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  1. I have a 1989 4 coin set all graded 70’s if you are interested.
  2. Here you are: 1928SA sovereign NGC AU58 #4866457-005. If yuo have an interest please PM me. If you prefer ungraded i can always remove from the slab.
  3. I have a 1928SA sovereign NGC AU58 graded sovereing if yuo are interested
  4. Marc

    wanted Sigma

    Yes that is about right. I paid a total of $693 including a few bottles of MS70 and postage. I did not have to pay any tax. That is about the same as buying 4 Kimura melons so I think the Sigma is excellent value and will probably last longer.
  5. Marc

    wanted Sigma

    I have had a few of these devices and they are pretty cheap considering the peace of mind they give you when buying and/or selling coins. (I once sold a fake oz gold coin to a forum member and I felt terrible and it was slabbed. Luckily for me he was a friend and I gave him a full refund but the chap I bought it from was not as generous to me) .Unfortunately at every show I have attended people have asked to buy it after seeing how easy it is to use and how effective it is so I have to keep renewing my orders. (I found a few fakes because of it). I do not recommend the pro since it cannot read thru slabs. Also you should get the optional wands for smaller coins. There are now too many fakes and even fake slabbed coins, I found 4 due to this device and although I do not use that often, for the price of a nice dinner it is well worth it and i recommend one for everyone. I wrote about this before so you may be able to see my archived comments but i am not a reseller and these are just my opinions so take them as you wish but i am not going to engage in any conversation regrading how good or bad this device is, the comments i am making is to help people not to engage in any arguments with people who do not agree with me or who want to make comments about my English grammar.
  6. All Sold. Not on the SF unfortunately but a Chinese buyer at the Osaka JDNA show bought all of them as one lot. I was pretty suprised so i must have priced them well. I was expecting to maybe sell a few but not all of them. Glad they are gone, tied up a lot of cash I have some 12oz pure gold pandas (assorted dates) with purity of .9999. £14,650 each and anyone buying 3 or more can get a 0.5% discount. These are basically bullion coins and there are some scratches but still they are lovely coins. Payment in advance and please allow for 2 weeks for delivery.
  7. 1923 South Africa proof sovereign NGC PF62.
  8. I am actaully ok for now having bought about 7 additional sets but of course I am always looking for sets if they are not too much above melt but for now I am OK. The last set i got from Arashi was a 2013 5 coin britannia set that was really nice. As for the smaller 1/10th I have about 20 of them in boxes with coa so I do not need anymore of them. Many thanks for responding.
  9. Thanks for the pictures and the info. It is a little too much but a lovely set. I was hoping for just a few % above spot if possible.
  10. Yes always looking for nice examples.
  11. I love these African themed coins and have a lot of them but they are just for collecting and not for making money since they are difficult to sell much above melt and althought beautiful not many people are so interested in African themed animal coins. They are all minted in Germany and I dout any have ever been to the county they represent (except the Sth African ones) I would say if you can get 5% above melt then take it. I have a few doubles that I am looking to sell as follows.
  12. Well I am no tthe X Prime Monister of Japan, Mr Mori and I am not The X Sth African Ambassador to japan and i certainly am not dressed as a lady.
  13. I 100% agree and as I mentioned i would buy it in a heartbeat if i did not submit one for grading. Even thought I submitted for grading I am still considering to buy it
  14. Mark, from your reaction i am assuming you received some asinine comment from someone that i have on my blocked list since I did not see the comment. I recommend you block them since they generally have nothing better to do than correct grammar and listing mistakes even thought they have no intention of every buying. Just a waste of space and are best ignored. I actually have that coins and have submitted for grading otherwise i would have bought it since I have heard they had massive QC problems and so difficult to get a 70. I personally think that price is too cheap and if mine comes back less than 70 I hope yuors is still available.