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  1. dicker


    Hello Forum Members I am about to spend time in Copenhagen on business. Do any forum members have direct experience of any coin dealers in Copenhagen Best regards Dicker
  2. dicker

    How’s my pour?

    Well done - very impressive
  3. dicker

    Outrageous train prices

    I have given up with trains in the UK and just drive. I drive a very efficient car, which is cheap to service and owes me nothing. Way better and cheaper than trains in the UK
  4. It is fabulous if you can take time off to do it and in style. I collects over two million Avios over the last 10 years and used it to pay for hotels (not flights) for my family on a 3 month round the world trip. Travel with my family was a pleasure and quite u like the bike jetting and working I have done for the last 15 years. My advice is to go to places you would enjoy, don’t go too fast and hire cars to get around where you can. Plus, never go anywhere at peak season - it’s not the cost that’s annoying it’s too many people!
  5. dicker

    Wealth Tax

    Wealth tax or “re-distribution” is the tool of Corbyns Labour. Tax your house, steal your pension, your ISA’s. If he gets in, don’t be surprised.
  6. dicker

    taste in music

    The Breeders were very good, principally because Kim Deal and her sister were part of the band. I met Kim Deal once (my only claim to fame). And she was really rather normal. best dicker
  7. dicker

    Does anyone know what this logo is?

    I have crowns in just that packet! Definitely Barclays.
  8. dicker

    Chinese 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf.

    It is a disgrace and I have seen at a couple of places reasonably authentic looking US silver dollars for sale. The problem is that they work their way into the chain.
  9. dicker

    Chinese 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf.

    Oh dear they really messed that up! I would be fascinated to know how they fake them, as I suspect it is a non-trivial process. I recon it takes as long to do the last 5 percent of getting it to be a perfect fake as it does to do the 95 pct of getting it nearly there
  10. dicker

    Chinese 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf.

    Not the best! I am not a fan of this rendering of the queen in the first place, this is not an improvement. All the best dicker
  11. dicker

    P'd off - bit of a rant.. (chiwoo cheonwang)

    I have had very good packaging from dealers but bought a couple of silver bullion coins last year which were on great condition....until they were bundled together and roughed up in the post. I know they were bullion but they arrived pretty scratched because of the terrible packing. Caveat emptor!
  12. dicker

    Brexit status ...

    I think and hope I have a balanced mindset, and am always happy to listen to others views. When it comes to the BBC in particular, I genuinely find the reporting and opinion far from balanced. I now do not watch BBC TV news or listen to radio 4. Brexit to my mind is covered in a very skewed manner. Shortly I will be cutting my Ariel cord and not paying my TV license. Best dicker
  13. Agree with 10 - 20 percent. My advice is to buy at frequent and regular intervals to smooth your investment cost vs gold price. Pound cost averaging. If you want to stack then obviously go for the lowest premiums - perhaps Sovereigns. Good luck and enjoy!
  14. dicker

    storage 170 oz

    Air tight medical containers. Cheap on eBay and effective. Plastic ones work well. Then store in a safety deposit box
  15. dicker

    American looking to be Sovereigns

    They are lovey coins - enjoy buying and owning! best Dicker