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  1. This Gold Sovereign was issued in 1989 as an anniversary coin to mark 500 years of the Sovereign. The obverse design is of the Queen on her Throne whilst the reverse shows the Royal Arms on top of a crowned double Tudor Rose. Postage £5 registered special delivery.
  2. Hello, How are yuo? Swaps work, no problem.
  3. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. 1989 3 coin gold proof sovereign set in good condition to me, maybe some harilines £1,950 Postage included.
  4. SOLD Thanks for all the messages A rather rare 1879 london mint sovereign for sale. I would personally say this is XF and possibly AU condition and is one of 3 sovereigns that i picked up in Tokyo all from the same dealer. I sold one to a dealer at TICC and the other I sent to Numi for grading and it got a AU55 and was sold for £5,000 on Heritage. This last one I was planning to keep but now would like to sell it in preparation for a coin i want at the Daruma auction. I will entertain any offers over £1,000. Please pm me if interested. The coin is presently in Tokyo but will be in the UK with my friend on the 24th Nov '18 when he takes over this coin and several others for me. Also for those who have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do then make asinine pedantic comments about my grammar and my posting (wonder if they can read and write Japanese) please be aware of the following: Thanks you very much.
  5. Withdrawn, Touchdown in Tokyo in 10 days. Thanks for any interest and sorry nobody wanted to keep this lovely coin in the UK.
  6. I do not know I have not seen the book, it is in the uk with my friend. I bought on behalf of a friend and then he cancelled on me so just looking to get my money back on it. I have not seen the book, just had it posted to a friend in the UK so he can send to anyone that is interested in such a historical book. Thank you for not making any snide remarks about my post.
  7. 2017 Queens Beasts 1oz gold £100 Unicorn of Scotland NGC PF70Ucam with the Regal collection label. A really beautiful coin (I have the matching 1oz Red Dragon PF70 as well) It has the box and COA #30 and is being advertised on ebay for £2,170 by my friend Arishimo and he will dispatch the coin to any buyer. £1,970. Postage £5 special delivery. Available until Thursday then it and the Red Dragon are being sent to japan for sale here. If both coins are purchased then a total price of £3,800. Thanks for looking.
  8. Exceptional condition for its age of over 255 years ago. George III was king at the time this book was pubished. It is a book by Martin Folkes and contains Tables of English Silver and Gold Coins in fantastic illustrations. Dated Year of King George III 1763 (MDCCLXI) , produced by the Society of Antiquaries in London. Size is 245 x 295 x 60mm and it has about 216 pages and is leather bound. Price £280 plus £10 postage.
  9. SOLD - Pending payment. A 1989 Half sov 500th Anniversary of the Sovereign graded NGC69dcam - £299 plus £7 postage. No box or coa just a single slabbed coin. Thanks for looking.
  10. Marc

    completed 2oz Queen’s Beasts Red Dragon of Wales

    Hi there I will take those please. Thank yuo.
  11. Very Happy to sell to you for that. Thanks very much. Will send a PM. Thanks again. 1989 - £1 sovereign NGC PF69dcam - sold.
  12. Hi there, sure happy to do that for you especially since you sold me the Panda's at a great price. Consider the £2 yours. Will PM you and thanks again for the great deal on the Pandas. So that everyone knows, the £1 and half as PF69Dcam are still available and I will re-list them separately. 1989 £2 Proof gold PF70Dcam SOLD.
  13. Thank you very much, surprised nobody jumped in before me. PCGS PR70 panda's are great coins and yuor price was ridiculously fair. Thank you so so much. Payment made. Please have a look at my listings and let me return the favour of giving you a good price on my items for sale.
  14. THanks I will take them. No need for the Box just the coins. Thank you.
  15. Marc

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Who gives a C##P. If your trying to wind me up, don't bother. Getting a bit tired of your senseless retorts.