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  1. A couple more sovereigns for my stack
  2. Welcome back @StackingItAll, Good luck on the new venture! I did wonder where you went.What did you keep for your permastack?
  3. MHoppy

    Solid gold toilet stolen

    I think you'd have to melt it... Although probably not in in this country due to hallmarking issues. If you were to plumb it in you'd have to keep a lid on it. Whilst I enjoy a good gold dump (gives me the opportunity to buy more), I'm not sure it would be worth it in this case 😁
  4. MHoppy

    Solid gold toilet stolen

    I thought this would turn into a discussion on how easy the huge solid would be broken up and remelted, but this thread is going down the pan. 😁
  5. How to choose a mattress? Hmm.... Jump around, a jump around, jump, jump up and lay down 😁 Memory foam all the way!
  6. After 15 months of stacking, I've only just started on my sovereign collection ! Softly, softly catchy monkey 😁
  7. One more for the definitive list 😁 https://www.goldinvestments.co.uk/
  8. @ChrisSIlver Thankyou! Winner winner chicken dinner
  9. Well done @S2G, love it.. getting better every day great resource! This will be the first site I check before next months purchase.
  10. Thanks @brixtonh24 I've wanted my own zombucks ever since I watched BigLorry's youtube videos of these beauties.