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  1. Zhorro

    "There's no gold"!

    People say "If you don't hold it, you don't own it". So, it would not be surprising if there is an increase in demand for physical deliveries - and maybe less interest in paper gold. But traders are always looking to make money, so who knows what will happen to the price correlation! As everything else is getting bailed out, I am sure the COMEX will survive!
  2. Zhorro

    "There's no gold"!

    This ZeroHedge article discusses the current state of the Comex market: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/theres-no-gold-comex-report-exposes-conditions-driving-physical-supply-problems For those that view the paper market as a "price discovery" mechanism, it now appears to have turned into a gold discovery mechanism - and the gold ain't there!
  3. So, would you be willing to sell your silver at the current spot price? Or would you want as much as you could get for it?
  4. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    Why don't we all just sit back and see what happens? Though... If you think everything is going to collapse, why are you so worried about gold and silver?
  5. I thought people had pleaded guilty to PM manipulation? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/12/ex-jp-morgan-silver-traders-guilty-plea-could-boost-manipulation-suit.html I fear it is you that does not care about facts!
  6. Yes, it came this afternoon: "Due to the Coronavirus, the Royal Mint has shut down production as of today."
  7. Yes, in economics, it is the operation of demand and supply. So, if the spot price is low but the premium is high, then don't buy, but if the spot price is high, and the premium is low, then buy? Doesn't it all depend on whether you really want the silver and where you think the price is going to go in the future?
  8. I've just realised, BBP could have simply stopped trading for the evening, and open at 9am tomorrow.
  9. According to BBP, one 2020 sovereign is £357 BUT "Currently we are not currently accepting any orders" !
  10. I went to my local one this morning (11.15am), and it was also fairly quiet but the shelves were well-stocked (plenty of milk and bread). They were limiting "essentials" to three per person.
  11. At £1,346, I think we are at the highest ever pound gold price!
  12. Back during the DotCom bubble (circa 2000) I was visiting my students who were working in an investment bank. As it was pretty obvious that tech stocks were falling and going to fall further, I asked one of my students' managers, why they did not just sell all the stocks they had in this sector because it was clear they were going to fall in value. The answer, and it absolutely shocked me, was that the clients had given them their money to invest in the tech sector and so they had to leave it in the market - even though it was obvious it was going down!
  13. If you are simply holding them as bullion there is no point in removing the mounts. No matter how carefully the mounts are removed, there will always be tell-tail signs that they had been mounted in the past.
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