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  1. Karl, These where highly polished bars hence the wooden crate box for additional protection. The kilos I got of you I believe 70s.
  2. So this is the gem I picked up today, If you know me I love VINTAGE. Seen this gem & I had to have it, who needs two kidneys aye This is my oldest 🇬🇧 SILVER BULLION bar which was born in London in the 60s, Father - Johnson Matthey - Mother (UNKNOWN). Comes in It’s original old wooden crate dated 1968, Folk this is over half a century old 🙌
  3. DING DONG missed my package yesterday so went to pick it up, Just my luck to find this when I get back 🤦‍♂️😂
  4. He’s coffee must of definitely been as good as you say 😋 P.S hope you had a fab time
  5. Let’s just call it a bar of prison soap, Don’t drop it 😂
  6. Guys looking for the bars above for a fair price Thankyou