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  1. Hi Stan, can I have a 5 oz with capsule if still available please. Please PM payment details. Thanks.
  2. Try TransferWise, I find easy to use and decent rate.
  3. The Brit is a lovely coin, price from europeanmint on the group buy looks to be about Euro 16.12 each plus delivery. Maples are a good low cost coin but they do have a problem with milk spots. My next order will be from these guys https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/ but I am waiting for them to get 2019 Brits in.
  4. Welcome to the forum. 300 oz silver and 2 oz of gold is a pretty good first buy! There are some good deals to be had on this forum from the likes of @arshimo2012plus there is a group buy running at the moment too by @BackyardBullion. 😀
  5. Agreed on the 10oz Beasts @MHoppyand Merry Christmas to all on the forum.
  6. Received today E Pluribus round, RMC, XAG and APMEX bars and 1g Valcambi from @arshimo2012 and 2 x Engelhard bars from @StackSellRepeat. Thanks guys.
  7. Bought a 1 lb 1993 Silver Eagle round. Will be interesting to see if a troy pound, avoirdupois pound or maybe 16 troy oz?
  8. LOL, we love sovereigns too @sovereignsteve, honest.
  9. That's a pretty comprehensive list from @sixgunI've got about half of them and some of the others from the monetary union including 20 lira from the Vatican. At risk of being shunned by other forum members I'd say they were more interesting than Sovereigns
  10. Thanks for sharing, absolutely fantastic hoard. Out of interest what attracted you to the 2 x 1g bars?
  11. Can I have #7 please unless @sixgun wants it, in which case I would like #11 please. Thanks.