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  1. Definitely the 2018. The 2019 border looks... artificial (for the lack of better word). Britannia herself looks glorious as ever, though
  2. jultorsk

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Must be the wurst coin ever...? 😄 https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/currywurst-coin
  3. jultorsk

    about goldsilver.be

    I'm here just for the entertainment. 🍿 I'll wager this will get on like a house on fire.
  4. jultorsk

    Royal Mint Issues for 2019?

  5. jultorsk

    Pamp silver regret

    The Roman goddess of prosperity is portrayed with all of her mythical attributes: Sheaves of wheat, poppies, Horn of Plenty aka "cornucopia", precious coins, and Wheel of Fortune. She is often depicted veiled. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortuna
  6. jultorsk

    One more Danish retirement stacker :-)

    Heja Scandinavia! Welcome to the forum and greetings from Australia.
  7. jultorsk

    Today I Received.....

    Three wonderful Xmas 🎅 Prize Draw treats from @PansPurse, with perfect timing too - many thanks!! 😊 Wishing all TSF members a wonderful and joyous Christmas! 🎁 ⭐ 🎄
  8. jultorsk

    This is about me

    Welcome to the forum, and +1 for the aptly chosen nic (Tron). 😄
  9. jultorsk

    U.S. Elections

    Even Jonathan Pie gets it...
  10. jultorsk

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    @MoralHazard is just joking... driving home the point with regards of OP...
  11. jultorsk

    Grand Solar Minimum

    https://www.eike-klima-energie.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Statement_for_Bundestag_Committee_Nov2018.pdf "Summary There is no direct evidence demonstrating that large CO variations cause large temperature variations. There is evidence for the opposite. The two arguments used by the IPCC to “prove” the catastrophic AGW picture are flawed—warming over the 20th century is not unique, while the claim that there is nothing else to explain the 20th century warming is simply wrong. There are many other pseudo-arguments which are simply irrelevant. This includes the often heard appeal to authority (the 97% claim) as well as arguments based on evidence for warming, which is not evidence for warming by humans. The sun has a large but ignored effect on the climate. With it, one obtains a consistent picture for 20th century climate change, one in which more than half of the 20th century is due to solar activity increase and in which climate sensitivity is low (and consistent with empirical data). The low climate sensitivity implies that future climate warming will be benign and within the goals set by the Copenhagen and Paris summits without having to take particular steps. One has to rethink how much resources we wish to spend on the problem which is much more benign than commonly believed."
  12. jultorsk

    withdrawn Gold Coins For Sale

    Yep that's funny, and that stock photo is actually of a 1976 Krug (not 1975)... 🙄 https://www.istockphoto.com/au/photos/jacus-krugerrand?phrase=jacus krugerrand&sort=best
  13. jultorsk

    What Does It Mean If A Coin Is A Privy Coin

    Well yes, there seems to be numerous individuals incl. Mr Hamer claiming / pointing out that the Titanic wreck has certain structural characteristics of the near-identical sister ship RMS Olympic - and that to him at least it would make logical sense that it all was an insurance fraud (and more importantly, potentially a cover-up for the murders of Guggenheim, Astor & Straus who were powerful opponents of creating the FED). And yes, there often is collateral damage when matters of such high value are at stake. This time the collateral damage was made worse, he claims, by the fact that the ship SS Californian which was supposed to rescue everyone (par the murdered ones) onboard, did not respond in a way it was originally planned. It certainly is an interesting theory. Bet James Cameron knows, as he's seen the wreck with his own eyes...
  14. jultorsk

    Help Identify this Coin...Please

    Yes it does look like a 6 Grossus Marienberg mint ("Ex-Capitol of Teutonic Knight's Order") but the year is in shadow and a bit difficult to read... 16xx something. Bit of history to boot: Sigismund III Vasa (also known as Sigismund III of Poland), was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, monarch of the united Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1587 to 1632, and King of Sweden (where he is known simply as Sigismund) from 1592 as a composite monarchy until he was deposed in 1599. He was the son of King John III of Sweden and his first wife, Catherine Jagellonica of Poland. Elected to the throne of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sigismund sought to create a personal union between the Commonwealth and Sweden (Polish-Swedish union), and succeeded for a time in 1592. After he had been deposed in 1599 from the Swedish throne by his uncle, Charles IX of Sweden, and a meeting of the Riksens ständer (Swedish Riksdag), he spent much of the rest of his life attempting to reclaim it. Shortly after his victory over his internal enemies, Sigismund took advantage of a period of civil unrest in Muscovy (known as the Time of Troubles) and invaded Russia, holding Moscow for two years (1610-12) and Smolensk thereafter. In 1617 the Polish-Swedish conflict, which had been interrupted by an armistice in 1611, broke out again. While Sigismund's army was also fighting Ottoman forces in Moldavia (1617-21), King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden (Charles IX's son) invaded Sigismund's lands, capturing Riga (1621) and seizing almost all of Polish Livonia. Sigismund, who concluded the Truce of Altmark with Sweden in 1629, never regained the Swedish crown. His Swedish wars resulted, moreover, in Poland's loss of Livonia and in a diminution of the kingdom's international prestige. 😊