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  1. This just reminds me of Macron and his lovely wife. She met him when he was 15 and she was 39 if I recall correctly and at the time had three children with her husband at the time. Very European....
  2. dicker

    When will gold hit £1000

    Before Xmas. Or if there is a leadership challenge to our PM
  3. dicker

    The war on cash

    Indeed - by making you use cards they can collect all of the data on you and your spending patterns. Big data (I dislike that term) means banks can look at everyone’s data extremely quickly and analyse extremely quickly. I have personally seen data that used to take a year to process now being procseed in a few hours The results are of course hugely valuable - in profiling you and selling your data - where you consent..... Cash is part of a free country where you should be free to spend money as you wish without being spied on.
  4. dicker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Good pickup!
  5. dicker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    @pete I think you are bang on. I honestly think that you have to have the mentality that you don’t have to seek or buy at any specific time to invest properly. Forget the Hurd and just do the opposite. You can do this quite technically / mechanically or you can take a more informed / gut feel view.
  6. dicker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    May I politely say I disagree that gold is used for criminal enterprise / money laundering. Criminals are desperate to get cash / gold / physical assets transferred into companies, accounts, trades and are even happy to pay tax on their ill gotten gains. This is why there is massive scrutiny in all banking with respect to any transaction that turns a physical asset into a de-materialised asset. Criminal enterprise as far as I am professionally aware is very keen NOT to own assets like gold Best Dicker
  7. dicker

    Sovereign Manufacture Question

    Many thanks - I have not seen this one before! Many thanks Dicker
  8. dicker

    Sovereign Manufacture Question

    Many thanks @Xander- which reference book is this from? All the best Dicker
  9. dicker

    Sovereign Manufacture Question

    Apologies if this has been answered before... Does any one know in which year Sovereign manufacture changed whereby Sovs now have a shiny laquered more red appearance? Old sovs with good luste have a cartwheel effect which is not present on new Sovs.. Can anyone tell me when this change happened? Best Dicker
  10. The giveaway is that Kangaroos can be purchased in tubes - the others cannot. Best dicker
  11. dicker

    Fake Proof 2015 Sovereigns

    I have seen this guys selling loads of “restrikes” on eBay. It’s a disgrace - they will work their way into the chain and be bought by people who don’t know better. Best dicker
  12. dicker

    Sovereigns or Britannia’s

    Agreed with Roy - buying graded is a complex proposition. Mid you really really know what you are doing I think it is worthwhile.... Dealers spend their careers assessing graded and rare cons and it is hard to compete with that level of expertise. Sovs are great - I prefer older Sovs as close to spot as possible. But there are interesting speculative buys as well - Beasts, Oriental Borders, Dragons and I personally like some of the rarer Perth Mint coins. Best dicker
  13. You couldn’t be more right!
  14. Thanks for the info!
  15. dicker

    Loupe recommendation

    Many thanks all!