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  1. As with anything made illegal a black market pops up. Gold/Silver would be illegal but there would be a black market exchange rate. Dealers would have to shut down because the black market would be where the trade is done.
  2. It looks great but I would never buy this. I stopped with the lunar set because the designs were terrible. I am not picking this up because I am NEVER going back and picking up the other terrible coins. The damage has been done, I may be interested if they start series 2 with the nice designs but series 1 had its chance and blew it.
  3. I didnt have any delay with my coin from you but being a forum member I am aware of some that have. I just want to say its nice to see a company grab the bull by the horns so to speak and directly address faults and a very generous compensation offer to boot. It will be interesting to see how attitudes change in the coming weeks but this post certainly makes you an attractive company to deal with. Other companies who I wont mention are gaining a reputation for their direct lack of customer service. It does not go unnoticed, kudos to you.
  4. I wont likely be cheap because they will have to send it off but a quote is free. Timpson in the UK there are loads all over I have a watch that needs to be sent off for a battery change due to the glass having to come out and a 22ct gold case thats easy to scratch. They insure it for the value stated so its covered but anything sentimental you may not want to send off.
  5. interesting story but I could not find any information about its usage. Fees, can you use the hole in the wall to draw out fiat currency etc. IIRK Jim Rickards has been saying this has been coming for a long while although I think his example was China Just not enough information there for me to sign up but I like the idea, its effectively a gold & silver standard combined.
  6. I've purchased additional 1/4oz queens beast in case the premiums start to rise with the spot price. Then If I need to I can just buy the cheapest 1oz gold bullion in september and trade an older queens beast for the new one. Thats the theory anyway.
  7. *SOLD* Here I have a 1/4ox Maple purchased from atkinsons last year when I started to acquire gold coins for my stack. Offered at spot (£281.46) + postage of your choosing although I would always recommend special delivery. Sorry for the second photo gold cons are a pain to photograph from a phone I can try taking more on request. Sold at spot as bullion but its better than that. Payment by bank transfer only please
  8. Guybrush

    Gold bug coin

    Didnt know exactly where to put this because its gold and silver but considering the price its more into the gold price range hence gold https://hotco.co/collections/roman-booteen/products/gold-bug?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJ3YXluZS5qb3JkYW5AbGl2ZS5jby51ayIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIlBHbmVwYSJ9 I am considering one of these, are they gradable? 999 made
  9. Haha sods law, I took this off line a couple of weeks ago simply because the only person using it was me. It was just a web UI to keep track of prices (Premiums) and your stack with price paid and profit/loss per coin. It would seem the consensus is to use a spread sheet though. I took it down because I am not buying PMS at the min (Looking at building more whiskey bottles up ATM) so its not required to be running, honestly as I was the only one using it I dont know when or it I will put it live to the open internet again.
  10. Haha scumbags natwest, my mortgage is with them and I do the over payment monthly. Because you have paid in a lump sum this way they will "recalculate" the mortgage and reduce the monthly payment. If you overpay monthly (Increase what you pay) they will always keep the min payment the same. I overpay every month and actually wanted them to "recalculate" and I would then up my standing order by the reduction amount. They wouldn't do it unless I stop over paying and manually make the over payment every month. Scumbags, every trick possible to make overpaying as awkward as possible.
  11. If I want to gift silver I buy these, my stack does not contain any.
  12. Glad it ended OK for you, personally I think Atkinsons should have done more here, if you lost the price increase in spot they should have covered that too. After all that's why you purchase it, the premium you pay is after spot.