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  1. Keithoil

    I'm new, help

    Hi and welcome to the forum. As they say you can get some really good deals here, I have had more than a few over the years, but also look at silver to go, https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ This will at least let you see the coins before you search on here. Good hunting. Keith
  2. Hello People Now at 5 properties, and want one more for the missus and I to retire to with a large garden and a BIG workshop for me to play in. So will have to work for a few more years yet.
  3. Hi I am back in the UK now, have been since 2015. Still buying silver, I have a spreadsheet but must admit I have not kept it up to date, but I will be around the 2500 oz mark. Just gone back to work in the Petrochemical sector again contracting. I am still around and visit from time to time. Just bought my eldest son a 10oz Australian tiger coin for his 40th in December. I could write an essay on where and what I have done but I won't. Cheers
  4. Hi Congratulations on the milestone keep on stacking.
  5. Bought myself a 1200 bandit earlier this year, still using it now, but it will be going into hibernation soon for the winter.
  6. I bought 1 oz silver coins, mixture of Taku turtle, Maples, Eagles, Kangaroo, Panda (1995), Kookaburra, SBSS, and a few others worked out at £13.5/oz, around 24 coins. Total is now over 2400 oz.
  7. Yes me too, I have already voted. I am not afraid to say I voted to LEAVE.
  8. Just received some bits from the USA a 2 oz Niue Turtle, ( this is a really nice coin to hold). 5 1 oz .45 calibre bullets. 1 Come and take it round. 1 Bulls and the Bears for my share dealing when I am undecided!!! Also picked up from my local supplier, 4 half crowns, and 5 proof coins 10 years of the bank of Sierra Leone but gave two each to the two boys as stocking fillers.
  9. A little late I know, but have a really good day and a prosperous and successful silver hunting new year.
  10. This was the reply from Livia.
  11. I too am after a 2 oz Monkey and also the 10 oz to complete the the Monkey run!!!
  12. Not sure if you are sorted yet but I have a contact in the USA some people on here have also used him. His name is Glen Hotrum and his email address is abelieverinchrist@msn.com I have only ever got caught once with customs and that was because it was a 30 odd ounce order. So my next one was sent in several packages, and was OK. Just email him mention my name and tell him what you want if he cannot get it he will tell you. Good Hunting Keith