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  1. My pleasure and no problem at all.
  2. Hi Kneehow, I checked the £5 sized airtight capsules that i have and I have a variety of similar sizes some made by differnt mints of coins i bought and sent for grading. The sizes look the same to the naked eye but they vary in diameter and thickness. I took the ones that I thought would be best best match for yuo and put 4 aside for yuo and to make sure i measure the outside and inside diameter for yuo. Inside is 41.3mm and outside is 44.6mm Is this acceptable. Pictures attached.If ok I will ask my friend who is also a silver forum member, to take them to the uk and put in the post for yuo. no money necessary happy to help. if they are not the exact size let me know exact sizes and i will check the other capsules. Sorry for the dealy in getting back to yuo, i was outside of Tokyo.
  3. Thanks mike and sorry u could not keep it but gettin a classic car is a great excuse for selling stuff. I have been driving mine in Tokyo fo over 30 years and not a single scratch touch wood. Enjoy your new car a little more functional than coins
  4. I have some that yuo can have. I will pass to my freind to send to yuo when he leave for the UK. May be a few weeks.
  5. I generally do not collect very old silver coins but this was a bargain price from Jay Numimatics and is a 1638-1639 Charles I 6 Pence ND, Tower mint (anchor mint), S-260, KM180. I got it graded a disappointing XF45 NGC becasue i felt it would get a higher grade. It is still the highest ever graded with non higher and only 2 at this grade. i have managed to find another one which looks even better but it quite a bit more so this one can go to finance the new one. I would entertain any offer over £350 plus postage. I am not sure how to price this one so I am just adding 10% over what i paid for it which will cover my grading and postage. Thanks.
  6. Mike, WOW what a shame yuo need the money becasue yuo are selling a lovely set. I will check my finances and get back to you.
  7. Amazing that not more people are given warning points since this answer is just not useful at all and a pathetic attempt at trying to be funny which should be met with contempt. I will attempt to answer the question in a professional way worthy of this forum. 1989 haf sov is a key type of sov and very collectable. They range from £250 to £500 depending if graded or not and the actauly grade. If not graded having a box and coa also makes a difference as well as the condition. Another chap I will add to my blocked list.
  8. Ok thanks, I will just hang onto them in that case since that is too cheap and they may sell for more later.
  9. I have a couple for 285 ngc 69 if interested plus postage.
  10. Hi there I have a few 2017 full sovereign NGC 70 but I paid £800 for mine plus grading. If you can get one for £650 I would be very surprised but I wish you luck. I hope they have not dropped so low since I bought so many of them and had them graded.
  11. Actaully I sumbitted 5 sets for grading but only got results on the 2 x 3 coin sets and both the same grades 70/70/69. I am waiting for the results on the other 3 and 4 coin sets. I have one more ungraded set in Japan that I am also considering grading but may keep as raw.
  12. I just got my results back from my 1989 3 coin set from Numi and it was 70/70 and 69 (for the half). You can have the £2 and £1 NGC 70's for £2,600 and I will include the box and postage. If yuo want the half as well then yuo can have that for an extra 250 pounds.
  13. Archie, whatever they are, no mistake they look great and a chunk of silver. I bought 2 Britannia silver statues the other day and they are fantastic to look at. Why don't you decide a price and just let people ponder if they are for them or not. SOmetimes people buy what they like and not the provenience of the item. I would think they have to be worth $2,000 plus each but I have no idea. You have not listed weight and exact dimentions and these are easy to check things so it is not a suprise that no other information is listed about the item. What are yuor plans with them or are they like a woman showing off her cleavage, ok to look but not to have.