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  1. If gold is what it is, we are unable to deny its existence and characteristics. And for that, it is worth what it is worth. Gold’s characteristics has been proven to be of value to men for centuries. And for its uses and importance to men, it is worth the price men pays for. For the collective of merchants who has decided gold a commodity for profit, a market is created with the use of greed and fear through numbers. Men chase the number (price) given to gold. What if, is just men’s imagination run wild, building on men’s past experience of memories. Air is worthy of men, yet everyone breathes without paying.
  2. Au79

    Pulsing Maple

    Agreed on UK Royal Mint Lizzy Portrait for the best in its league compare to the rest of her Portrait. It’s very tempting to acquire the cutting edge design but the cost is painful. Since the mintage is low, the cost distribution is higher. Thumbs up to Canadian Mint for the visual treat.
  3. https://www.geiger-edelmetalle.de/en
  4. I have read this formulation: Anti tarnishing bag + oxygen absorber + Dehumidifier Box
  5. Au79

    Where to Start

    Health is the greatest wealth of all. The best state of mind creates wealth. Material wealth provides the best of worldly options. A cosy home to return is better than an empty castle.
  6. Au79

    Where to Start

    Silver is more volatile in nature for 2 digit pricing. Gold is less volatile in nature for 4 digit pricing. My max. preferred mix portfolio is 66.6% in gold & 33.3% in silver. Should silver or gold double or half in value respectively, your portfolio will remain resilient than a drastic outcome.
  7. Au79

    Where to Start

    Typical Buying Coins will be worth more than bars because of premium. Bars will be worth more than Spot price because of premium (taxes included if applicable) Typical Selling Spot will be the guide to follow for worth. Bars can be sold under spot or slightly over spot. Coins can be sold over spot because of premium. For selling, anything goes if the price is right for the right person. Investment Idea Look to buy Low and sell High. Reduce premium cost eating into profit. Understand the capital systems of the country you reside in.
  8. Yes indeed the recent years DPL has a small batch mislabeled of Deep Proof Like as Proof, the mislabeled however was not recalled & corrected. However the process of calling a spade a spade was implemented, and Deep Proof Like is now as it is DPL / DMPL. Not a proof but a proof look alike. When the coin’s reflection is place against a line. A prooflike coin should have a minimum of 2-4 inches visible, while for a coin to be a deep-mirror prooflike it should have as much as 6-8 inches of lines clearly visible.
  9. Does it mean Royal Mint are also telling us this is the new spot price we should be getting use to? If premium remains un-change 🤐
  10. Older sovereigns typically has common, uncommon and rare category. Mintages issue during the year versus population left mintage contributes to if the coin status of demand. Another would be the condition of the circulated coins. More worn down coin faces than less worn down. Designs are individual preferences and availability of sourcing the coins. Browsing the coin catalogue is easy than the hunt itself.
  11. To everything there is a season... Beauty is in The Eye of the beholder... Everything has a price, the price, however isn’t always money... The Proof we picked up and we left away did not change at all. It is us, human beings, our experience has changed 😶