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  1. A healthy mix of fractional gold (mostly sovereigns and francs) and some 1 oz coins mixed with some bars, is my way of spreading the risk. If I can pick up a sovereign or gold francs close to spot, I never hesitate. The fractional coins get a good premium on the secondary market, and will be more manageable if the gold price should go to the moon. My 100 g. bars will be much less liquid if only the market makers can afford them.
  2. Thanx y’all! It’s been fun so far.
  3. So.... Like many, I guess, I have been lured to the forum by backyardbullion and numistacker. Huge fan of both channels. I would consider myself a stacker, but I have acquired a very costly numismatic taste for fine coins... I have since began to trade some of my bullion’s for more semi numismatic and numismatic coins. I do love the historic touch of a century old coin. Anyway, looking forward to making your acquaintance!