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  1. jultorsk

    2019 kookaburra.... what have they done to the poor queen

    2019 kooks will be released 1st October
  2. Sov. The 1959 20 pesos is a wonderful coin but it's is a restrike, right? So you can always find one on the market at a decent premium.
  3. jultorsk

    Greetings from Sverige

    Tjänare och välkommen. (Intressanta tider i Sverige, hoppas allt går bra med riksdagsvalet på söndagen.) 😉
  4. jultorsk

    2019 kookaburra.... what have they done to the poor queen

    Good design on the Kook! Btw the video on YouTube says Lunar Pig bullion release date would be 10th September and Kooks would be released on 1st October.
  5. jultorsk

    Buying gold in the UK

    I hope to visit UK some day and shop for some nice sovs... Re off topic 😉
  6. jultorsk

    Queen’s beasts Falcon gold proof should be out soon

    It's ok and I'll likely buy one to keep the collection going.. To me it looked more a "protective" stance than the rampant, proud beasts in the earlier versions. Then I googled "protective falcon bird" and found this... (https://fineartamerica.com/featured/peregrine-falcon-adult-in-protective-tim-fitzharris.html?product=shower-curtain)
  7. jultorsk

    Perth Mint Lunar release date.

    Proofs come out on 4th Sept, BU in Sept too but likely(?) week later - BU dogs were released on 11th Sept 2017.. https://www.perthmint.com/forthcoming-releases.aspx
  8. jultorsk

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    Feast your eyes on the gold version.. it's simply glorious! 😄
  9. jultorsk

    New silver Kruger rand

    I'm torn with them. Yes they're cheap and yes they're pretty cool. But is buying them, in a way, supporting or at least recognising the legitimacy of the SA government and their land confiscation etc questionable (to say the least) policies...? I'm definitely not big on SJW'ism and whatnot (mixing a coin hobby with politics), but what's going on in SA is not good at all. Feel like boycotting them just out of principle. If they like their Zimbabwe future, let them keep their Zimbabwe future.
  10. jultorsk


    No worries, and welcome to the forum 😊
  11. jultorsk


    There's info up until March 2018 thanks to @Pampfan's FOI request (brilliant effort btw), see thread:
  12. jultorsk

    Perth Mint Tour and Shop Review

    Indeed looks like the piggies are out of the parlor Great photos @dicker https://coinweek.com/world-coins/world-coins-new-releases-for-september-from-the-perth-mint/
  13. jultorsk

    Gold Libertad release???

    APMEX now selling 1 oz gold BU Libertads for 150 USD over spot any qty. Last year the premium was 100 USD over spot... https://www.apmex.com/product/169440/2018-mexico-1-oz-gold-libertad-bu https://www.apmex.com/gold-libertads-investment
  14. I agree the media and the Democrats are way exaggerating. Here an example - someone seriously suggesting Trump's performance at the Helsinki Summit will live equally in infamy as Pearl Harbour or Kristallnacht. ? These people have utterly lost the plot. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/msnbc-contributor-trumps-performance-will-live-in-infamy-as-much-as-pearl-harbor-or-kristallnacht/ In many ways Trump is very efficiently but uncomfortably (for his opponents) drilling to the heart of the matter - be it Brexit, uncontrolled migration to EU, NATO, trade imbalance, Sweden etc. There's a succinct description of his method: Identify a big goal (tax cuts, balanced trade, the wall, etc.). Identify your leverage points versus anyone who stands in your way (elections, tariffs, jobs, etc.). Announce some extreme threat against your opponent that uses your leverage. If the opponent backs down, mitigate the threat, declare victory and go home with a win. If the opponent fires back, double down. If Trump declares tariffs on $50 billion of good from China,and China shoots back with tariffs on $50 billion of goods from the U.S., Trump doubles down with tariffs on $100 billion of goods, etc. Trump will keep escalating until he wins. Eventually, the escalation process can lead to negotiations with at least the perception of a victory for Trump (North Korea) — even if the victory is more visual than real. No one else in politics thinks this way. Politicians and insiders tend to try to avoid confrontation, avoid escalation, compromise from the beginning and finesse their way through any policy process. He's not a career politician and does not feed off "donations" like e.g., Clintons did with their Foundation. This method seems to be difficult to reconcile and hence, the Trump Derangement Symptom ensues. But it's exhausting to follow the news, the amount of raw bile they're pouring on anything Trump says or does (or doesn't say/do) is just plain astonishing.
  15. jultorsk

    Some Musings on Gold

    @HawkHybrid my post was intended as a comment to the original post, nothing more. In particular OP stated: "Here's a picture of Total Gold ETF holdings (eg. GLD, world's largest gold ETF backed by real gold). Demand is very healthy in this perspective." You are correct in stating that "[GLD] may or may not own physical gold" - we are in full agreement. --- There's nothing in there about investors gaining more bullion by investing in GLD. "this is flawed. I buy a physical sovereign as an investment in gold the gold price goes up. do I get more bullion for being right" Correct, no you don't. In the article I linked the premise of the discussion is that SEC is worried some GLD investors may incorrectly assume that when they increase their holdings in GLD (say, they own x shares and then purchase y shares more), the Trust would respectively purchase more physical gold to the Trust's "vaults" to back up their increased fiat investment - so that their investment x+y would actually be reflected in the gold bullion total net asset value (NAV, inventory) of the Trust. This is not necessarily true. That's all I'm saying - not judging, not taking any sides one way or another, no investment advice. To quote from the linked article: "GLD and "gold" are exhibiting precisely the correct, the stated, the intended and expected relationship, perhaps better than any other ETF in the world, and entirely automatically (without the need for management). That is, GLD is tracking the price of "gold" more closely than any other gold ETF, and perhaps more closely than any other unmanaged ETF." --- Further: "I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, the reporters are getting it wrong when they equate outflows of gold from the ETFs with “sour” investor sentiment. What they need to work harder to understand is that these are NOT actively managed funds whose gold inventory is tweaked to ebb and flow based on public sentiment in the shares. Instead, the ETFs are more like a central coat-check room in which the various bullion banks have temporarily hung out their own inventories (i.e., meaning, their unallocated stock which they hold loosely on behalf of their depositors). And whereas the claim tickets (ETF shares) may freely circulate on the open market, any significant outflow of physical inventory is simply and primarily indicative of a bullion bank reclaiming the original inventory based on a heightened need or desire for physical metal in a tightening market — for example, to meet the demands emerging from Asia." --- Crude GLD Total Net Asset Value Ounces in the Trust chart I pulled today from http://www.spdrgoldshares.com/usa/historical-data/