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  1. For 100g gold bar for USD 4200. Ask is USD 1306 per ounce . Bid is with reference with current spot is USD 1292. If the dealer has ample supply, it can offer below bidding. If the dealer has tight supply, it can offer above bidding. Liquidity is almost possible for trusted dealers at the right price.
  2. Au79

    Stacking Heraeus silver 1 oz from Singapore

    Are you ready for the storage of 1000 oz of bullion silver? When you have few ounces, space logistic will not be in your mind. As you accumulate towards your target. You will realise that space occupied depends on what weight you stack. All bullion silver hold the same value. Each countries’s tax policies on precious metal will add on to the % of that value. Premium % of that value generally consists of the currency peg, minting cost, dealers business cost. Silver bullion bar has lower minting cost than silver bullion coins. Coin premiums will be higher than bar premium. Value remains the same. Since Heraeus is privately minted while Canadian maple & American eagle are government minted, it is not a fair comparison. Government minted are generally more recognisable for the public, apart from individual preferences. There is no lack of buyers when it is selling at the right price. There are more buyers when the price is selling below value versus above value. Liquidity depends on supply and demand. Price levels determine supply and demand. Dealers buying back at spot or below spot will be the main source of liquidity. Secondary local market will take time, unless you are comfortable with accessing the global secondary market with the risk involved. Understanding what the stack means to you and its objectivity helps you to focus on the product type most suitable to this need.