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  1. Hello and a big welcome
  2. Have a look in your account ,and you will see all the payment details . I have ordered from GS.be for multiple orders and whenever there is a problem with bundling /storing etc ,give them a call and they will sort it out .
  3. 🤑🤑 Wow i feel so depressed ,only have 2 of those little lions .But hey that is one seriously fantastic collection .Well done to Alun too for his boxes (super quality )
  4. Wow it looks like National reserve.................wonder if he will be shot by the 'man with the golden gun'...😮
  5. The White lion of Mortimer and other qtr ouncers are £346 each but the lion and griffin are £356... With GoldSilver.BE. hope that helps
  6. Wow is anyone else thinking.............TERMINATOR........😮
  7. Hi BYB that looks just like the red dragon of wales, good choice on emblem..
  8. Amazing bit of forensic work by the silver forum ,well done @barney
  9. Welcome to the font of all pm knowledge aka the silver forum
  10. Hello and welcome to the best pm club around
  11. Welcome to the forum @MaxeBaumann and @platinreloaded we all are looking forward to the next lion release with anticipation 😮