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  1. AllThingsShiny

    1oz Australian Emu Gold coin 2018

    Fed up of living in Australia most probably
  2. AllThingsShiny

    Huge Lump Practice Bar 753 Grams .999

    Ugly but beautiful at the same time
  3. AllThingsShiny

    New Scottsdale Series - The Royal Arms of England

    Lovely looking coins. Il be purchasing a few of them
  4. AllThingsShiny

    Silver jewellery

    I know us stackers like to buy coins and bars which are hidden away for nobody but ourselves to see but do any of the forum members wear silver jewellery? I've just brought myself a sterling silver curb chain. It's 50grams and cost 80 English pounds. I know it's a big premium on spot price but silver is such a beautiful metal to just keep locked away from view.
  5. AllThingsShiny

    completed What to do.

    My stacking technique is to spend 75% of my budget on silver and the other 25% on gold. At this current time with the gsr so wide I have been buying a lot more silver than gold. with your budget you should be able to pick up 50 ounces of 999 silver on the cheaper government minted bullion coins. 50 ounces is a fair amount of silver
  6. AllThingsShiny

    completed What to do.

    Would it be rude to ask how much you will have to invest? Be easier to advise if we knew your budget
  7. AllThingsShiny

    Always the temptation 😳

    I'd be more than happy with silver bullion!
  8. AllThingsShiny

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    I would not buy a can of beans off of ebay. Would much rather spend the extra pound or 2 from a proper dealer where you know you are getting the real thing.
  9. AllThingsShiny

    Today I Received

    20 silver eagles 2018
  10. AllThingsShiny

    Metal Detecting

    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated
  11. AllThingsShiny

    Metal Detecting

    Found this recently. It's some sort of badge. any ideas?
  12. AllThingsShiny

    Today I bought.....

    Picked these up from a little flea market in my area. Paid £20 for the commemoration of the queens silver jubilee 1977 proof The 1934 5 cent buffalo were 50pence each.
  13. AllThingsShiny

    Today I bought.....

    20x 2018 silver eagles from silver to go. 20x 2018 silver eagles from silver to go.
  14. AllThingsShiny

    Gold/Silver Eagles sales are plummetting

    I will never have enough!!!
  15. AllThingsShiny

    Gold/Silver Eagles sales are plummetting

    Shame about the popularity of the ase falling, it is my favourite silver mint coin.