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  1. I see this everywhere, Labour arbitrage has seen lots of skills being offshored. Even with this there is such a need for people who have done A levels and will be trained and coached through a career by a company. Some companies do this still but not many. Graduates are good when they have done directly applicable degrees (engineering, maths, medicine) but my experience is that many are taken on and are not as good as an apprentice.
  2. That is a nice bit of kit. Can you imagine how much that would cost to make in 2019 - even if you could find the people with the skills!
  3. Hi All I am not promoting the below - received as a part of a mail out. Perhaps of interest to anyone who collects ancient silver https://finestknownstore.com/products/choice-au-athenian-owl-tetradrachm-plus-free-100-greatest-ancients-book?mc_cid=513a5c3886&mc_eid=e0c891e0ea Best Dicker
  4. I am only on my iPhone so I cannot see it perfectly but I think it looks ok - same as the one I have.... Happy for wiser members to correct me though.
  5. Hi All I thought forum members might be interested in this website. Excellent and I am sure 99.9pct complete inventory of books and articles on shipwreck treasure. Enjoy Dicker http://sunkentreasurebooks.org/
  6. I am not trolling anyone but I think diamonds are perhaps one of the biggest cons going. They really are not that rare with supply being controlled by large companies and prices highly variable. Happy to be corrected!
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have had only excellent experiences buying in the forum. Very nice people who are in my experience are great to deal with. Best Dicker
  8. Dangerous games for all involved, but to fight the UK and US in this area is particularly dangerous.
  9. Thanks @richatthecroft my coffers full at the mo! Best Dicker
  10. If there are not two Virginia class Block IV or better subs in close proximity I would be very very surprised.....
  11. Won’t sell out of physical ever - but have been buying Aussie mining companies and related companies over the last 9-12 months
  12. He has quite a cheeky face!
  13. It really is a very impressive series. My favourite to date is the Yale in all it’s spotty glory. Best Dicker
  14. dicker

    Michael H

    Just an observation from me that is NOT intended as stirring the pot or to wind things up - just my personal view. About 8 years ago the people I know on the dodgier end of the business spectrum all moved into renewable energy - I think driven by government grants, and companies spending big on renewable companies Those same people are all now seem to be starting or involved in new crypto currencies. Caveat emptor! There are clearly some really good Crypos out there so select carefully and it makes sense to spread total cash invested across a number of investments. Note: I am not suggesting the Crypto above is dodgy. Best Dicker