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  1. Diana sealed £5 sets. 6 of these were sent from the royal mint to the Angol-japan Philatelic society in japan made made into commemorative packs. They are sealed and never been opened. Another 3 of them are in a more elaborate pack with a presentation booklet and 2 of them sealed and one opened. A total of 9 x £5 coin in Unique packs. Start bidding at £45 (face value of the coins). Shipping £10. If anyone want to buy outright then cost is £150 including shipping.
  2. Marc

    for sale Wooden Boxes for Queen's Beast Series

    By any chance do yuo make the inserts to accept graded NGC and PCGS graded queens beasts and if so shipping to Japan cost.
  3. Excellent idea Harry. Will try that next time. It did include the box, certificate and 3 empty capsules and free postage to ANYWHERE.
  4. Marc

    Today I Received

    That is a nice coin. I know you said you already sold your surplus but if you have any for sale please let me know. I bought the gold Rooster and the Dog 1oz and looking forward to getting the 1oz pig. Such a beautiful animal, I wish they would make it part of the queens beasts series. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Two NGC XF45 graded rather scarce and difficult to source 1829 and 1831 sovereigns for £3,000 or will consider a swap for a 2018 Somalian Elephant Privy gold 1oz. 1929 George IV (Bare Head) Sovereign. Mintage 2,244,652. The obverse design is by William Wyon and the reverse by Jean Baptiste Merlen . Spink Ref: 3801. Marsh: 14 1931 William IV Sovereign. Mintage 598,548. The obverse design is by William Wyon and the reverse by Jean Baptiste Merlen . Spink Ref: 3829/a/b. Marsh: 16 Coins are in the UK.
  6. Marc

    completed Rwanda Lunar Pig Silver Proof

    Someone got a bargain, but thanks very much for letting us know. Kind regards, Marc
  7. It may be difficult to get, I think Pig coins are unbeleivably popular with English people. I mean Bacon is almost the national dish of the UK so Pig coins will probably be equally popular. If I order one I will give you a head up.
  8. Marc

    completed Rwanda Lunar Pig Silver Proof

    Hello, may I take the other one please. Prefered payment by bank transfer, if yuo are OK can it be posted to Japan?
  9. For sure I will get that Pig coin. Any coin associated with Pigs is plus in my book and make them very collectable and desirable.
  10. I will ascertain that your "HUH" is a replacement for a real inquiry, so let me make myself perfectly clear. I would like to know what your final want price is for the 2018 elephant privy coin. To eliminate any further HUH's I will repeat my question: So it is 40 pound more expensive than the first one you adversed. How much is the actual price. Thank you.
  11. what issue???? Please answer the question.
  12. So it is 40 pound more expenisve than the first one yuo adversed. How much is the actual price.
  13. Please let me know when you plan to put up some pieces or mail me since it is now 8pm so I may be asleep by the time you list and may miss out.