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  1. dicker

    Starting out.

    You will find that plenty of people have opinions on metals....economists, bankers, enthusiasts etc, many who are proven wrong in their predictions one way or another. Keep your own views and read widely to get a balance. Best dicker
  2. dicker

    Buying from a bullion dealer

    I concur about Perth Mint - I have always had coins supplied in capsules and in fantastic condition.
  3. dicker

    Starting out.

    Always good to get peoples experience!
  4. dicker

    Starting out.

    Very very interesting - I have not seen on .9999 before. Has anyone else?
  5. dicker

    Starting out.

    Wow have never seen .9999 with red spots!
  6. dicker

    Starting out.

    Hi Bullionaire Gold below .9999 can get red spots. I think this is where there is oxidiastion of the non gold elements in the coin. I have seen a Coronet US20 with a red spot!
  7. dicker

    Buying from a bullion dealer

    Hi I buy in spec. If the coin is sold as 2018 Bullion for example with no previous owner, I would expect it to be in very good condition. That said I use a dealer who is very consistent and reliable. My experience with eBay is not good compared with dealers - but that is just my experience. Best dicker
  8. dicker


    It looks like the Olympian Athlete Bruce Jenner before he turned into Cait
  9. dicker

    Gold Bars.

    Hi Generally .9999 is too soft for jewellery - ie it will a scratch if rubbed against something hard. However if you are buying .9999 and keeping as bullion (in a safe or safe place) then .9999 gold will not degrade or need any care. A good example is the gold that has been found on the shipwreck “Central America” which looks just as good as the day it sank in 1857! What to buy is another question that I will leave to other forum members, but get as close to spot if you are just buying to invest in gold.
  10. Or perhaps they hold and despatch from a vault? Interesting article I thought!
  11. dicker

    JP Morgan & Silver

    It is worth remembering that big custodian banks like JP Morgan and Citibank have trillions of dollars of assets under custody. This will include bullion, so any local custodian and quite a few domestic custodians will have large bullion holdings that are held for those who are their clients As to whether there is manipulation of prices, I think this is doubtful, simply because it could literally destroy a bank reputationally these days.
  12. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/7005342/bullion-by-post-rob-halliday-stein-gold-coins/
  13. dicker

    How can this be legal?

    I am sure if you tried to sell Replica Rolex, Nike etc you would be banned. Why not couns?
  14. dicker

    Girlfriend's Austrian gold coins

    Roo at the top - The joker that pack and my favourite
  15. dicker


    I was forced to study Greek and Latin at school - this is the first time it has come in handy! best Dicker