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  1. Are they legit / recommended? If I'm reading correctly each household can order 3 @ £279 per from them with no additional postage - not bad at all!
  2. Melon

    Checking sealed tubes?

    This is what I think of mint seals... 😄
  3. Oh damn, now I want a roman coin - they look sweet 😄 For someone who wants a half-decent condition (allowing for the extreme age of course), slabbed coin, ideally with a recognisable name (and lets say a budget up to £200) - any experts on the forum want to point out a good shout? I must say I've got a little lost on the links above, there's something about seeing "Items 1 to 10 of 1089 total" that makes me want to curl up into a ball and forget about the internet 🤯
  4. Really good and easy to use - love it. Regarding the delivery being included in the price, I wonder if there's a way to show both prices (or like a switch you can flick to include/exclude delivery)? A small thing, but for folk who want to buy 3 sovs for example, the delivery charge won't increase which may change the order prices. (TLDR - ideally I'd like an option to see the prices without delivery charge as well)
  5. Stating in a slightly misleading way out of context in my opinion, but each to their own
  6. Wasn't the gold real though (albeit a counterfeit) and the silver bar is commonly believed to have been nothing to do with Atkinsons? Should be careful throwing around accusations too casually.
  7. The spread of buy against sell is very high for short term investment. We don't know how the mega rich spend their money. However what we can say for certain is if those mega rich people you mentioned had chosen to stack PMs rather than invest in business/shares etc, they wouldn't be "mega rich" today. So lets not critique their decisions!
  8. If you're asking on eBay to buy directly outside of the platform, you risk getting banned. eBay are hot on that, it's against their rules. To be honest, I've never heard of withdrawing from PayPal to a bank account being a big hassle.
  9. Just my 2 cents... 2% premium is low. Expectation should be set accordingly. The hole is poor, so a return or replacement is a reasonable request. Unless I've misunderstood, they've agreed to this. Guaranteeing the quality of the replacement coin is a somewhat unreasonable request, as the replacement is still being sold as a 2% over spot bullion coin. One assumes they aren't seeking to send you out a coin with a hole in it again, or else they'll just be faced with another return. I'd advise against threatening to name and shame them online. It's unlikely to lead to a constructive exchange. By all means name them if the situation isn't resolved, but it shouldn't be a bargaining chip in my opinion. Drop the "acknowledged it as damaged" thinking - you're talking to a customer service rep who's communicating with you in a second language and probably earning a pittance, not the company CEO. They simply used the terminology to differentiate the coins, likely in keeping with your email to them. Long story short - I'd ask for a simple return, and make clear you expect them to cover the cost and insurance on the return given the item was damaged beyond normal wear and tear. Remove the replacement from the conversation. You can order another separately afterwards if you wish.
  10. I'm not sure the other posters have quite answered your question. The Spot Price is not what a dealer will pay you for your gold. They will usually pay you under the spot price for bullion grade gold. The Spot Price is the market price of Gold at that point in time, and changes throughout the day. The spot price can easily be found via Google - just search "Spot Price Gold UK". You should aim to pay as close to the Spot Price as possible, although certain coins may merit a higher premium over spot. Note - you won't get gold from a dealer at spot price, as they need to charge a premium to make their profit. Also note that the spot price is usually quoted in either grams or troy ounces (31.1 grams) of PURE 24ct gold. If you're dealing with Soverigns at 22ct, check the actual gold content which will be slightly less than the weight of the coin (again on the dealers website or easily found on Google). The extra weight above the pure gold content carries no additional value. Hope that helps.
  11. Melon

    gold auction win

    Perhaps we can help you. To help you type, you can use the built in diction feature within your operating system. This required a microphone, most phone headphones include one these days. It can be accessed by clicking where you want to type, and pressing the <Windows Key + letter H> at the same time. The windows key is the one on the bottom left of your keyboard usually that has a square divided into 4 small boxes. You may need to enable the option the first time, a pop up should appear at the top of your screen to do that. Once you're using it, you simply click where you want to type, press <Windows Key + letter H>, say what you want to type out loud, and the computer will write the text for you. To help you read, internet browsers offer accessibility settings. If you open the settings menu at the top of your internet browser and increase the font size too "Very Large" or the equivalent, that should help. Also, consider using the magnifier. On Windows machines, hit the <Windows Key>, type "Magnifier" and press <Enter>. Your screen will be magnified and hopefully much easier to read. Press <Escape> to exit this view. There are also screen readers available, on a Windows computer hit the <Windows Key>, type "Narrator" and press <Enter>.There's a bit more setup required for that one, but it can read everything on the screen out loud to you. If you have someone computer savvy in your extended family, perhaps they could help you set some of this up? Lots of helpful information on the accessibility tools that already come for free with your computer are available on this website which may help: https://www.afb.org/blindness-and-low-vision/using-technology/using-computer/part-ii-experienced-computer-user-new-1
  12. Nooo, cut it open and play with it!
  13. Yup that's exactly the idea. %'s will differ depending on the metal, product, dealer, demand etc, but that's certainly the idea.