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  1. A rather smokey 10oz PM vintage bar (type A) and a riot of early Kooks. 🇦🇺 😊
  2. Seems that's their story and they're sticking to it. Here's verbatim from another FOI answer by the Royal Mint: "Declaring production figures on these [bullion] coins has the potential to impact sales and falsely inflate the prices in the bullion market. For example, if the production figure is considered to be low then the product could be viewed as a rare/collectible item and in these cases many retailers increase their prices. This causes confusion as to the distinction between core bullion products and commemorative/collectible items. There is then the clear potential to negatively impact the end customer as they could end up paying more for a bullion product than its intrinsic value." I feel so blessed that RM, purely out of the kindness of heart I'm sure, so looks after me to prevent any foolish confusion and safeguards me from paying more than the fundamental value for their coins. 😁 🙏
  3. Week starts well with a bit of vintage Perth Mint silver 😊 🇦🇺
  4. Correct - the Australian "round fiddies" were issued only in 1966. Very popular even today - Stuart Devlin's (famed for 1990 Kookaburra and Australian circulating currency coins) Coat of Arms design has aged well. 🇦🇺 On the obverse Arnold Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
  5. Been lucky to have seen both Tarja and Floor Jansen live with Nightwish. Awesome band and top-notch performances on both occasions 🇫🇮 (Yes indeed, Floor wasted no time in getting headbanging on from the first song and continued throughout the gig. My neck hurt just from watching her go 😂 )
  6. E.g., ECB lists 'Gold and gold receivables' under "A1" (asset) on their consolidated balance sheet. I suppose it means something for Mr "Whatever It Takes". https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/annual/balance/html/index.en.html
  7. Wouldn't worry, sounds legit. SoA (Draper Mint) rounds are very cool and come in various designs, some are more sought ofter than others... e.g. this one mintage estimated less than 5'000 is quite nice imo!
  8. Nice photos! I grabbed a couple of these among a bit other things I got last year. The mintage is fairly big I think, 250'000 I saw quoted on Agaunews, so in my opinion there's a lot of them in existence... TBH I think the RCM 30th anniversary ones have garnered more interest in resale ads on forums, at least for now. Just my two cents I think they are interesting and so far mine have not spotted (knock on wood).
  9. I do like the design of the $10 Indian Head coin. The eagle is gorgeous. It is on my "must have some day" coin list as well. Pay no heed to negatives IMO - if it is an easy on the eye coin, you have not gone wrong. They are highly collectible coins and such a coveted design they have even copied to generic silver rounds. Looking at the USA stackers sales ads they always get snapped up quick, so you will likely encounter no difficulty liquidating it if you so would choose in the future. Enjoy your coin and if you'd like, post a pic of it for us to salivate on on the "Today I received" thread here and see how many likes you'll get! 😊 https://www.monacorarecoins.com/indian-head-gold/10-dollar-eagles/
  10. Hi and welcome to the forum! 🇦🇺
  11. @Marc might be able to give some pointers..
  12. I think it's really bada**. Much better than I dared to hope and I'll certainly buy. A winner, imo. 👍
  13. It was expensive but I ordered two ghosts - just because of the photo by @Frenchie..
  14. Two stunningly beautiful 2001 Britannias.. Many thanks to @sovereignsteve for sound advice. And to balance things out, a rather less serious 2009 RAM roo 😊