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  1. Thanks guys, this is now completed because I am no longer shipping for the reset of year. Orders in progress will be shipped today. Thanks again everyone.
  2. I was going to set up a site documenting mintages and a blog about my stack. Never had enough time with it though so didnt bother.
  3. Bump This is the last week I will be posting out because I dont want to have an additional work load over xmas The thread will be marked completed on Friday.
  4. Hi Welcome to the forum. I invest in trading card games (MTG) but like all my non PM investments (Whiskey, video games) if they go to zero I invite friends round ,have a good drink and play/use them
  5. This does not surprise me, I used P2P, up to 2018 no issues but in 2018 I noticed a massive increase in defaults. To be clear I used a platform then lent against property and I only ever invested in loads with an LTV of 60% or less. I figured that if more defaults was taking place against loans that have a good LTV there really wasnt any reason for the defaults (After all if things was that bad sell the property and clear it off) Anyway that caused me to start pulling cash out, I now only have maybe £150 left in on loans they are trying to recover. Pah if they dont, I dont care they can keep it. But if 2019 had any following from 2018 there will be a lot of investors wishing they had pulled.
  6. Guybrush


    I have a few of these, £23 plus postage of your choosing you can have one either in a slab or just a capsule. Thanks @KitboyE17
  7. Is it because if the earth was flat a youtuber would have posted a video of their cell phone being thrown off the edge by now!
  8. When taking the photos I was going to move all my none sealed tube silver but my partner changed my mind so items in the photo but not listed in the prices are not for sale. I will however consider them if anyone wants to trade sealed tubes. Sorry for any confusion I've updated the main post.
  9. Hi All, 2019 has been an interesting year for me and now 5 years into my stack everything is very different from when I first started. I've since added gold to my stack and have decided that my silver stack shall only consist of sealed tubes, rolls etc so a large portion of my loose coins are up for grabs. Some are slabbed from when I was thinking about setting up a blog website and youtube channel about stacking but I simply didnt have time to do anything with it so some are slabbed, some in capsules and some in baggies. I checked around on prices and I think they are reasonable, I am open to offers for larger quantities only (This is one of the reasons for the switch to sealed tubes/rolls as I dont really want to be spending time posting out individual items at a time when I have to liquidate, currently I dont have to so I will ship out the single items but in future I only want to have sealed mint tubes etc to sell) Anything in the photos but not listed with a price isnt for sale and is remaining in my stack. They are there because I was going to move all none sealed tubes on and when taking the photos everything was in one locatio so it was easier to use the photos with them in still. Anyway here is the list, also this is a for sale or exchange topic, thats because I will consider trades for sealed tubes/rolls of coins Payment by bank transfer, prices dont include postage. Add postage however you want them sending. There may be marks on the coins, I havent inspected them under a loupe but at a quick glance these all look great. I have 3 Krugerrands and an elephant I have removed due to obvious marks/spotting 1oz double dragon (2 available, 1 slabbed) £22 1oz Iron Man (4 available) £21 1oz 2018 Krugerand (2 available, 2 slabbed ALL SOLD) £19 1oz 2018 britannia (3 1 available, 1 slabbed) £17 SOLD 1oz Landmarks Big Ben (8 available, 5 slabbed) £23 1oz UK year of the sheep (15 13 available, 10 slabbed) £19 1oz UK year of the monkey (10 available, 1 slabbed) £19 1oz Darth Vader 2017 (9 available, 9 slabbed) £22 1oz 2018 Somalia Elephant (15 available) £18 1oz 2018 Dragon bar (15 13 available) £20
  10. I will take the remaining please PM'ed Set and 1 notes