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  1. Could not agree more - pretty lame!
  2. Welcome to the forum. Coral design of course - Seen similar and there is no great age to the ones I have seen Best Dicker
  3. Hi I have seen two of these before - from memory identical, but they definitely did have a hand written cert number and “Point value” - whatever that it! It stuck in my mind because we always see printed labels on NGC and PCGS cases these days . In similar to the coin in your picture the coin was not the right way up. I don’t collect SA coins so left alone. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Best Dicker
  4. Hi I went about 8 years ago and it was crazy busy in town - really interesting but hard to get accommodation. Enjoy
  5. Sadly no getting around it if you buy mail order from the US mint or similar on silver. Not sure about Au! I bought a few silver coins back from the US last year and declared at customs and was just waved through - they were not interested in my five coins.
  6. Welcome aboard. Spread your investment into regular purchases, remember VAT is charged in silver but not gold. Most importantly enjoy and learn - there are lots of great books and reference points online Best Dicker
  7. dicker

    Gold In The Hole !

    Many thanks for sharing the photographs - it is remarkable to find such a treasure and piece of history. The wonderful thing is that the coin will be in much the same condition that it was in the day it was dropped or buried. I am a keen student and part time collector of treasure wreck coins and I hope you got as much pleasure and excitement finding this coin as have those who have found similar maritime treasures!
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if the Sovereigns are dispatched by Special Delivery? Apologies if I have missed a post or the key information when reading their website. Best Dicker
  9. Ah ok. Well as a humble engineer I can assure you that trading on any of the major exchanges this does not happen prices are real-time. Banks and trading houses go to the expense of laying their own fibre to exchanges, locating buildings physically close to the exchanges infrastructure to ensure tiny ms differences. A reasonable book on this is Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_latency_(capital_markets)
  10. Hi I think that with respect to the 6 second advantage you are referencing the BoE briefings? I can personally assure you (as someone who worked on building low latency trading systems and links to exchanges) that there is nothing like a 6 second delay to stock prices. If I could shave off 10ms of interactions with an exchange it would be a big win. Best Dicker
  11. dicker

    Gold import

    Hi @TheSilverSurfer I am afraid this is a well known scam. The bank I used to work for uses this example as part of one of its training courses on scams / money laundering. The scammers are in many case not just a bloke in Africa typing in an Internet cafe, but organised violent criminals. https://www.mining.com/how-to-avoid-being-caught-in-a-common-gold-scam/ https://www.bullionvault.com/gold-guide/investment-scams Best Dicker
  12. I popped in and just a brief report.. It was much much smaller than the LCF, perhaps with 30 exhibitors. More ancient coins than modern and surprisingly few sovereigns! As per the LCF the NGC and PGCS had stands but they were not at all busy. There were also various metal detecting funds for sale Would I go again? Yes if I was in the area but it was too small for a specific trip. Best Dicker