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  1. MHoppy

    Michael Maloney

    Hmmm .... Be interest to know what chapter you change your mind ... Enjoy
  2. MHoppy

    Michael Maloney

    The creature from jeykll island by g Edward Griffin. I found to be a great listen on the "history" of the fed and world events.
  3. Thanks @kneehow2018 pleasure doing business with you.
  4. MHoppy

    first time gold purchase, £8000 budget, what to buy.

    Both from goldsilver.be £1273 & £1240.
  5. MHoppy

    first time gold purchase, £8000 budget, what to buy.

    In the same position myself. As a new stacker, I've decided to work backwards to 2013 on the 1oz Brits (ignoring privy's) and forward on the qb's. And yes I've just swallowed the premium on the lion and Griffin but hayho.
  6. MHoppy

    Good Alternative to Transferwise?

    I had two tranferwise accounts deactivated last week when trying to pay gold silver.be
  7. hmm ... Just had my monies refunded after my account was deactivated. Very poor, wasted a couple days on my delivery. No explanation given, just got boiler plate we reserve the right etc.
  8. Initiated payment to goldsilver.be at lunchtime via TransferWise will let you know.
  9. I joined this month have placed and received my first order, saved a bunch, learnt a ton from the forum and BYB and couldn't be happier... Jump in !
  10. MHoppy

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    My first group coins delivered ! Thanks Mr & Mrs BYB. Already saving for my next order
  11. MHoppy

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    COT shorts up 8k on last week, so yeah someone from JPM helping the group order for this weekend