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  1. A big thankyou for all your hard work ,the bars are first rate ,and a thankyou for the capsules .cheers .
  2. Many thank on a top website ,well done Darr3nG🙂
  3. One thing i will say about postal services across europe they do vary, i really hope you sort this out as waiting for the delivery of coins you have wanted and saved for can spoil the entire process ,as i know so well now living in Denmark ,I took the royal mail for granted when in the U.K but take it from me the postal system in the U.K is second to none .One thing about the E.U system is you have to wait a while longer ,but you will get your parcel eventually . ( by the way the royal mail system only kicks in when arrives in the U.K)
  4. I totally agree with @JonCL when the silver arrives you want to play with it ,but i always resist and put even the most common coins in capsules.But the i took @StackerNoobs advice and picked up a kilo bar from arshimo and wow he was right you have to have a bit of weight to appreciate what a lump of silver feels like😲
  5. Hi Mr Scottsdale can you put me down for 4 capsules , many thanks ,cheers