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  1. You'd get silver a hair below melt, so it's not a bad deal if you like Kennedys. They are quite liquid so you should be able to sell them easily if you wish to part with them someday in future.
  2. G’day - this is basically a ‘pre-sale’ ad in preparation for The Silver Forum Lounge on Saturday 1st February at the London Coin Fair. Frankly I’m not sure what coins to bring along to the Lounge, so figured I’d try this way to gauge general interest - and if no interest, I’ll just leave them silver at home and bring TimTams instead. 😊 If anything grabs your fancy please PM - you can pick-up at the Coin Fair, or you can opt to have any of these shipped as well (shipping will be on Friday 31st January - buyer pays postage). Payment in GBP to a GBP bank account, no worries. Multiples available of most, marked where only one available. Happy to provide more photos. Lunars 2011 S2 Rabbits 1 oz in mint roll of 20 - £470 per roll or half roll of 10 £240 2020 S3 Mice 1 oz half mint roll of 10 - £215, or individually £22 / ea Kooks 1990 Kookaburra 1 oz in air-tite capsule £37 / ea Bullion grade. These were originally purchased in PM ‘wallets’ (see pic) - placed in capsules to prevent/reduce toning which is most always occurring if they are in the non-airtight square caps or “au naturel”. Wallet included if requested. 1993 Kookaburra in Downies card £22 (faint purple toning on edge, one available) 1994 Kookaburra in Downies card £22 (one available) 2011 Kookaburra 1oz in original PM capsules £28 / ea Misc PM 2007 Koala 1 oz carded - £50 (one available, this is the first coin of Koala series) 2010 Australian Sea Life Series Clownfish 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin £25 (one available, COA 008) 2010 Koala 1 oz £22 (one available) 2017 Dragon & Phoenix 1 oz - £32 / ea RAM carded roos Coins, capsules and cards in excellent condition, plastic sleeves on some may exhibit signs of wear 1993, 1998, 2000 - 2004 £35 / ea 2006, 2010 £45 / ea Thanks for looking!
  3. Some info on Insta, FYI. https://www.pcgs.com/valueview/world-coins/2018-p-2-bald-eagle-piedfort-dog-privy/1583?sn=682024&h=pop
  4. Hm. Exact same prices for those sovs in the 2019 edition - but the BV disclaimer is "BV=Bullion value only (if gold price over £900 an ounce). Oh - 1866/5 DIE 17 only value in Fine is £325 in the 2019.
  5. jultorsk

    Gold import

    Hope it's not these guys... 🙄
  6. jultorsk

    Help please!

    ME = Lewis Mettayer? https://www.koopman.art/artistdetail/233040/lewis-mettayer
  7. "Don't panic" is a good way of looking at it I think...
  8. Xmas parcel arrived today all the way from California... Thank you @mr1030 for the three roaring dragons 🐉 🐲 🐉 and the surprise bonus Morgan! What a treat and a wonderful start of 2020, many thanks 👍
  9. Merry Christmas from Oz - along with a slightly inappropriate pic ('Tis time..) 🎄😁
  10. Seems to be for sale at 110EUR. 🧐 https://www.subito.it/hobby-collezionismo/5-oncie-di-genova-cristoforo-colombo-argento-999-rimini-322370936.htm
  11. Hoping to score one of these at the London Coin Fair then... 😀🇬🇧
  12. Indeed! Btw it's the 100th anniversary of Qantas next year... and an interesting (non-PM) coin set was just released to celebrate the flying kangaroo https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/qantas-centenary 🇦🇺✈️
  13. Not sure if I'll have much to sell, but I'd be keen to reserve half a table please 🇦🇺 edit: suggestions welcome - I promise I won't bring Vegemite but could bring e.g., some carded RAM roos...