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  1. Monarch / ruler heads on coins dates back to Greek and Roman time - probably earlier as noted above. In a country with a long and rich history like the U.K. a coin like the “Sovereign” is called that because the “Sovereign” is represented on the coin. I very much like the depiction of our Sovereign on our coinage (Canadian and Recent Perth mint 2020 coins have depictions of HMQ that are not to my taste). God bless QE2
  2. Many thanks for your kind words. Cold and very very windy in Denmark!
  3. Interesting topic. I think that if you are going to buy non PM new coins it would be better to buy genuine error coins from auction rather than specimen 10p or 50p coins. Personally I cannot see these being a good investment in any way. Best Dicker
  4. I find this laughable. I worked for a bank with the largest PM vault outside of the US. It was never acknowledged, absolutely never advertised, and whilst institutions would be encouraged rather than individuals millionaires would not have been turned away. Marketing gimmick. Best Dicker
  5. Hi All Just to say that these are great rounds and in what I think is about the best shape and proportion that you can get. Really well made and beautifully packaged. Don’t miss out. Best Dicker
  6. HGM have been selling similar in the last few months - same price as lots of other sovs. Best Dicker
  7. Great Stuff. Count me in for that. Best Dicker Hi @Bullionbilly
  8. Hi @Bullionbilly Its a pleasure. Best Dicker
  9. @BullionbillyI think that’s a very very good idea. Best Dicker
  10. Hi @Bullionbilly Cracking stuff. I will put in GBP50 and I will donate another GBP50 to a charity of the winners choosing. Best Dicker
  11. At 8.74 they were the best performance vs quality vs price I could find. Tried two other brands and they were just plastic junk that recorded slightly different weights when I re-weighed them!
  12. After a couple of tries, I got these. Bang on accurate, cheap and pocket sized. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ACCUWEIGHT-Electronic-Weighting-Precision-Multifunctional/dp/B07CYN4VCH Best Dicker
  13. Hi They are perfectly achievable. Gold could go way lower or way higher but the reality is that even the best forecasters get it wrong. Key here is make your own judgement. Happy Sunday Dicker
  14. Hi All Just in case anyone is interested in treasure wreck silver, this may be of interest. https://cargileauctions.hibid.com/catalog/189905/1715-spanish-fleet-coins-and-artifacts---the-estate-of-bruce-w/?cpage=2 Online auction in the US, and of course I am not promoted of affiliated. Much history to these coins and the wrecks they are from. Best Dicker