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  1. The man in red dropped this off today, Any 🍷 drinking Italians about 😜
  2. You will receive random mixed coins either 1 oz or 1/2 oz or a mixture, all are BU in sealed tubes but classed as bullion. 50 oz - £825 100 oz - £1600 Plus postage of your choice would recommend SD, Bank transfer please. (Can post within Europe at your risk). Coins can be sent in tubes, but happy to place them in coin sleeves, As I’ve had issues with coins rubbing against each other during transit.
  3. They left as soon as the super strong hybrid strains popped up 😂 Added 0 minutes later... Sorry that’s what I meant, I’m simple minded you see 😁
  4. One less ticket inspector to worry about lol (Joking) or Should I say carriage driver 😉
  5. Your hoping for that one shot ain’t yah, Curiosity is what killed the cat 😜😂