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  1. Fastnick

    2019 oriental border

    I quite like the new-look border..... but there again, I am well-known for my sometimes "off-piste" tastes and predilections
  2. Fastnick

    Brexit status ...

    Sadly not an option for me; I run a business that would not allow me to "stick my head in the sand" (or stick 2 fingers up to what is going on). Business abhors uncertainty and chaos, and this whole Brexit business has already cost me very dear financially. I am also sickened by the extremist views, intolerance and hate-filled rhetoric that seem to pervade UK society at almost all levels today; the idea of selling up and taking my modest stack somewhere nicer is growing stronger by the day
  3. Fastnick

    Brexit status ...

    What we need to do is lock all the politicians in the Palace of Westminster - and throw away the key...…………... Whatever party they purport to represent, whatever their political colour, I trust absolutely no-one who is in the slightest way involved in the dirty, grubby and downright sleazy world of politics; let's put a benign dictator in charge of the UK - he or she surely couldn't do a worse job that all these fervent Brexiteers and Remainers are currently doing in screwing up a country that I am increasingly not wanting to continue to live in
  4. Fastnick

    Metal Market Europe

    Thanks for checking, Stu
  5. Fastnick

    Metal Market Europe

    Can't find the 1/10th ounce platinum Brits in the site - any chance that you could post the page link for them, please?
  6. Fastnick

    Show your stack.

    Reminds me of that famous reply by the late George Best, when he was asked what had happened to all the money he had accrued during his years playing football - "Well, most of it went on fast cars, birds, and booze...….and the rest I just squandered"
  7. Fastnick

    Feel so happy when i saw this youtube video

    I'd much rather be beholden to my building society than to a landlord or could quite legitamly and legally serve me with 2 months notice to quit at any time; just as long as I pay my mortgage, all is good
  8. Fastnick

    Feel so happy when i saw this youtube video

    Oh well......It's good to know that I've got a living room, half a hallway, and a modest conservatory covered then
  9. Fastnick

    New website

    Well done and thank you! This will be a really useful database for people such as me who like "semi-numismatic" silver coins; for example, for the first time I could study and appreciate the differences between the 2017 and 2018 Cayman Islands Marlin
  10. Fastnick

    Hi all

    You just never know who you'll run into in the PM world, do you! Welcome to the SF, my friend
  11. If I can throw my two ha'pence in..... I fully appreciate anyone (especially if they are new forum members) being cautious about taking part in a Group Order for the first time, but as others have said previously, BYB is beyond reproach and organises and collates these huge orders on behalf of all of us for no financial gain, save helping promote his YouTube Channel. We would would do well to remember pulling these massive Group Orders together is a major undertaking and something that I certainly wouldn't wish to organise - especially if the comments/posts on here were ever to reach the point where I started to feel that putting together these big orders just wasn't worth all the hassle/aggro that I was getting......
  12. Fastnick

    Silver batch order from Europe

    Are you able to tell us yet if it will once again be a combined GS.be and EM order?
  13. Fastnick

    Britannia Bars

    They are indeed very fine looking bars, and are most definitely on my shopping list - though as Abyss says, at no more than £150 per 10oz bar.
  14. Fastnick

    Trial of the Pyx coins for sale.

    Thanks for posting the video - being new to the world of coins, I had no idea what the Trial of the Pyx actually was or what it involved; that was a very informative and interesting video
  15. Fastnick

    Paying VAT on silver...is it worth it?

    Welcome! You'll find almost everyone here on the Forum only too happy to help with advice and information when you're getting started. Keep an eye out for the next Group Order that Backyard Bullion very kindly organises on our behalf; by joining in with one of these, you can safely and securely order the cheapest silver in Europe, as well as benefitting from shared/reduced shipping costs.
  16. Fastnick

    2019 Tower of London - Legend of the Ravens

    As quite a few others have commented, the raven design is quite pleasing. Not really wanting to spend that sort of money on a proof, and at the same time am not really interested in collecting cupro-nickel coins - so am wondering if Royal Mint Bullion will be bringing this series out later? Though it might prove to be as (un)popular as the Landmarks of Britain series??
  17. Fastnick

    Lidl Coin Cases

    Well done and thank you for flagging this up - great value!
  18. Fastnick

    Platinum as an investment

    Just to throw my two ha'pence worth in, if I may...... I've been fascinated by the idea of having a small amount of platinum as part of my modest PM portfolio, but have so far held off from buying any; instead, I've been watching its price movements for almost 12 months now and have come to the conclusion that if you're after a rollercoaster investment ride then platinum will definitely fit the bill. I regret hugely not buying a 1oz platinum Britannia from GS.be back in the late summer when the price went as low as €722, only to see it move to above €800 in the space of just over a month a so shortly thereafter. As @flimsays, its price seems to be on the way down again now (€762 this afternoon) and so I'm keeping a very close eye on it. My thoughts are that I'll be buying if the price through GS.be drops below €740 for a 1oz Britannia. But hey! What do I know!
  19. Fastnick

    EBAY 15% OFF

    Indeed there was! I managed to pick up a one tenth gold Britannia for £89.25 inc. P&P that day, and am keen to find another bargain when the next eBay discount code comes up
  20. Fastnick

    EBAY 15% OFF

    I was just about to say the same Still, they're bound to do another discount code that covers everything in the not-too-distant future hopefully...…..
  21. Fastnick

    Best Buy 2018

    A 1/10th ounce gold Britannia for £89.25 (inc. P&P!) as a result of one of eBay's 15% discount, plus a nice little bit of TopCashback and nearly 90 Nectar points. My other "high point" of 2018 was a half kilo Baird bar for £216 - again inc P&P, a special 4% TopCashback deal, and a shed load of Nectar points
  22. Fastnick

    Black Friday Deals

    Just a hunch, but I think we might be about due another 10% (or maybe even 15%!) one day only discount promotion from eBay very soon. The last couple of these have been on a Friday, so keep 'em peeled (in true Shaw Taylor style!)
  23. Fastnick

    Treasure Hunt, X marks the Spot

    Now that could be a huge load of fun - especially if we did actually strike lucky and then had to come up with a plan to get the loot home to the UK
  24. Fastnick

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    Will do! Just as soon as I have access to a secure Internet connection - weekends are an absolute b****er for me, as I am usually away from home 😉