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  1. Also the Cambridge Chop house does a pretty reasonable breakfast. I avoid Bill’s as it is quite variable in terms of service. Last time they forgot the sausage from my order....
  2. Sadly I have to work in Canary Wharf now and then and there is not much in the way of good Cafe’s / greasy spoons.
  3. @AndrewSL76 I have been there many times while working in the City! Usually at 6am after an all night bender.... Best dicker
  4. Love the Finland breakfast! I am often in Copenhagen and the breakfasts here are VERY healthy. Yoghurt nuts, brown bread, carrots, cucumber and cheese... Never ever seen ANY bacon here and I have been working here on and off for a year! Best Dicker
  5. I suspect they do a reasonable brekkie! My favourites are: Hawksmoor in London Simpsons in the strand Regency Cafe in Westminster Koffee Pot in Manchester Cheers Dicket
  6. Hi All I am lover of a good breakfast and used to run a blog and review site for places in the UK that serves very good breakfasts. Breakfasts are the king of meals in my opinion. Where do fellow Silver Forum members recommend for an excellent breakfast? Best Dicker
  7. Sorry to hear about this - it is awful. I had a delivery of a couple of Morgan Dollars last week and I was out and the postie was going no where near the house with the Rottweilers in the garden. I went to collect from the post office where the SD parcel was held and the postmaster asked me what was in the package!!!! I was outraged and told him it’s none of his business. Highly suspicious that he wanted to know in my opinion. Best Dicker
  8. Hi Jim I have not seen so much trade on the US part of the forum. What are you selling? Best Dicker
  9. I chuck all mine in capsules - I am a temporary custodian and hope that my bullion coins will be MS something in 100 years.
  10. Other than a Nobel prize winner (a big chunk of gold). I know no one who collects coins or owns PM’s outside of jewellery.
  11. I heard a couple of the investment banks have been closing their short sterling positions and have told clients that a deal has been done...within the last hour or so I am told.
  12. XR does appear to me to be linked to socialism. But that is just my personal view.
  13. It is important to look at the real data and I agree that this is often (but not always) obfuscated by the government and the above are good examples: - Gun crime - Source of weapons used in gun crimes - Knife crimes - Offenders by ethnicity There is a real and growing problem with knife crime (Carrying knives) in parts of the UK - particularly London which is translating into death of young people. This particularly seems to be the case when there are some figures published by the government (easy to google) but don’t seem to correspond with letters like this: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/20/perspective-on-black-knife It would be easier to tackle problems like this and climate change if governments were clearer about the stats and information. Dicker
  14. dicker

    chemical guru

    You don’t know how true that is...