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  1. A rush investment for mid to long term...not much advice to be given since you already have something in mind to begin with...buy from silver forum for best deal worth of 500 oz silver or a monster box from dealers.
  2. If starting again from scratch with a predisposition of precious metals preference, one should purchase with regards to that bias. if starting again from scratch with no attachment to precious metals preference. A balance value purchase of both gold & silver is a good start. “ There are three reasons why people change: (1) They have learned a lot (2) They have suffered a lot (3) They got tired of always the same thing”
  3. The answer: Copper fulfill a characteristic category of noble metal status. In physics, a noble metal is one which has filled electronic d-bands. According to this definition, only gold, silver and copper are noble metals. If one (Cu) has what it takes to pass through the doors of an elite club, hanging around inside makes others believe one (Cu) could be an elite 😏
  4. Stack gold according to the size of your free pocket. Deep free pockets enjoy lowest premium. Shallow free pockets prefer liquidity. Free size pocket enjoy flexibility.
  5. One man’s treasure is another man’s rubbish. Not all treasure is silver and gold. The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
  6. So the gold silver ratio has finally broken out of the line box. This animal is now out in the wild, free to roam anywhere. Guess we will just have to draw a new line box. 😁
  7. Preferred dealers will always have the first information of release earlier than retail customers.
  8. Is price movement up and down an issue? The sun rise and set daily, most of us are able to accept these facts my friend.
  9. The video is good education for those that has not yet went deep into the subject.
  10. I will stop buying when I start selling 😆
  11. I am with PM prices closing higher like a yearly bullish candlestick at the end of 2019. That doesn’t necessary mean it is a buy at end of Dec 2019. With a Dec 2019 buy strategy, does not necessarily mean one will have bought at a good price moving forward into year 2020. 🍀
  12. Money is numbers and numbers has no end, and there will be no end to the maximum profit, greed exist no matter at what profit. Fairness is a moral discipline. The ignorant shall be dealt with lessons of the heart. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Are we wiser to judge another’s choice not knowing their reasons. Or to put others to our standard of conduct in the name of righteousness. Peace.
  13. It appears the coins inherit its traits from the beginning before everything else. 😑 https://www.pcgs.com/silver-coins-spot-policy
  14. You can consider if cost is not the issue https://www.ngccoin.com/ncs-conservation/ https://www.pcgs.com/restoration