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  1. Well look on the bright side, you'll get a full refund and still get FREE postcards!
  2. Is there a particular reason you're yet again on another thread insulting a long time forum member completely unprovoked? 🙄
  3. I really want one of those Roman coins! But alas at 2.5 grams I fear that may be a tad small. Also I have no clue what I'm buying, which is never a good strategy 😄
  4. I think a fair few people (myself included) are really put off by how H&B treat customer data. They send branded letters to your home constantly basically advertising your personal business to any number of people along the way, and I'm sure I read something on here about there being a clause in their T&Cs that let them sell your data to other parties for marketing purposes. Not good 😢 I'll admit I've been very tempted to buy the loss leader Sovs from them many times. Had them in the basket a few times. But I always end up stopping myself... is a few quid saving worth the risk? I'm not so sure.
  5. Mate you keep telling us what you think the dealer believes. Just ask them?! Either they'll want to refund you for the coin back, or they won't be bothered. Job done. That's a step too far in my opinion. It's not his responsibility to sell a coin to pass the profit on to a dealer, that's the dealers job. Dealer should be given the choice and can choose to leave it as is or to offer a complete refund (+ return postage) to get the coin back that they sent in error. Nice and simple.
  6. Even more, £155 is spot on the half sov plus the sterling silver on top. Bargain.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I've always wondered with these types of bars that come in packaging if the scammers aren't missing a trick. Surely lining the card itself to make the overall package heavier would be better than making the fake bar itself extra thick. After all, nobody opens them! Or maybe that is happening on higher end fakes, who knows, no sealed bars for me! 😢 VeriScan also goes further than just checking the QR code. The app helps you take photos of each side of the bar using a clever SDK, which then matches the bar dimensions etc to validate if it's real. Pamp claim (although I have no way to validate) that the app is also matching specific unique characteristics of that exact bar to a photo taken at manufacture as well, kind of like a precious metal fingerprint... pretty cool! (I'd still get the scales and the calipers out mind... but it's a nice added security feature)
  8. As others have said, the first thing you do should be to contact the dealer and inform them of the mistake. If you're happy to keep the coin then let them know that. Any other course of action is dishonest in my opinion.
  9. Melon

    Capital gains

    Now that you've posted this, they are watching you 🧐
  10. Awesome, definitely worth the wait 👍
  11. Yup, it'll make a fantastic zombie club 😄
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