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  1. Hi All Firstly I am not attempting to start a fight, I know climate change is a controversial topic. But I have a question that I honestly don’t know the answer to. I have seen first hand how plastic now infests beaches where there was none 25 years ago - this is very obvious. What I have yet to really get my head round is if climate change is real. I don’t have tons of time to research it but would be interested what forum members think. Best Dicker
  2. I bought a very nice Ancient Greek coin at the London Coin Fair - it had been cleaned and was cheap, but what a thing! There are a lot of interesting coins on eBay - the genuine ancient coins (e.g GB Nobles, Angels etc) are interesting but provenance is tricky. A good friend asked a seller about a stunning gold Noble a few years ago and the seller brazenly told my friend that he found it detecting and would not confirm if it had gone through the portable antiquities scheme. Obviously he didn’t buy it! best dicker
  3. dicker

    E bay sovereign

    Perhaps there is just the photograph but it looks rather “flat” to me
  4. Revolt is great and worth checking out.
  5. Hi Quite a general question but.... In my experience, the picking are very very slim at car boot sales. Perhaps you might be lucky but it would be very rare in my experience. But give it a go, some people are lucky. Best Dicker
  6. Hi Forum I am in the market for a 1 Ounce Australian Gold Nugget / Kangaroo if anyone has one for sale that is in very good condition. Proof or bullion both considered Ideally earlier 1980’s, 90’s or 00’s. Best Dicker
  7. Worth looking at the flat rate VAT scheme... With your accountant of course https://www.gov.uk/vat-flat-rate-scheme
  8. I collect pens, although my collection is a bit eclectic!
  9. Hi All By chance, I found out that a work colleague is a coin collector or sorts. This led into a discussion about what we both collect and why do we collect. What do fellow forum members collect? Best dicker
  10. For reference have a look here. I know I have posted this before but it is a good education site for what is out there new and old...and it’s not just pound coins! http://www.thefakepoundcoindatabase.co.uk/ Best Dicker
  11. It is not that surprising to be honest. I have an acquaintance who does physical penetration testing for all sorts of organisation. He is very discreet but does say lots of security is woeful and organisations leave themselves open to theft. One incident that he mentioned was a large organisation that had a large quanity of fast and very expensive servers delivered on a Friday (million’s of pounds of kit). Over the weekend, a lorry was driven up to the warehouse doors of the it was forced open after the thieves cut the cable to the cctv which ran outside of the building!!! The security guards were apparently asleep because it was 3 in the morning.
  12. That said there are genuine one offs that have not come to light and suddenly...boom someone finds one. Even many years after they were minted. Some are relatively cheap to buy (not off of eBay where there seems to be a cottage industry of people “making” errors). I have personally had one stunning error coin straight out of a bag of new one pound coins so it is worth checking your change.
  13. Well done - I dont have one of these but know the flimsy flocked plastic and its junk. It gwts worse with age so well fixed!
  14. I understand (and could be wrong) that this type of device is engineered and run by Eastern European crime gangs. I was told that it is inexpensive to make and they can afford to lose them and would rather do that than have a confrontation.