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  1. AllThingsShiny

    BullionByPost thoughts?

    I buy all of my gold from BBP. Excellent service, items always arrive the next working day after they have been dispatched. Not the cheapest but very reputable and professional
  2. AllThingsShiny

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    Big build up..................👎
  3. AllThingsShiny

    Trump 2020 1 oz silver coin ???

    Never knew propaganda to be spouted on silver before.
  4. AllThingsShiny

    Pig lunar coloured 1 oz silver coin 1$ australia 2019

    Bacon.... hhmmmmmmm
  5. AllThingsShiny

    Not sure

    Followed by the seller
  6. AllThingsShiny

    Today I Received

    A posh sperm donor by the looks of it
  7. AllThingsShiny

    Show your stack.

    It was a joke.......
  8. AllThingsShiny

    Show your stack.

    Nice gold coloured lead bars their @mr-dead
  9. AllThingsShiny

    Today I bought.....

    2018 gold sov
  10. AllThingsShiny

    First moths stack

    As my other half says "small is better than nothing"
  11. AllThingsShiny

    Silver coins you don't like.

    Fake ones!
  12. AllThingsShiny

    Advice on GS.BE issue

    Would never buy from these cowboys. Silver to go is my go to dealer. 1st class customer service
  13. AllThingsShiny

    1oz Australian Emu Gold coin 2018

    Fed up of living in Australia most probably
  14. AllThingsShiny

    Huge Lump Practice Bar 753 Grams .999

    Ugly but beautiful at the same time
  15. AllThingsShiny

    New Scottsdale Series - The Royal Arms of England

    Lovely looking coins. Il be purchasing a few of them