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    Wales / Denmark
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    Silver coins /bars and a little bit of gold

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  1. Hi and a very warm welcome to this fantastic forum from Denmark
  2. Yes the price is quoted at £249 each ,but when you place in basket they drop to £229 . Just had to get three of the little gems at that price . brilliant deal also packaged really nice by all accounts . Thanks for the heads up on this fantastic forum .👍👍
  3. A Very Merry and Happy Christmas to One and All❄️❄️❄️
  4. You and missus BYB deserve this milestone achievement .well done 🛠️
  5. Hi BYB ,what a fantastic display of Royal Mint Coins ,those 10 ozers are amazing .😲😲
  6. I wonder if Red Bull might put in a objection .....................claiming giving you wings etc etc ( F1 pun ) ho ho ho merry christmas to one and all😆😆
  7. Thank's for the info ,dread to think how many coins might turn out to be not as expected if i were to buy one of these detectors😲😲
  8. Hi all ,does anyone have a 1993 / 2005 1oz Kookaburra for sale
  9. Very very nice seiko watch ,bought my father a seiko in Fiji 1969 .
  10. Thankyou for the specific gravity test for all to see😲
  11. Fantastic looking Sovereign ,the detail is superb ....feeling jealous as i could only afford the 2005 proof from Sydney Mint
  12. A late welcome to the Forum , Been busy making our move to Denmark from Wales🙂
  13. Welcome to the Forum i was also guided here by BYB