and the television may or may not work. It is amazing how much blood comes out of a mosquito when you squash it. My criteria for going somewhere is, do they serve steaks? This does seem to work as I have never had a bad stomach when travelling. I did once go to China, with the proviso that I did not have to eat anything I did not want to. I lived off coffee and Haagen-Dazs ice creams. I even found a McDonalds in Shanghai, but then brought the whole place to a halt as I wanted a plain hamburger – which I did eventually manage to get. Then just as you get back home, you often get a really bad cold – and people think travelling is enjoyable! Some of my feelings about travelling are neatly summed up in the “Cheap Flights” music video I placed in the “taste in music” thread.
  13. Zhorro

    Outrageous train prices

    I suppose when HS2 gets going the prices will be cheaper as the journey time will be shorter.
  14. Is the D 22.2mm a Sydney sovereign? A number of these have been reported. If so, what year is it?
  15. Zhorro

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Thank you for this information. I’ve now had a look at what few pre-Jubilee Sydney sovereigns I have, and there does seem to be a difference between their colour and that of the London sovereigns. I had not noticed this before, but I think the Sydney ones are slightly lighter in colour. The following pictures try show there is a difference in colour (left, London 1871, right Sydney Young Head 1887). The first two pictures show the coins at an angle and just about show a difference in colour. Pictures three and four show the coins from directly above, and the Sydney one does seem to come out darker – but this is probably because it is more reflective (but you often see this shade with Australian sovereigns). Whilst looking at these coins, I got the impression that the Sydney sovereign was slightly larger than the London one, but I thought I must be imagining it. However, I subsequently found a post on this Forum in which members reported finding Sydney sovereigns 0.15mm larger than the standard sovereign. See: Precious Metals > General Precious Metals > Fractionals and Fakes (7th June 2018 and 10th February 2019)