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  1. Thanks Richard and thanks for the flexibility in sending to Japan. There are many coins I want to buy but for some reason a few people do not want to write a Japanese address so I cannot even attempt to buy them since UK sales only.
  2. Hi Thomas78 very interested, how about £1,800?
  3. Shylock, would appreciate it if you do not hijack my post and of you want one just make your own posting.
  4. 1887 half sovereign proof PCGS PR63+Dcam Mintage:797. An exceptionally beautiful coin and if take a chance may jump with NGC. £2,300
  5. 1989 £5 great grade PF70Ucam £5,250. Postage included. Coin with numi so local postage from uk.
  6. Rwanda 1oz gold BU lunar coins wanted. Rooster and rat wanted. Thanks.
  7. Not got any of the small coins but have a nice 1989 £5 PF70Ucam if yuor interested.
  8. May I ask what this scratch mark is? Is it on the capsule or on the coin? Also does it come with box and coa?
  9. Sell for more on the Forum HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Same chance as Diana Abbot becoming Chancellor and David Lammy becoming PM.
  10. I prefer to keep the prices intact but some people who buy request the price be removed. I noticed that some dealers websites once sold they remove the price. This is why I like London coins since the historical sold prices are really good reference. However in the case of yuor cheap as chips sov, I am happy that I got it so well priced and if anyone else wants quick money with instant payment just offer me coins like this. 1957 was my birth year so now I have 17 of these sov with the higest graded at 65. If anyone has a 66 or higher please let me know.
  11. 1937 £5 NGC PF63Dcam. £8,500
  12. I have a couple for sale PF66* and PF67 both cameo. See attached. WHat is yuor budget? I also have a few 5P PF63cameo.
  13. Come on chaps. This set sold over 2 years ago at London coins with BP for £1,989 and that was when gold was lower.
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