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    Silver and Gold,Brits and Beasts

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  1. MHoppy


    Welcome from Lancashire
  2. MHoppy

    New in London, 🇬🇧

    Welcome !
  3. MHoppy

    Do you have a target?

    4 months into stacking,I have for my target 1oz gold BU Brits from 2013 going forward, 1oz gold BU QB's then working backwards on full Sovs but keeping x GSR in 1oz silver BU Brits and 10oz QB's. Inevitably i'm getting a bit distracted by the BYB SF bars and the Scottsdales, So many shinys
  4. MHoppy

    Today I Received

    10oz Valiant
  5. MHoppy

    Today I Received

    Ok, SOLD put my name on one in BLACK !!!
  6. MHoppy

    Today I Received

    Ok, who selling a 10oz Qb box ?
  7. MHoppy

    Royal Mint's laziest coin to date

    Agreed could of been RM does zombucks !
  8. I used my first name initial and my last name. Then something suggested that I should really protect my identity ... So I had a cunning plan.
  9. MHoppy

    My Chards Experience

    Hmm .... My thoughts exactly as a new stacker and having watched shadowstacker extolling the virtues of having a good relationship with a dealer I decided to pop in. So on Wednesday morning I phoned Chards to place a order for collection today. I very nice lady told me I couldn't order over the phone but could easily pay on collection. I wanted to lock in the price so at dinnertime I placed an order online with special instruction for collection between 4:30pm - 5:00pm today. Within a few minutes a received a confirmation telephone call with a reminder to bring my passport / driving license and card I paid with all very professional. This morning I had to start work early so the I could finish early to get there at the appointed time. I was greeted by I nice lady who took my documents off to be copied. On returning I was informed the my order hadn't been taken out of the vault which was now locked as they were closing at 5:00 pm and I should return Monday morning ! Presumably to repeat this process. Through gritted teeth I asked for my order to be delivered, paid the additional delivery cost, asked for the copies of my documents to be destroyed and left. What should of been the start great relationship was over before it even began. The coin in hand dealer experience will have to wait til I get to londinium I suppose. Mistakes happen but Chards my TIME is MONEY had you wasted it. Congratulations I'm quite I laid back character and you manage to ruffle my feathers, with my first ever negative trip to Blackpool. Side note : The 2018 silver krug they had on display had a blemish on it, so I'm thinking they all must have and they must also keep their display gold bullion in a different vault.
  10. MHoppy

    New Stacker from Connecticut!

    Welcome to the forum !
  11. MHoppy

    How to best store silver

  12. MHoppy

    Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon

    Count me in, new to this game but where's the 10oz Unicorn and Bull. Surely these would be released first would they not ? Don't understand the RM.They must have more money than ......
  13. MHoppy

    Introducing myself, new to forums

    Welcome to the forum John
  14. MHoppy

    Today I Received

    QB no. 3
  15. MHoppy

    Hello from the North West

    Howdo and welcome !