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  1. Thanks @Oldun I will talk a look at The Trap this eve. All the best Tim
  2. Hi Oldun I tend to think of the BBC in the same way that I think of banks when they were misbehaving badly. The BBC seems to be desperate for our cash so it can then re-educate us with programmes that espouse the latest woke trends. I won’t go into what the woke trends are (don’t want to upset anyone), but my family and friends don’t see many programming that represents who we are, our values, what we do in life. Adding a levy is the same as their current model. The BBC doesn’t like the thought of having to create content that people would buy *one little bit*. People would not buy programmes that try and bring in climate change, trans rights, various strands of equality and politics into unrelated programming. I recently looked in the Archive Section of BBC IPlayer and played the family a couple of David Attenborough films from the 50’s / 60’s. We were spellbound - proper programming with no slant or bias. Just well presented fact. Plus to add to my rant, I have always been horrified that the BBC via Capita sent poor single mothers to prison for license evasion. Best Dicker
  3. Agreed with the comments above. I travel a lot and use 4g to connect to work from my MacBook. It runs like a dream and I can skype at the same time. My home broadband was upgraded to 64mb and I really did not notice the difference, therefore... I won’t be upgrading - just not worth it. Best Dicker
  4. dicker

    Gold bars

    @Bxlsteve Many thanks. I read the original many years ago - I think when the internet was not as old as it is today. Best Dicker
  5. dicker

    Gold bars

    I think I remember @LawrenceChard having a page tiled something like “round bars” that explained that bars are not always best. (Apologies Lawrence if I have got that wrong). Best Dicker
  6. dicker

    Gold bars

    My first Gold purchased were bars from the Perth mint when I was in Perth Australia. They are great and I got a good price but many years later, Sovs win out for me. All the best Dicker
  7. The Buffalo. Coins are somewhat more interesting, in my opinion anyway. Bars for me at least are less interesting. Best Dicker
  8. dicker

    Gold bars

    Personally I would just go for Sovereigns. Usually more liquid, close to spot. I think Malcolm Ellis Coins may have stock Best Dicker
  9. Agreed. No way to get around the import duties. A recent purchase of some special silver coins was eye watering with delivery and vat included. I try not to import if I am avoid doing so, or buy and collect when I am in the US if it is coins. Best Dicker
  10. Welcome aboard MAN San
  11. You have some great coins in the US, especially the pre 33 gold coins Enjoy the forum! Best Dicker
  12. Welcome and take time to get a feel for PMs before diving in. However...you cannot go too far wrong with an initial purchase of a Morgan Dollar. The forum is a good place to buy from in my experience - definitely better than the Wild West of eBay. When you have refined what you really like, it pays to get a decent reference book. Plenty of folk here so can make suggestions. Yours aye Dicker
  13. You guys really are bug*ers. I have avoided reading this thread since it was created, and have just read it and *have* to have a significant number of these beautiful coins. Nice photos! Best Dicker
  14. Hi - I had a good look around, and bought one small item at the Souk Great choice - esp jewellery! Best Dicker
  15. @snake Many thanks indeed for this. It is amazing that the forgers did not get some of the details spot on, but gratifying at the same time! All the best Dicker
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