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  1. sprd17

    silver proof coins

    like your vids bud alot of work goes into what you do
  2. sprd17

    silver proof coins

    cool i have watched quite a few of his vids but not seen that one. i do like the new tetris sets also, alot of time and effort gone into those fair play to him. i will have to look into milk spotting as rather new to thisn thx for the reply PP
  3. sprd17

    silver proof coins

    hi all, what would be the general consensus on silver proof coins, i have been offed a few and i do like the look of them and kind of an investment, i am just not sure.
  4. how much you want for the lot bud
  5. hi bud looking at your post what do you have left
  6. sprd17

    completed 1oz RMC silver bars

    i will take them mate
  7. sprd17

    HI ALL

    thx for the welcome and info
  8. sprd17

    HI ALL

    hi all i am new to the site hope eveyone is well, i am just about ready to start stacking, is there anything i should give a miss ?
  9. sprd17

    completed 1oz RMC silver bars

    hi bud do you have any left
  10. sprd17

    completed 5 oz silver bars

    do you have any left bud