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  1. I can only speak from my own personal experience, which is as follows: * I have never had a phone call from H&B * One of the sovereigns that I bought had a few minor nicks/marks on it; I was able to return it the next day in one of H&B's Freepost envelopes and a replacement coin arrived 3 days later (in perfect condition) * I receive about one envelope a week from H&B with details of other stuff that they are hoping to sell me; I simply put it in the bin - which really is no hassle or hardship to me whatsoever I've now had three 2019 sovereigns from this company, saving me around £60 when compared to the prices from other coin/bullion dealers; for that sort of saving, I am more than happy to put a few envelopes in my waste paper basket every now and then
  2. @BackyardBullion It is very, very decent of you to take the time and trouble to try and find an alternative process so that Group Orders may continue in some sort of revised format. You're a very busy chap, running your own business, and you have no obligation whatsoever to undertake research for everyone else's benefit - but I am sure that I'm not alone in appreciating the fact that you are doing so
  3. Try this link - it'll take you to the page where you can pick one up for £229 😀 https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3192.html
  4. The more I look at the above photo, the more I covet this particular coin...... Wish I could run to one in gold, but that'll have to wait a while
  5. Another H&B 2019 Sovereign arrived today...…. At £229 (inc. Signed For Delivery), I just couldn't resist getting just one more
  6. I'm liking the look of this coin - but will probably wait for a Group Order and get them a little cheaper
  7. No need to have to endure the hassle, stress and expense of moving home, notifying the GDPR regulatory authorities, sending back mailshots, or generally getting a little hot under the collar about receiving stuff in the post - I have discovered a cheap, simple, and very effective alternative called "The Bin"
  8. @ilovesilverireallydo Thank you for letting us know that the H&B £229 2019 Sovereign offer has made a welcome return - I just couldn't resist availing myself of another one at that price
  9. Fascinating to watch the various stages that the gold goes through at Bairds - thanks for posting
  10. I have to say that I'm delighted with it, and agree with you on the look/style of the coin. I've only recently started collecting bullion kooks, but am already "addicted" to the series. Despite a couple of micro-scratches on the Queen's cheek, for £16 I feel that I've done OK for the money
  11. I was very happy to have picked this 2009 Kookaburra up on eBay on Sunday evening for just £16.00 (plus VERY modest P&P charges)
  12. Speaking personally, I seek to have the lowest shipping costs possible - even if that means waiting a bit longer (or even several weeks longer) for my purchases. If I have ordered and secured my coins at a price that I am happy with, then delivery time is far less important to me than keeping shipping costs to a minimum. I am into PMs for the long term - if, however, I was buying a newly-released coin to flip straight on, then I am sure that I would feel differently and would want to get my paws on my coins ASAP...…..
  13. It's not easy to apologise when one has maybe sometimes gone a little bit further than might have been originally intended when pursuing an argument or a point of view..... But to do so online, in full view of everyone else on the Internet, takes a not insubstantial amount of "testicular capacity" Well done to all.
  14. Many thanks for coming back on the points raised/comments, Ian - PM sent
  15. Absolutely agree @HelpingHands - there are some cracking coins that I would also be keen to acquire! My comments refer to the "sale" prices, rather than at the coins themselves; personally, I would have expected/hoped for much more keenly priced coins in such a much-publicised sale.
  16. Please don't take my comments as "mindless moaning", and I do so very much admire your marketing initiatives and the efforts Chards put in to "getting the word out" about the various promotions that you run - but since you ask...… As with your previous sale/promotion, there is once again nothing listed in the Spring Sale that has me reaching for my wallet; whilst I have to say that you have a very good selection of coins on offer (several of which I would love to own!), the prices you are asking are not exactly what one might call "exciting", are they? Take a look at the amount of interest generated and the volumes of business done by both Harrington & Byrne and The Buckingham Collection when these two companies recently offered the 2019 uncirculated Sovereign for sale at prices that were just too good to ignore - the Silver Forum was buzzing with members reporting how many they had purchased, etc. Take a long, hard look at your prices and then you will make sales
  17. It'll be interesting to hear about your experiences - thanks for keeping us in the loop on this.
  18. I'm liking the sound of this
  19. Whist not quite of the same magnitude of some of the above acquisitions, I am nonetheless very pleased to have just picked up a BU 2009 Kookaburra for just £16.00, plus very reasonable postage costs
  20. Having just watched the unboxing and follow-up video of the March Group Order, all I can say is if these were the last Group Order videos then they combined to make what was one hell of a way to bow out! I received my coins on Saturday (I'm loving the Yale!), and as always, huge thanks must go to the BYB household for all the hard work and effort put in on behalf of so many SF members.