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  1. Well I am no tthe X Prime Monister of Japan, Mr Mori and I am not The X Sth African Ambassador to japan and i certainly am not dressed as a lady.
  2. I 100% agree and as I mentioned i would buy it in a heartbeat if i did not submit one for grading. Even thought I submitted for grading I am still considering to buy it
  3. Mark, from your reaction i am assuming you received some asinine comment from someone that i have on my blocked list since I did not see the comment. I recommend you block them since they generally have nothing better to do than correct grammar and listing mistakes even thought they have no intention of every buying. Just a waste of space and are best ignored. I actually have that coins and have submitted for grading otherwise i would have bought it since I have heard they had massive QC problems and so difficult to get a 70. I personally think that price is too cheap and if mine comes back less than 70 I hope yuors is still available.
  4. I am always open to offers as long as they are not at melt (that is just rude) and I always think an offer is better then just silence. 1911 proof half sovereign PCGS PF61and a 2016 Betrix potter 150th Anniversary 1/4oz gold £25 mintage 500 pieces for the jewelry market produced for a compnay exclusively for Japan. Both coins £1,200
  5. I will take the abolistion of the slave trade, Thank yuo.
  6. Arish, Payment already made, thanks so so much. what a fantastic set just what I wanted. Would take any more that yuo have. Thank yuo.
  7. This is exactly how the BBC report news.No difference between those people and the people in brussels and in parliament with their free lunches, pensions, benefits, bonuses, expenses and laughing at all of us. w#####ers
  8. Also ask the zimbabweans when they decided to take over Rhodesia. From this to this:
  9. Absolutely agree. The terrifying fact is that many of these idiotic remainers are actually talented and educated people (Take hugh grant didn't he go to a top university) but intelligence does not mean logical. Mugabe and Idi amin were educated and intelligent people yet they turned a diamond of a country to dust and yet the same type of people are trying to do this to the UK. Can yuo imagine if David Lammy or Diana Abbott, or Jeremy Cobyne or Jo Swinson, got into power. I am not an educated chap, left school at 15 and worked immediately and lived on my own so these brainy chaps can tie me up in their mumbo jumbo and accuse me of irony if I say they resemble top nazies but i honestly feel they are trying to strangle democracy. These so called intelligent yet illogical bellends leave me exasperated but the fact is is that to say the brexiteers did not know what they were doing and need another chance to correct their mistake is the ultimate insult and people should be upset with this condescending attitude. People like High Grant who campaigns to stay, yet what kind of example does this master shagger represent? He is a prime example of the type of people that want to remain.
  10. How are these misfits being educated? How deluded is this stupid cow? Do you think any of these bimbos (diane Abbott, David Lammy and now miss goddy red shoes) would survive doing a proper job. It is exactly these types that have caused all the problems the UK is facing, mix in deluded stuck up, rich, pampered judges and mental childish people who throw milkshakes and tantrums, is exactly why the UK is in the mess it is in. They really should be ashamed of themselves for betraying the british people. Rather than spending money producing leaflets like this, I think they should concentrate in actually doing something useful. Anyone who is against Boris Johnson and wants another referendum they they are basically against democracy and no matter how they twist it by using smart vocabulary, they are enemies of the UK.
  11. Hear Hear, all this postering by these moaners and idiots trying to inject some insane logic into trying to undermine the efforts of Boris, when in reflection they are the root cause of all this postering. I guess they are Diana Abbott and David lammy supporters. The throwing of milkshakes and the reference to the PM as BOJO shows an amazing childish attitude and one that has made us so PC that everyone is frightened to say boo to anyone. These people are best ignored since they are just useless waste of space.
  12. Congratulations. Actually probably a blessing in disguise since I just reserved some 12oz gold pandas for pick up next monday so cash may be a bit tight but I still think the Britannias are lovely sets and at melt cannot go wrong. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Hi there, I did say I would buy this but no response to my offer so I am assuming not for sale anymore. Thank yuo.
  14. Jack, Sorry for some reason I thought the britannias were 52g of gold so my sets are worth more than I thought. May I take htis please and meet yuor friday deadline. Can yuo add the additional postage for Japan which will be about £12 or so i guess. Will let yuo know the address after payment has been made.
  15. Your right, so sorry. I was home tutored by Diana Abbot. Yes yuor right less than spot, ok will revisit this. Thank yuo.