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  1. Silverhawk

    Shopkeeper -Silver/Gold Trade - How'd I do?

    Thank you sixgun. The customer confided that he had purchased his silver stack years ago at an estate sale. A Dentist had passed away and he bought the rounds for $6.00 each. So he did okay too. He was happy when he left so all is well. Bet on Rickie Fowler to win the US Open.
  2. I am a shopkeeper. What do you think of this trade? Time of trade Gold is $1299.00 - Silver is $17.02. Guys walks in today with 120 silver rounds and 798 junk silver-Pre 65 quarters. He wants to turn his silver into gold American 1 oz Eagles. I did the trade but told him I need $200 cash as well which he agreed to. So I traded his 120 silver .999 rounds and 798 90% quarters and $200 cash for 3 modern gold 1 oz bullion American Eagles. I think I have the advantage considering the gold/silver ratio. What do you think? Would you have made the trade?
  3. Silverhawk

    End Game

    Hello. We see a lot out there about the importance of acquiring precious metals but exit planning talk is rare in comparison. Some are predicting 5k and even 10k gold. My question is where to sell at that price? Mom and Pop coin shops don't have that kind of dough. Will Apmex then buy collections at 5k-10k oz? Have we all kept our receipts to protect our capital gains? Also since gold and silver price seems manipulated, is this talk of skyrocketing metal price all BS hype put out by Gold/Silver companies to sell more coins? I've been noticing that the ones who keep talking about it are people like Peter Schiff and Lynette Zang etc who sell metals for a living. I am old enough to remember only twice where a significant spikes occurred. In1980 gold went to $800 and 2011 it went to $1800. So unless we have a truckload, all the time acquiring and storing etc isn't all that profitable compared to other investments. And I understand that many gold/silver guys do it as a hedge or as a way to protect their wealth but most guys I know do it dreaming of a Bitcoin type run that may never happen. Maybe Buffet is right.