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  1. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me.... My ten year old has asked for a Roman Coin for his birthday. I am of course very happy about this but being someone who buys 19c & 20c coins I don’t know where to buy a nicely defined Roman coin. I really don’t want to buy off of eBay because of all the usual issues. Can anyone recommend a place to buy from or does anyone have a genuine Roman Coin for sale? many thanks dicker
  2. dicker

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Fifty pounds from me. Either cash or PP FandF
  3. dicker

    eBay Advice

    Agreed with richardatthecroft. It is the Wild West of buying and selling. There are decent people selling stuff on eBay, but when you are selling / buying high value portable items, you definitely have to be careful and know the eBay rules. My best experience was buying a car on eBay - the gentleman had it serviced valeted and had it full of diesel ready for my collection - none of which I asked for but was much appreciated. My wost was selling a desireable swiss watch - “go you ship to Ghana”, “If I pay you double the asking price will you send me a cheque for the difference”. I gave up and sold it elsewhere after a couple winning bidders turned out to be scammers. Best dicker
  4. dicker


    It is almost certainly a Monique Gerber ashtray. Not a church item. It is late 1960’s to 1970’s. Valuation GBP50-90 at a public auction - have seen a couple go through my local auction house in that range Google Monique Gerber Ashtray for an example. Best dicker
  5. I think you have something here. Many people put something away each month but I have not found a metals investment averaging service. I had a service where my oil heating company supplied me with oil when they thought I was running low. Guess what...they supplied me at the time the prices were highest. I suspect the temptation for bullion dealers would be similar.
  6. dicker

    Boycotting GS.be

    Most people here treat people with utmost respect, and expect to be treated in the same way by a vendor who is making money out of them. Where things go wrong - as they can do, it is the right thing to be polite and professional. There are many examples of this on this forum between PM enthusiasts If you run a business it is especially important that you treat customers as customers and deal professionally with issues. On this basis I would not chose to buy from GS.BE
  7. dicker


    No problem
  8. dicker

    Metal Detecting

    Permission is complex - there are some metal detecting clubs that are respected and get permission for teams to detect land. This may be an easy way in.
  9. dicker

    Metal Detecting

    I have a Garrett 250 - not massively expensive and EASY to use. I have found coins, lots of nails old army buttons, and most interestingly 50 calibre shells. The shells are all over my location and they are from the air war during WW2 Do detect responsibly - last Summer I was pigeon shooting in a friends field a long way from any road when a joker started detecting at a site which has a small memorial to a WW2 plane that crashed. You can see bits of metal on the surface of field when it has been ploughed and he definitely did not have permission. He ran away when I and my brother emerged from our hide and asked him no so politely what he was up to. Best dicker
  10. dicker

    Friend with 10k

    Many thanks all. I saw my friend for lunch yesterday and he is about to make an investment. Sovereigns at a rate of 5 a month. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. dicker

    Who Loves Copper?

    Looks fantastic. Got to love Copper!
  12. dicker

    Cash is King

    Could not agree more. The last couple of days are a correction, but let’s see.
  13. dicker

    Help needed. Is this a proof Canadian Silver Maple ?

    I didn’t know that - thanks Shinus
  14. The most important lesson my parents taught me was hard work. They worked hard, and set an example. I got a good education because they worked hard but at 15 they insisted I work in Tesco for summer holidays. This taught me humility, and that hard work pays. I will be doing the same for my children to keep them grounded, and give them work ethic My experience is that hard work and just a bit of tenacity have presented all sorts of opportunities....other people say I have been “lucky”. I disagree, I just work hard and life then presents opportunities (along with challenges). You can tell your kids this but the rest they have to figure out themselves.