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  1. I just received this today - I bought it on the forum earlier in the week from Blockhead. Very nice coin so I can add this to my little collection of gold coins I have the Lion and the Griffin. I paid £300 including special delivery and it was money well spent. I don't have any sovereigns, if I saw a 1960 I would buy it.
  2. I would like to buy the 1/4 Oz Falcon please
  3. I started this collection in June last year and then had a tax rebate just before Xmas so bought the bars for my little stack from Ashimo, Stacksellrepeat and 1/4 of gold from Mick D. The rest of it was purchased from BYB and through the group orders. It is nice to be here on the silver forum, it all seems very civilised and gentlemanly so thank you all at the Silver Forum for making such a great platform for connecting us all.
  4. Did anyone do anything with this - the state of the financial markets makes this look more interesting.
  5. I didn't go ahead with this idea in the end to many other things, although it would have been worth doing.
  6. Sparky

    10oz QB Unicorn

    Coininvest preorder prices and estimated release days BYB's next group order will be in good time to get these though, I think that the 10oz QB's a a rubbish investment because although they are a great financial investment they really are too nice to ever think of selling. Coin: 10 oz Queen's Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin (2019) (United Kingdom) Delivery in approx. 20-22 days. £148.66 — — £148.66 × Coin: 2 oz Queen's Beasts Falcon Silver Coin (2019) (United Kingdom) Delivery in approx. 10-12 days. £28.83 — — £144.15 × Capsules: 2 oz Queen's Beasts Capsules In stock: Immediate shipment upon receipt of payment. Limited quantity! £1.22 £1.22 20% £7.32 ×
  7. Yes but you have to pay for UPS - the landed cost would be a bit more than I said £21.84 - wonder if we could talk Mr BYB into doing a transatlantic adventure with the Silver Forum - postage is $94.88 - about £73. If I went ahead I would ask them for more information regarding the shipping costs to find out the weight bands. So who is going to shoot first.
  8. I was looking at 3 of Golden State Mint's new Silver rounds; If I bought 10 of the Silver Shield 2018 Cannabis and 10 of the Royal highness and 10 of the Third Eye Chakra with capsules and postage and tax they would land at under £21 each - I am not really into the idea of starting a bullion business but who knows you all look like your having a great time and they would fetch quite a bit on eBay. I only just bought my first pieces of silver from the last group order and some nice things from BYB. Maybe I hoping someone else is wondering if to do something - let me know and I will buy some or possibly other people here would be interested if I went ahead and ordered this?
  9. I don't think that the current social model has got any more stretch and like the economic structure is very puffed up - this year will certainly be full of surprises and I want to buy a bit of silver to put under my bed. I have enjoyed watching BYB's videos and like the idea of collecting some of the queen's beasts series. Good luck to you all sure this is the best place to be in 2018.