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  1. steve1905

    Today I Received

    Received today E Pluribus round, RMC, XAG and APMEX bars and 1g Valcambi from @arshimo2012 and 2 x Engelhard bars from @StackSellRepeat. Thanks guys.
  2. steve1905

    Today I bought.....

    Bought a 1 lb 1993 Silver Eagle round. Will be interesting to see if a troy pound, avoirdupois pound or maybe 16 troy oz?
  3. Can I have these please: Guernsey 1/20th commemorating queen mother 999 24ct 1.55g £40 has a couple of little red spots on coin.............. 999 24ct 1998 Guernsey queen mother 1/25th in capsule great condition £38.............. 1/20th oz 585 14ct gold discus coin good condition £25............... Will send you PM
  4. steve1905

    Today I bought.....

    Lovely coin, congrats
  5. steve1905

    completed Silver bars for sale

    I'll take the vertical one, third from the left please. I'll send you a PM. Thanks.
  6. steve1905

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    I'll take them please. Can you work out cheapest signed for postage and message me the total? Thanks.
  7. steve1905

    for sale 98,99,00 Britannias + other little bits

    I'll take all the Guernsey coins please: The other coins are silver proof 925 £1 coins weighing 9.5gms, mintage 50,000 in sov style screw capsules £8 ea or 2 for £15 + Post 1999 Guernsey silver proof collar 20.69g 50,000 mint, slight ring like mark round centre hole (Toning?). Millennium 2000 silver proof gold plated nugget 7.36g to fit in the centre of the first coin. There is reddish spotting on this coin aswell which can be seen in the photo. Asking for £25 for the pair + postage 1998 1/25oz gold queen mother £35 + Post I'll send you a pm. Thanks
  8. steve1905

    for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    Rhodium! Rhodium! wherefore art thou Rhodium?
  9. #64 and #65 again please BYB. PM and payment sent. Many thanks.
  10. steve1905

    20 French francs advice please

    LOL, we love sovereigns too @sovereignsteve, honest.
  11. steve1905

    20 French francs advice please

    That's a pretty comprehensive list from @sixgunI've got about half of them and some of the others from the monetary union including 20 lira from the Vatican. At risk of being shunned by other forum members I'd say they were more interesting than Sovereigns
  12. steve1905

    400oz full stack pic

    Thanks for sharing, absolutely fantastic hoard. Out of interest what attracted you to the 2 x 1g bars?
  13. steve1905

    250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Can I have #7 please unless @sixgun wants it, in which case I would like #11 please. Thanks.
  14. steve1905

    2016 Silver Sixpence --- Price ??

    Gold Britannia every time.
  15. steve1905

    Today I Received

    @JohnAnsink Thanks. The bottle tops are really nice and the pizza is just............different.