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  1. If I want to gift silver I buy these, my stack does not contain any.
  2. Glad it ended OK for you, personally I think Atkinsons should have done more here, if you lost the price increase in spot they should have covered that too. After all that's why you purchase it, the premium you pay is after spot.
  3. I intended to grade this but looking through a 30x loupe (I think its 30x) there are little shiny specs where there isn't enough matt. They are tiny and the coin looks awesome but I want to only have pf/ms70 graded coins and I am unsure if it will get the high grade. I know what these have been selling for and I will let it go to someone on the forum for £725 inc RMSD Payment by bank transfer
  4. This is really bad for atkinsons, as a trusted dealer I have always relied on them not providing fake/restrike coins. I will certainly be checking everything in more details from now on!
  5. Yes, thanks for posting them I could not get a good shot of them no matter how hard I tried on my phone. You can see the lettering does not completely have the "matt" finish and I can see a couple of specs on the horse, sword and the dragon. I dont know if this is common across all the coins though.
  6. I've just rang them and of course they dont have replacements available. Basically said I can ring head office on Monday and they will refund it. I am going to just send for grading and at least learn something from it, as its my first coin I've purchased for grading I will know for next time if I send it off. If I dont send it I wont know for next time so I think I am going to just have to throw myself in the deep end and learn to swim
  7. That is certainly a possibility and your bang on about how I feel about it. I am going to send to numi for grading anyway and I will keep this post updated when I get it back. At least it will help others know if its paranoia or justified concerns.
  8. Its not an error because its matted just some edges are not and there are white specs. I think I am going to just send to @Numistacker and see what happens. The worst that can happen is I learn something because me personally would not give this coin a 69 or a 70 but I've never graded a coin before so I an a noob. (For some context I am a video game collector and ex CCG collector so maybe I am being to picky)
  9. Thanks @Kman thats very helpful because mine looks like that and the areas where I see shine instead of matt seems to have the same parts reflected on yours too so I expect its because its under a loupe. Its annoying because no matter how hard I try I cannot get a good picture to show the specs or the full matt.
  10. Does it look the same on the back? Some of the letters on mine dont have any matt at all I will post a pic if I can get a good one
  11. As it stands mine is not going to get a 70 so I think I will be moving it on shame because I want to start building up a graded collection but I am not going to grade unless there is a chance of a 70 grade.
  12. You need a loupe to see it but looking at the queen side there are some letters that hardly have any "matt" at all.
  13. its 10x IIRK I've posted an image above but I dont think I am able to get a good one to show the extent because I am a photo noob!