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  1. There is no governing body to maintain price stability in premium, hence price premium are moving according to supply and demand forces. For those willing to pay for a price sellers willing to part with. Bullion dealers are responding to the shortage of goods available to customers with price. Will other industry behave similarly given a similar situation? That will be food for thought. Good day!
  2. Perhaps the Russians were smart enough not to buy gold because its time to buy silver 😄
  3. For the financial savy dealers, hedging option is a cost to exercise, insurance against price volatility. For the non financial savy dealers, hedging is not an option, holding on to the physical and selling without making a loss is common sense. Price volatility matters not for firm believers of insurance, to be exercise in time of need. Dont see why both scenarios can’t exist in the same paradigm.
  4. For civilisation without economic depression: Have at least 3-6 months worth of expenses in cash. Should banks be closed, you have something handy available for daily transaction. For civilisation with economic depression: Have insurance worth at least 5%-10% of net-worth or annual income in precious metals. (Au 70% & Ag 30% ratio for balance portfolio, with account of GSR revert to average mean) Survival is about diversity, depending on your geological location, resources available are different and financial resources allocation percentage should deem fit to the environment for shelter, food, medicine & protection.
  5. Au79

    A real-life gold story

    Are you still a believer, now that you are all grown up 😇
  6. Welcome, and thank you for your renewed interest input, it serves as a marker of things to come 😁
  7. Au79

    Storage Question Perhaps we should relook into the context again, - Storage at home - Bullion, coins or bars - Not storing gold and silver together. Keeping them together can cause damage and tarnishing of the metal. Hence the recommendation is suggesting the storage Au & Ag at home environment CAN cause physical damage due to difference in purity and density, and tarnish of metal refers to Ag, generally everyone should know Au is inert.
  8. Financial Magic in the making 😆 “In theatric magic, misdirection is a form of deception in which the performer draws attention to one thing to distract it from another. Managing audience attention is the aim of all theater, and the foremost requirement of all magic acts.”
  9. Demand outstrips refineries production capacity due to the global outbreak event. Just have to wait out till demand wanes back below capacity, I can’t help to think it is not fruitful to begin picking the time of when the event situation normalise or not.
  10. Why do people bother with silver? I can't see a scenario where silver would go up more than gold, the GSR seems ever increasing. We still live in using what was built by many before us, at the same time creating new or improving for the generations after us. People bother with silver because of its properties and the utility it provides. “To everything, there is a season...” In this modern time, silver utility mostly under industrial applications. The previous season ended its utility of monetary circulation. If price is an indicator of demand regardless of manipulation or not, the current silver prices suggests excess in industrial demand, would one know what scenarios that would create demand for silver, price would follow. (A crude example, should the pharmaceutical report in the news tomorrow, the cure or vaccine for covid19, silver plays an important ingredient, what be the price of silver?), GSR ratio is mathematically indicator, one part with every increasing due to demand, and another part maintaining or decreasing, in the describe scenario, ratio widens. Since GSR is a result indicator of whatever reasons behind, use it as a quick guide and not an absolute in the decisions you are making. Of course, there are many ways to make money, if one have an edge so be it, need it be right or wrong in the way one earns, that will be another discussion for morality of life. It has worse premiums, it's harder to store. Premiums are probably due to the fact the market size of silver, apart from whatever business decisions the vendor decides to charge the customer. Eg. Should we find a silver deposit the size of Taiwan, supply doubles, price decreases, market size increase, premiums narrows, would it appease buyers? For storage, if silver is a necessity. Whatever size, I am sure human ingenuity will find a will to store. Complimentary to that, should silver prices be above $50 usd, reduce the resistance on storage issues. If you're a silver stacker help me understand why I'd want to stack silver too. The reasons one desires to stack has to come from within, saying that, the market has its own mind in how to price and unless both aligns, time is a factor to put into consideration. Good luck in your search! 😁
  11. Just because it is not useful now, does not mean it has no use in the future. Humans are generally short sighted, can’t seem to see much into the future.
  12. If anyone is looking to sell, do send me an offer with pictures of the slab.
  13. Anyone would share of examples or stories of how silver were used in similar manner?
  14. If anyone is looking to sell, do send me an offer with pictures of the slab.
  15. Just numbers running up and down, one can associate any reason to these numbers. And the question to ask is the rational why the numbers behave the way it is forecasted.
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