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  1. Hi Stan, can I have a 5 oz with capsule if still available please. Please PM payment details. Thanks.
  2. Try TransferWise, I find easy to use and decent rate.
  3. Hi BYB, can I have one each of the 1oz bars please. Happy to combine postage with my 2019 Forum bars. Thanks
  4. The Brit is a lovely coin, price from europeanmint on the group buy looks to be about Euro 16.12 each plus delivery. Maples are a good low cost coin but they do have a problem with milk spots. My next order will be from these guys https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/ but I am waiting for them to get 2019 Brits in.
  5. Welcome to the forum. 300 oz silver and 2 oz of gold is a pretty good first buy! There are some good deals to be had on this forum from the likes of @arshimo2012plus there is a group buy running at the moment too by @BackyardBullion. 😀
  6. Agreed on the 10oz Beasts @MHoppyand Merry Christmas to all on the forum.
  7. Received today E Pluribus round, RMC, XAG and APMEX bars and 1g Valcambi from @arshimo2012 and 2 x Engelhard bars from @StackSellRepeat. Thanks guys.
  8. Bought a 1 lb 1993 Silver Eagle round. Will be interesting to see if a troy pound, avoirdupois pound or maybe 16 troy oz?
  9. Rhodium! Rhodium! wherefore art thou Rhodium?
  10. LOL, we love sovereigns too @sovereignsteve, honest.