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  1. Sold takes the lot, Bank transfer please. Thank you
  2. Does anybody have any platinum bars or coins available? Few ozs, Cheap as possible Thank You
  3. Sorry minimum purchase is 10 on these. Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later... Last 40 left
  4. Have another one I need to pick off someone on the forum 😜
  5. Little bed time tease 😜 Recentish purchase I know you coinsters will likely. 8DA9A13E-3278-468B-BBFA-491A524B111B.MOV
  6. South African gold 1/4 oz bullion .9999 coin, believe it has a mintage of 500. Sold plus postage of your choice, BT please ✌️
  7. 2019 1/2 sovereigns - each plus postage of your choice, BT please ✌️
  8. 10 ozs minimum per a person - per a oz plus postage, BT please. (Few lots available). Random bullion condition coins all tested .999 Thank You 🙂
  9. Stack or Melt 1 oz silver .999 bullion coins, Patina/Marks/Spots etc.... £16.35 each plus postage of your choice, Bank transfer please
  10. ONLY AVAILABLE TODAY AT THIS PRICE MELT/STACK Canada Devils brigade mixed years 1/2 oz .9999 AG All BU some may have marks or milkspots, Just as European mint have mentioned in they’re description. £170 per a tube of 20 coins plus postage, Bank Transfer please ✌️
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