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  1. You will just need VPN to bypass.... I understand people in Gulf states do this to avoid state snooping and to get to sites blocked by nation states.
  2. Do you recon you could get a Dingo through customs?
  3. It we take a “star” like.....family man Gary Lineker as an example - he earns 1.75 million a year. That would pay for around 11,600 TV licenses for the elderly. Pay like that does not pass the reasonability test for me when viewed through that “lens”
  4. Whatever your political persuasion, using this language is dangerous, and irresponsible. We have seen politicians like Jo Cox and Pim Fortuyn murdered. Labour MP’s having to have bodyguards to their own conference because they are Jewish. What we really don’t need is morons like Brand stirring things up. By the way, what do you think she will do for work when she loses her looks?
  5. Superb reference very useful!
  6. It is relatively easy to do yourself - MoneySavingExpert has details - essentially a how to guide. I have not had PPI but I did have a packaged bank account t which I paid for (for many years). My bank didn’t bother telling me what services I was paying for and actually never asked me if I wanted to switch from a free account to a packaged account. I complained and asked for my fees back and the bank in question kept promising to reply to me (in letters) but did not do so after chasing four times in a year. I then went to the banking Ombudsman with my complaint and all of the letters promising a response....lo and behold within a week my bank gave me a refund plus interest plus compensation. It you have definitely been treated unfairly it is very definitely worth complaining! best Dicker
  7. dicker

    fake tester in ebay

    Wow - just looked at the Fisch and that’s expensive! I have a mate who works at a lab and tests things for me when needed for free! like the eBay one though! Best Dicker
  8. Likewise, whilst the proposition sounds odd to me (I have worked in M&A for investment banks) my advice to you personally is sincere. Just be careful! Best Dicker
  9. Agreed - you would only deal with this scale through a Ltd Company, LLP etc. Strange huh...?
  10. My question would be why would someone or an organisation who wants to deal with GBP32M a month not be dealing with bank who specialise in putting together deals and acquiring scale businesses. The question I would ask myself would be: (1) Source of funds - for all the obvious reasons....banks now dig very deep as part of KYC checks to understand the ultimate source / beneficiary of funds (2) Why is the person or organisation selecting me to be an intermediary...industry expertise, M&A dealmaking, ability to source funding / liquidity (3) Does it pass the sniff test / have the ring of truth? (4) Which law firm represents them - it would be really unusual for a deal of this size not to be dealt with by a Magic Circle law firm - if the deal is being done in the UK. They would be able to help confirm source of funds etc From the scant detail that has been posted, It is hard to make a judgement. But it does smell as fishy as a Grimsby trawler man. Best Dicker
  11. If you are serious about buying a refinery, you need to properly research the market or approach an Investment Bank who has research on the sector (Deutsche, JPM, Morgan Stanley etc). The IB’s will understand and or be able to broker a deal, but really only deal in “scale” deals. In my experience if you cannot demonstrate liquidity intent and experience before or at the first meeting they won’t meet you again.
  12. Whilst I cannot pass judgement on this coin (not enough clarity on the photo), my experience is that when asking for a clearer picture.... You get one and a polite reply when the coin is genuine or the seller thinks it is genuine You get little back if there is an attempt to pass something off as genuine when it is not Just my experience on eBay. Best Dicker
  13. I think where a country gets into big trouble with inflation they it is possible they could offer something like gold depository receipts i.e. a bit of paper that can be redeemed for gold or equivalent currency. However I am of the mind that if a government got into the situation where hyper-inflation had taken hold then people would not trust them with certificates. On this basis I personally think the odds are low that we will see gold or silver backed currencies in the western world in the next 20 years - who knows after that. Best dicker
  14. That really is a terrible photo! Is a clearer one available?
  15. You are spot on Roy - nothing beats doing a deal and being offered a wedge of cash as an incentive.... I have kids and they seem to get saving more when there is a physical pot of cash rather than some numbers on paper or on a screen