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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I'm collecting silver and gold. Mainly in the market for Libertads and Kooks. I am also in the market for gold.

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  1. VIVA MEXICO!!!!!! To celebrate the improbable victory of Mexico over Germany, I bring you a 2017 5 coin set - Proof and BU coins
  2. PuraPlataPura

    Today I bought.....

    Not this week precisely but I love my 5-oz-Libertad
  3. PuraPlataPura

    What was Your First Coin?

    My father in law gifted me a 1 oz Silver Libertad 2016. But my own first purchase was a 5 oz Reverse Proof Libertad 2017
  4. PuraPlataPura

    Today I Received

    My latest pick up and one of my fave libertads
  5. PuraPlataPura

    Anyone Here Make Youtube Videos?

    This a 35th Anniversary Libertad Set 3oz
  6. PuraPlataPura

    Libertad Photo Thread...

  7. PuraPlataPura

    My stack so far :D

    Dude beautiful stack
  8. PuraPlataPura

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    35th Anniversary Set. 3 oz Libertad (Bar and Coin)
  9. 2017 Silver Libertad 3 oz 35th anniversary Set 2oz Bar & 1 oz Silver Libertad
  10. PuraPlataPura

    Queen's Beasts ?

    Lion of England... The FA should consider putting one of those on the English National team for the World Cup!!!!
  11. 1985 Onza & 2017 5 oz Silver Libertad Proof
  12. PuraPlataPura

    Libertad Photo Thread...

  13. 2017 Mexico Libertad Reverse Proof and Proof APMEX set NGC graded
  14. PuraPlataPura

    Replacing a damaged original mint capsule on a coin

    Wow those are some great replies!!!... thanks... if I take the whole lot I get them just a few cents over spot.. but I have to take all of them... I'm not really into kooks si I wouldn't mind picking them up and get 20 bucks in profits... but 999magnum is right, if I have to change the capsules it might just be too much work for 20 bucks... thanks for your feedback. Kooks are varied dates.. don't remember which ones at the top of my head.. but getting them so close to spot really caught my attention
  15. Hello guys, I went to my LCS and, to my surprise, they had some kooks on their display. It's a lot of 10 but some have very distinguishable scratches on the capsules. They are willing to give me a good price on kooks so I might be coming back today to get them. My question is. Should I replace the damaged capsules with some after-market ones or should I just leave them in their original mint capsule? I do not plan to hold them for my collection, I would rather flip them. I also have a 2 oz Proof libertad that has some scratches on the original capsule. Would you guys replace the original or just leave it as is even with some scratches? I know proofs display higher quality than a regular bullion coin, but idk if original packaging is as important for them to keep their value. Thank you