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  1. Marc

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Your opinion is respected (by myself) and as long as yuo do not go on a hate rampage against people for wanting to make money or for bad grammar then I think you can say what you like. It is when people use tools like youtube to produce hate content against others that have views they do not agree with, then i have issues with that kind of backward degenerate thinking. Also just one correction, the 50 pence coin you are referring to is actually 15.5g of .22K gold so AGW is just over 14g of pure gold. If you know anything about marketing and design you will appreciate how much work goes into putting a coin like that out there considering it only has a mintage of 400. I do not begrudge the Royal Mint charging what they do, we all have a choice to either buy or not buy and people who are opportunistic and buy for flipping, well why not as long as others have an equal chance of purchasing. I bought my one from Coin connection and i paid just under £900 which I thought was a fair premium. I certainly think it was a more intelligent choice than the Diane Abbot Grufallo Coin.
  2. Marc

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    How do you know that? Once again another shortstack going on about how others mark up prices. If you do not agree just ignore them rather than belittle them for wanting to make a profit. Pardon me for wanting to run a business. It is telling who likes your post.
  3. Marc

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    This is absolutely correct, why is it that people want to inflict negativity on others just because they want to turn a margin? You have the option of just not buying from them rather than bitching about it. This is what got that idiot Shortstacks banned since he was full of hate against many and went on a rampage (supported by a few of his merry minions) against people he did not agree with. If you do not like the price people are selling things for or if you do not like people offering services for financial gain, just ignore them rather than going on a hate campaign against them.
  4. Hi There, I will take the 1911 proof please
  5. Hi Thomas, I have a queens beast but it is a 69 NGC but yuo can have it for £450 if yuo like. I had the 1989 half sov PF70 but sold for £500 to a freind and the 2005 double was sold for £1,350 to a silkver forum member. Just giving yuo an idea of pricing. Marc
  6. 1859 Victoria Young Head Shield Back sovereign London Mint. No die number. Rated as Rare. Sorry that the price is about double melt and may not appeal to many but this is considered a numismatic collectible coin and thus commands a premium. I have priced it at less than a modern 2012 sovereign proof is commanding and personally I think this is a much more historical and collectable coin, but what do i know? Mintage 1,547,603. 7 in this grade and 23 graded higher. NGC Cert # 2822035-003 https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2822035-003/53/ Weight (grams): 7.98 Pure gold content (grams): 7.315 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: Diameter: 22.05 mm Price £499 plus £5 Postage
  7. When has anyone actually said this? Since a certain member has been expelled for inappropriate hate comments and his friends warned not to comment on peoples posts, people have been tip top polite in every instance. Can you please let me know what comment you are referring to?
  8. 2017 1oz gold proof Queens Beast red Dragon NGC PF70Dcam including shipping £1,895.
  9. Three 2019 50 pence culture proof mint sets arrived today but i only need one so two for sale at £270 each. I bought them in Japan so paid a premium and shipping is included.
  10. Does any one have a 1997 Gibraltar £2 Una and the lion gold for sale? Thank you
  11. 1/4oz gold proof queens beasts (lion PF69, Bull PF70 and Unicorn PF70). All NGC slabbed. £1,500 for all 3 coins. Ok to split @ £600 each Plus postage of £5
  12. Hi Richard, Thanks for the kind words. I actually bought that coin at a show in Tokyo but then i found another one (NGC PC67) on this forum so upgraded and am very happy to let you have it at the price I paid (Which i thought was a bargain). Am glad you are happy with it. I am certainly happy with my replacement. They are nice coins and it is amazing that some of the newer issues are selling for nearly the same price as a historical piece of history that is over 80 years old. Same with the 1817 half sov (I have two one is NGC 62 nd NGC 64). These coins of course all pale in comparison to a coin like the 3 graces which came up recently and which I had the pleasure to bid on (but lost). What a coin that was.
  13. Hello Paul, How are you? I have 2 of the Piedfords one is PCGS PR70 2017 and the other is the same but is being sent by Numi to NGC for cross grading. You are welcome to either one. They both have boxes and certs. You can have either one for £1,199
  14. Paul, so sorry, i just realized that the one I had was just sold at a show here in Osaka this morning. I gave to my freind who has a table and it was sold for ¥560,000 which was a very strong price. So sorry.