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  1. Guybrush

    Capital gains tax on Queen's Beasts, a red herring?

    Yeah I see your point, I am only starting to think about it because of brexit, if this becomes a crash out I would move to gold (Like most I guess) and that only takes just over 10oz at spot price to start hitting your allowance for none UK coins.
  2. Guybrush

    Capital gains tax on Queen's Beasts, a red herring?

    Yeah everything I am finding on the HMRC site points to my thinking being wrong, regardless of what the spot price is.
  3. Guybrush

    Capital gains tax on Queen's Beasts, a red herring?

    I guess the real question is what, if anything does the spot price have to do with it when selling. Or can I buy a 1oz gold brit now, then have a rich friend give me £11,700 for it tomorrow! (Well any amount really, its CGT free) Thankfully its just me being curious as I wont ever need to worry about CGT anyway
  4. Guybrush

    Capital gains tax on Queen's Beasts, a red herring?

    Thats what I thought but I am sure I read sometime ago that numismatic value (IE premiums are not covered) Its this part of CGT that makes me wonder. https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax/market-value I think HMRC will have market values at spot price on these coins.
  5. Hi all, Perhaps someone here can confirm my thinking (Or correct me if I am wrong) CGT in the UK covers the first £10,000 of capital gains on your CGT free silver (And gold) bullion. That's all well and good but its my understanding this only covers metal content and the price of it. Therefore premiums are not CGT free. Is my understanding correct. If I have say one 2oz lion and silver goes up to 5000 per ounce I can sell 1 coin and not pay any CGT at 10000. But if silver went to 2500 per ounce and the premium was 2500 I would have to pay tax on the 5000 premium? (Obviously all numbers are made up to try and make the example easier to understand) It seems that CGT is thrown around on UK coins but nobody mentions how premiums are not covered in this. Now I dont have enough to ever care about CGT but it looks like its a CGT part that is always overlooked or is my understanding just wrong? I also use queens beasts as an example because they are the ones that are likely to have higher premiums in the years to come as opposed to generic Britannia coins
  6. Guybrush

    Taking bars out of sealed packaging?

    Its a fair question, the value as bullion will always be that, regardless of if you keep it in its packaging or not. I had a couple of RMC bars and I opened one to handle and put my grubby mitts on and kept the other sealed. It turns out RMC went into bankruptcy so they wont make these bars any more meaning the sealed packaging may now have value for collectors of old bars (Need to wait some years first) Anyway basically what I did was open one to handle and keep the others sealed.
  7. Some waiting to throw in, the rest of my change goes in here. You could make a 5p floor with all those.
  8. Natwest coin counters will take em all! I had a 1ltr whiskey bottle that I filled up, the goal was fill it with 5ps and then with my massive amount of cash buy a nice bottle of whiskey I was after. To my massive disappointment a 1ltr bottle of 5ps holds about £75, the bottle I wanted was £250 5ps suck, now I just throw them in a draw with the coppers.
  9. Guybrush

    New here

    Welcome Greg. More specifically dont pay UK VAT For smaller orders I can highly recommend https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ as I have used them on more than one occasion myself. There is also a group order that the forums make through @BackyardBullion I havent got involved in that one myself yet but I will be looking at the next one.
  10. Guybrush

    Mr-Deads Christmas Tree Unveiled !!

    I just want to swing a couple of bowling balls at it!
  11. Guybrush


    Welcome to the forums Phil. bit of a newbie myself but everyone here has been friendly and helpful and the knowledge in the forums is extremely useful
  12. I've just got my first usable piece of hand poured silver with yesterdays pour Its not for trade because its "MY" first piece Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, your vids on youtube was what got me here and inspired me to start pouring. When I get a bit better with my pours I would love to trade something with you.
  13. Guybrush

    My first silver pour - casting

    To be honest its frustrating all the way through, it came out when I was mid teens so me and my mate had plenty of time on our hands. I don't remember completing any of them though but old Guybrush deserved to become a pirate after all the work he put in.
  14. Guybrush

    My first silver pour - casting

    Indeed, how I learnt everything I need to know about pirates 😁
  15. Guybrush

    My first silver pour - casting

    Well everyone who has been stacking silver for some time has those few pieces they leave out to play with. For me its a 5oz RMC bar and a dragon bar, I wanted to start making some of my generic silver have more of a use so this as well as being something to sit on my desk actually has a use for me while sat there. Its not my first attempt at pouring, this is just the first thing successfully cast to be usable after many (Really, many) attempts.