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  1. Wonder why people are paying so much when they're available from a dealer (H&B) for £299. Seems odd!
  2. I'd take the money and run if it was me. No idea about the value of grading. It may go up over time, but it also may go down. In my mind, I'm not in this game to speculate with large sums of money on collectables. So for me it would be sell and invest in weight. But it's not my Una, so the real question is what are you in the game for?
  3. Melon

    Harrington and Byrne

    Oh no 😂 Think payday will be Monday so may be in for an expensive start to the week then 🤣
  4. Melon

    Harrington and Byrne

    Up to £289 now. Can't say I'm overly upset, I'm not supposed to be buying anytime soon anyway!
  5. Places like ATS or HGM are not good places to stop by really. These places don't have showrooms or display cabinets. They have walled off booths and barriers between you and the folk that work there. Check their websites and if you like something then by all means drop in to buy, but don't expect a pleasant browsing experience! I've not gone in to Sharps Pixley yet, but I drove past it and it looked far more inviting at least from the outside. Not been to Baird either.
  6. Taking bets on how long until the Royal Mint cashes in on this sale with a special edition reissue.
  7. In that scenario, I would probably regret not using the money I had spent on gold for strippers and beer. You did ask... 🤣
  8. 999 Fine Silver = 13 letters Always Winner = improper English Like I said before, if people want to buy this then they should, perhaps some folk aren't bothered by it. But I suspect for many in England at least that the poor language is off-putting, and the idea that the only phrase they could use that wasn't 13 letters is "always winner" is clearly a laughable rational. To put it another way, if there wasn't the gold coin giveaway gimmick, nobody would be interested in this.
  9. Melon

    Issues with GSBE

    Not to be harsh, but regardless of what happens with this specific incident you do need to be more organised when receiving things. Almost a year has passed and you're only noticing now not only that an order marked as shipped didn't show up, but also that you can't remember (what does that even mean!) seeing other coins from other orders? Can't exactly blame GSBE for being a little dubious, that's pretty negligent. Hope this gets sorted for you, but if not take it as an expensive lesson. Check EVERYTHING on arrival. Record opening the package on your phone so you have proof of anything missing. Get in contact immediately if there's any issues. These are good habits to have.
  10. The best George call IMO - there's a pigeon in your bank account!
  11. Melon


    Perhaps it's just me, but if I'm buying something and I select the cheapest shipping that doesn't include insurance, I'd consider that to be me accepting liability. If the seller is choosing postage method that's on them. In this instance I think the seller would be very reasonable in agreeing to go 50/50 on the loss, given nobody is at fault and there's proof of postage. That said, odds are it shows up late anyway. Usually does with Royal Mail.
  12. Melon

    Harrington and Byrne

    Alright I'm making a deal with myself... if the sovereign deal is still on by payday next week then I'm buying some shiny gold... It's been said publicly, no backing out now 🤣