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  1. Marc

    2019 Korea Gold Tiger 1oz

    most people on the site do not seem interested in Animal themed godl coins unles they are at melt or below. I have several animal gold coins and have posted on the SF for sale and no interest whatsoever. I think unless yuo post at Melt or below on the SF most people (there are a few that apprecaite quality coins) do not want to buy no matter how beautiful the coin is or whatever the numismatic value is. I think all my animal golds are nice but no interest whatsoever and I am not prepared to sell at melt. The Sierra Leone coin which is a nice grade and 27g of gold, I listed for £950 and no interest whatsoever. I tink this forum is more designed for bullion type coins.
  2. Yes that is a 100% fake, yuo can actaully tell by the colour of the coin, the engravers initialls being to far off her neck and the rid is wierd but also the label is a dead giveaway, it just looks nasty. They tend to counterfeit these 1 ounce coins rather than the numismatic coins since people check carefully numismatic items but for standard bullion coins they really do not check and anyway why would anyone slab a bullion coin anyway. There is a strong chance the seller did not know it was fake and just trusted the slab. My freind who is a coin dealer for 40 years bought 2 fake Oz gold coins at an auction and he could see the coins and thought they were ok. Must be very careful, the chinese counterfeiters are screwing it all up for everyone. If yuo have any doubt walk away or buy from somone that yuo know will take it back if it is found to be a fake.
  3. Richard I have a pretty nice half sov 1887 Jubilee head for sale PCGS PR63+ I just upgraded to a PR65 so this can go. Personally this one look as nice as the 65cameo
  4. Withdrawn. This coins is currently in UK and being brought to the UK by Numi and then he will send to me in Japan where I have a buyer for it so unless anyone buys this before sunday it will be taken down and sent to japan and another one will bite the dust. George III gold Guinea 1776 AU55 NGC, Royal mint, KM604, S-3728. This is a more than adequate example and was issued in the year of US independance. £1750
  5. SOLD A rare chance to buy my two South Africa Proof Set 1952 and 1953 set that consist of 11 coins as follows: Gold Pound (sovereing size), Half Pound (Half sovereing size) Crown to Farthing nFDC-FDC some toning, in the SAM original blue box of issue. These two sets have a total of 1.5 sovereigns per box all proofs plus the silver proofs and the original boxes. If anyone wants more detailed pictures please ask. cost £990 for both sets plus £14 postage. These rarely come up and considering a proof sovereing costs approx 265 pounds so yuo are getting the silver coins and case for under 100 pounds each. Please understand that these sets are in japan and will be sent to my freind for distributon form the UK so delivery will be about 10 days.
  6. you would be if yuo were stuck in a capsule since birth.
  7. Hey they look great and did you notie the condiiton, they are basically mint condition. Not bad for a 40 year old coin at almost melt.
  8. My pleasure, it certainly is a beautiful coin. Next step is to get this this set. PCGS PR66/68/69 great grades.
  9. I have some gold african coins for sale. All graded NGC. 2019 Rwanda Year of the this wonderful animla the Pig in gold MS69. The birth year of the Pig are in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019. Obverse: Features a beautiful pig in a geometric pattern with a rimless finish Reverse: Rwanda effigy with a legal tender value. 2018 Somalia Elephant gold privy coin NGC MS68 2018 Rwanda Year of the Dog (another favourite animal of mine, not as much as pigs but nealty as cute), Gold PRoof mintage 188 1oz pure Gold BU. ngc ms70. The birth year of the Dog are in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018. Obverse: Features a Dog in a geometric pattern with a rimless finish Reverse: Rwanda effigy with a legal tender value of 100 Francs. All 3 for £4,900
  10. 1804 George III half guinea NGC au55 £650 S-3737, KM651, 7th laureate Head, look at the pictures and yuo will see a bold strike, perfectly centered with high rims, lustrous with gorgeous gold color. The nicerst I have seen (this is the only one I have seen). About the same price as a 2016 modern proof butler design sovereign an dthis is over 200 years old. In the UK for easy postage which is included.
  11. 1923 South Africa 8 coin silver proof set all PCGS graded (mintage 850) 2-1/2 shilling PF64, Florin (2 shilling) PF64, Shilling PF64, 6d PF65, 3d PF63, 1D 63, 1/2d 63, 1/4d PF64 plus 1923 South africa half-sovereign NGC PF64 with original Mappin & Webb 8 coin case. This is a rare hard to find set. The half-alone went for over £1,800 some time ago on Auction. Does not include the NGC half penny in the picture below. That is extra. Price £2,800
  12. Victoria Proof Gothic Crown 1847 PR45 NGC KM744. A Proof only issue, with this example having been used as a pocket piece for some time and considered one of the world's most beautiful coin types. I recently submitted to Numi for grading and it came back a PF45 which is not bad for a circulated coin which is over 170 year old. Priced to sell at £2,195 or will consider an exchange. Coin is with Numi in the UK so delivery can be quick. Postage included.
  13. Price reduction to: £1,299 In 1983, the Royal Mint issued the first One pound coin, featuring the Royal Arms. Since then the design of our pound coin, has featured, bridges, cities and national emblems of the United Kingdom. 2016 marks the end of an era in Britain's coinage. As The Royal Mint issues this last Gold Proof 'round pound' depicting four heraldic beast's which symbolise the the four countries which make up the United Kingdom. In it's place a new 12 sided pound coin will enter into circulation from March 2017. Price: £1,399 Metal: 22 carat Gold Denomination: One Pound Diameter: 22.50 mm Weight: 19.619 Grams Quality: Proof As a bonus will include the matching silver proof coin (ungraded) with box and certificate. Postage included.