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  1. screamingeagle

    completed 1kg Silver Bar

    Pic of the 10oz. Complete with London Overground upholstery in the background!
  2. screamingeagle

    completed 1kg Silver Bar

    I had no problems. The bar is in the UK and available. I've also got a 10oz Perth Mint bar (right facing swan) which I will let go for 130GBP.
  3. screamingeagle

    completed 1kg Silver Bar

    G'day, I'm visiting the UK from Australia and looking to offload a 1kg Ainslie Bullion Company bar. Looking for a face to face trade in London either on Wednesday or the weekend. Spot has been hovering around the 400-405GBP/kg mark so that's what I'm after as I'm just looking to save on currency exchange fees. Message me for any further detail. I've got trade references on other forums and the bar has been Ultrasonic Tested. SE
  4. screamingeagle

    Another Aussie here

    Hi everyone, another Aussie in your forum. I was reasonably active on the Aussie Silver Stackers forum and have seen a few familiar names here.
  5. screamingeagle

    Western Australia - Metal Detecting For Gold

    Check out the prospecting Australia forum, they're quite helpful there. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/