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  1. Captdeano

    Storage of your stack

    You are soooo right
  2. Captdeano

    Storage of your stack

    Not if i can beat you with my JetPack ......(1980s ref) 😆😆
  3. Captdeano

    Latest video, giveaway

    Hay jonrms.well done for doing a givaway, havn't been on the silverforum for long but i like what you do ,being a bit of a technophobe myself go for it ...........well done mate.
  4. Captdeano

    Storage of your stack

    Yes when i started a couple of months ago i bought a coin collection case for 72 oz ....... Guess what ...yes i need more just over 120 oz's and climbing .Everyone on the Forum told me about this silver fever ,and it is getting worse because i have bought my first Sov ......oh no here we go again...🙄 lol
  5. Captdeano

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to the forum ,you will love all the banter and info which can be priceless😃
  6. You have worked very hard towards this ,well done BYB😃
  7. Captdeano

    Bought my first Sovereign

    Thanks Sovstacker and what a club to belong too eh !!!!!!
  8. Captdeano


    MickB i totally agree with what you say ,i wish i was more informed about gold and silver years ago ,but with our busy lives ,kids/jobs/day to day living etc you don't look at gold and silver but after joining The Silver forum ,Wow your eyes are well and truly opened . It goes to show that you really never are too old to learn and start stacking .
  9. Captdeano


    Back from canal boat trip ,any silver left Yas
  10. Captdeano

    Today I Received

    Wow what a set really very envious😍
  11. Captdeano

    Bought my first Sovereign

    I don't know much about gold sovereigns at the moment but as i reached the 100 oz of silver it was time to put a little yellow stuff in the mix ,and was happy with this addition.I am sure it will not be the last @caloundracats .cheers
  12. Captdeano


    Looks like another dealer to try out ,from the previous posts by swAger and PansPurse .Will be saving up for more shiney.
  13. Captdeano

    completed 5 oz silver bars

    Just recieved my shiney new 5oz Scottsdale Bar from StackSellRepeat .... what a beauty
  14. Captdeano

    completed 5 oz silver bars

    if there are any left could you put me down for 1 .cheers Dean