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  1. Take both please Rob pmd
  2. A big thank you to RegalStacker for a deal on this from his vast array of quality coins 👍. I might be eating beans on toast for the next six months but worth every penny.😀
  3. Thank you Tn21 and magpie79 much appreciated. Tim
  4. Hi Looking for a BU Gold Full Sovereign if anyone has got one to sell just now. I can pay £296 Posted by Special Delivery all inclusive by bank transfer. Thanks Tim
  5. Hi I would like to buy 1 x full gold sovereign in a capsule if anyone is selling one at the moment. I can pay £300 Posted by bank transfer. Thanks Tim
  6. Yes please...will PM you Thanks
  7. No problem thanks for letting me know
  8. Hi Yes please will take both thanks Tim
  9. Yes please Goldmick would like them both please.
  10. Hi I have 8 Gold Proof Half Sovereigns all in nice condition in their capsules. Dates are: 1987 x (3) 1988 x (1), 1992 x (1), 2004 x (1), 2006 x (1), 2008 x (1) Would like to sell them all as one lot for £1,130 Posted. Postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery, fully insured. Payment by PP F&F or bank transfer please. Thanks
  11. 1937 Original Proof Sovereign Four Coin Set Red Leatherette Box. Nice condition for its age. Hinges work nicely & catch shuts properly. £20 Posted. Thanks Tim
  12. 10oz Silver Britannia Bar in AirTite Capsule. £160 posted. Royal Mail Special Delivery PP F&F or BT whichever buyer prefers. Thanks Tim