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  1. I hate to advice people on pricing and also pricing where I am in japan tends to be a little different to the uk but even at ms70 these coins do not get much above 10% over melt but rather than let you know a price I think a good indicator is if anyone shows any interest. For your info i bought 15 of them in different dates from 2002 onward all proofs PR70 for $1,630 each in Sept '19. Good luck. On a side note and not keeping track of recent nuances, but with zero feedback and brand new member naming your self Shylok may not be the best move. I also thought that name referred to a Jewish person who was adept in illegal activities?
  2. I have a pretty nice one ms62 if yuor interested. Looking for £4,000.
  3. Happy to buy them. Can yuo work out postage to Japan please and give me yuor bank details with postage calculated. Thanks.
  4. What next? Perhaps the Girl Scouts association making Prince Andrew their benefactor and protector? Nepotism incarnate. The dwindling trees kept voting for the Axe becasue the AXE was very clever and convinced then trees that since he was made of wood he was one of them. Mugabe and Rhodesia ring a bell? Private school for Diana Abbotts children becasue she does not want her children to mix with the constituents who voted her in. All madness and like having a conversation with a remainer.
  5. I think he was on here or his side kick was but was kicked off and now produces informative videos with more dislikes than likes. Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later...
  6. Hi There, I have a 1989 2 pound in capsule and with 3 coin box and coa. It had a scratch on the obverse unfortunately so I could not sell it with the set so sent the other coins for grading. If yuor interested selling for a little above melt with box and coa. £650. If interested will send clear pictures.
  7. £2,800 postage included.
  8. 2016 gold 25 Pounds 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit gold Quarter Ounce, fifth crowned head right, initials J.C below for designer Jody Clark, legend with denomination, date and raised rim surrounding, ELIZABETH. II. D. G. REG. F. D. 25. POUNDS. 2016, rev. facing half-length figure of Peter Rabbit with his name surrounding, lower case raised “en.” initials to lower right for designer Emma Noble, issue weight 7.80g (S.-). Proof and total edition limit of 500 pieces, issued for the Japanese export market place only and not for the UK market hence why it is not listed in the Spink catalogue. Destined for the jewellery trade in Japan, few were sold before being mounted. An opportunity to find the ultimate Peter Rabbit gold coin.
  9. Very difficult to find these coins in perfect condition which is why only a handful have ever got a 70 grade but this is a very nice example with box and coa and very reasonably priced. I bought a batch of 6 of them and submitted 4 for grading and sold one of the raw ones in Japan and this is the last one remaining. Presently in the UK with Numi so quick delivery possible. £2,200 by bank transfer. Postage included.
  10. Marc

    2019 Korea Gold Tiger 1oz

    I managed to get 3 in Hongkong but had to have them sent to my freind who then sent to japan to avoid the taxes but they are really pleasant coins. I was only allowed a max of 3.
  11. Such a shame yuo are selling and at a loss. Sorry about that. I have higher graded ones otherwise i would buy them back since it is a great price. Not sure what is happening with the market recently but things are dropping. i bought this exceptions ms61 1852 Adelaide Pound for an exceptional price and it was much less than the price it sold at heritage 10 years ago. Why such a historical coin would drop so much is beyond me.
  12. Thanks for the consideration and i agree a lovely coin but unfortunately these modern issues even thought this is a key date, do not sell here (in Japan) for much more than 10% above melt unless they are in the original box and or are 70, then a better premium can be obtained. I can only move on these if there is no chance of losing and with the modern issues it is hit and miss.
  13. Marc

    2019 Korea Gold Tiger 1oz

    I hope so, I just spent just over $9,000 on those 6 coins. Looking forward to getting them.
  14. Marc

    2019 Korea Gold Tiger 1oz

    Thank you, They have accepted my order for 6 of them without issue so will send 4 for grading and keep 2 as just raw. gain thanks for your help. Like the African gold coins I think they are spectacular. I wish they made a 12oz one and even a KG one.