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  1. I would use it please, I was thinking of taking their 7 day trial once all the game of thrones was up I did have this monthly but once you have watched everything you want its not worth it until you let a new set of things to watch build up.
  2. Tempting to buy some for that feeling! The one scrooge mcduck must feel when he goes swimming.
  3. I have a 1oz gold oriental border Britannia for sale. Bargain at £1025 delivered special delivery. Payment by bank transfer
  4. All sold as one lot pending payment. Thanks guys.
  5. I am being asked this allot so I will wait to see if there are any takers for the lot today and maybe split tomorrow if there is more interest.
  6. I wrote a script to help me with this, shows me details of my stack. http://hiddenpath.co.uk/ Use any username and password and it simply creates an account for use and 100% anonymous. The big thing I found using this is I wish I lepy track of what I paid for things early on.
  7. I want to use the funds for other investments so here for sale is 36oz of silver, 26oz 2oz queens beasts and a 10oz RMC cast bar. There are no milk spots on these coins and there in superb condition and surplus to my sets that I am keeping 10oz RMC Silver Cast Bar 2 x Queens beast Lion 1 x Griffin 1 x Unicorn 1 x Bull 1 x Falcon 7 x Dragon (2 not in capsules) Everything £675 including UK RM Special delivery. Payment by Bank Transfer.
  8. I can imagine, I recently sold a 50g gold bar here on the forums because even that was tiny in the form of a bar I am looking forward to seeing you make some though I think they will be very cool.
  9. Very nice, such a large amount of gold in one pour is out of my price range though so hopefully we will see some smaller ones in the future
  10. I'ts possible they are trying to minimise their own losses! (Just playing devils advocate) I am thinking of starting a youtube channel specifically targeting the silver marketplace and flipping due to my own circumstances running into issues with selling. I've been watching @Nubiestacker videos for a while because its very interesting to see the numi side of things and just before I got here I was watching @StackerNoob videos and wish I had some of that information when I started stacking but minimising losses will mean trying to get closer to what you paid.
  11. No, they want to take as much money as they can to service that debt we asked them to take on. Oh wait...
  12. With eBay and PayPal records they will have the data that most of us spend way more that their sales (like me) so its fairly obvious if its a hobby.
  13. Well that concludes this crowd is not wise Congrats @P3T3R
  14. Its just Javascript, in chrome open inspector, click the console tab and you can just copy/type into the console and have javascript run in place. Saves my creating scripts or compiling code for quick stuff like this.