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  1. StackSellRepeat

    for sale 2018 BRITANNIA 1oz SILVER

    Hahahahah love it mate & I totally agree 💯
  2. StackSellRepeat

    £1 sold for £5000 ?

    That’s true I can see people manipulating the market for their own gains, I myself got in to bullion from collecting £2,£1 & 50p coins I have a solid stash & possibly a few unicorns in their too.... For me it’s all about the thrill when you discover a new variety in your hand after you get some change, Can’t see myself selling my stash, well not any time soon been collecting for over a decade & can’t once recall selling or exchanging even one even when those error 20p coins where going upward of a £1000
  3. StackSellRepeat

    Today I Received.....

    For the engelhard lovers or for everyone who enjoys some eye candy 😋 Just look at that cheeky dimple 😜
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/8452041/rare-old-pound-coin-sells-ebay-5k/ listing number 173775580028, seller looks genuine wonder if they really got paid out 🧐
  5. StackSellRepeat

    Today I Received.....

    Received this rare beauty today, for the JM lovers a vintage WWF limited series piece. So chuffed to add this to my collection 😭 A huge thankyou to @Tritoon01 a real Gentleman it was a true pleasure working with you!!!
  6. StackSellRepeat

    for sale SILVER BARS 1OZ-5OZ-10OZ .999

    I’m not 100% sure but I believe I have 3 Scottsdale & 2 JM 1 oz bars, 1 is 1ST GEN.(But will need a recheck). Added 0 minutes later... Richard all bars mate 😂 Added 0 minutes later... All the above is up for grabs
  7. StackSellRepeat

    for sale SILVER BARS 1OZ-5OZ-10OZ .999

    Sorry all gone
  8. StackSellRepeat

    for sale SILVER BARS 1OZ-5OZ-10OZ .999

  9. StackSellRepeat

    Any Engelhard Experts out there?

    I’ve come across more than a few of these from my experience from what I’ve seen to date, usually the plated 1 oz Engelhard bars are unserialised & are proof they tend to copy bars without serial numbers as it’s less time consuming stamping each bar i.e less profit but I’m sure there are a few JM serailzed counterfiet bars I’ve seen.... The bar you have can’t be for sure as would need to be tested but looks genuine. P.S PATINA/TONING IS ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN WHEN PURCHASING GENERIC SILVER BARS & COINS
  10. StackSellRepeat

    completed Rare vintage WWF leopard - Johnson Matthey

    I have the elephant I would be interested but no offence to the gent above, I don’t feel comfortable paying a large premium to someone abroad with no feedback.
  11. StackSellRepeat

    Today I Received.....

    This beauty arrived today, A huge thanks to @Wackattak924 Who will be participating in the 100km run in The Peak District in July to support Children With Cancer UK charity 👏👏👏
  12. StackSellRepeat

    Today I Received.....

    Finally it arrived today RM didn't disappoint, happy customer here 👍 Pictures don’t do justice, Might need another 5 oz 😋
  13. StackSellRepeat

    Jalan 999 fine silver 50gm

    @ogb777 it’s an jewellers silver Indian round, you see many different types depicting gods for fortune etc.... there’s an abundant of these type of bars & coins as most or nearly all jewellery stores/dealers have their own branded bars/coins with their store name etc... it’s what I call a silver business card
  14. StackSellRepeat

    Plan B

    If all the above is genuine I personally wouldn’t advertise what I’ve got lying around home, maybe it’s just me.
  15. StackSellRepeat

    Plan B

    Like me most on the forum we have only one question to ask, address please also would you be kind enough to leave your door unlocked with a trail a walnuts leading to each safe in the house (preferably unlocked) 😂