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  1. I am with PM prices closing higher like a yearly bullish candlestick at the end of 2019. That doesn’t necessary mean it is a buy at end of Dec 2019. With a Dec 2019 buy strategy, does not necessarily mean one will have bought at a good price moving forward into year 2020. 🍀
  2. Money is numbers and numbers has no end, and there will be no end to the maximum profit, greed exist no matter at what profit. Fairness is a moral discipline. The ignorant shall be dealt with lessons of the heart. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Are we wiser to judge another’s choice not knowing their reasons. Or to put others to our standard of conduct in the name of righteousness. Peace.
  3. It appears the coins inherit its traits from the beginning before everything else. 😑 https://www.pcgs.com/silver-coins-spot-policy
  4. You can consider if cost is not the issue https://www.ngccoin.com/ncs-conservation/ https://www.pcgs.com/restoration
  5. Perhaps it sounds common sense for a Dec buy only strategy. If precious metal during nov monthly close with a bullish candle for the year, one will likely buy high in Dec for that year. If precious metal during nov monthly close with a bearish candle for that year, one will likely buy low in Dec for that year. Sideways candle at end of nov monthly close is self explanatory. Thanks to HH trigger on this reply 🤩
  6. Au79

    Is this a good deal?

    It is a good deal for the RM 😁
  7. https://goldsilver.com/blog/the-best-time-to-buy-gold-and-silver-in-2018-is/ if the above article is well documented. Then at each Christmas, you would be buying at the highs of the year. Do your own homework if seasonality buying works for you (since it is a single purchase per year) and enjoy the savings.
  8. more demands for silver from the militaries if it involves thermonuclear weaponisation...they probably ransack the silver due to national security than pay you $4 😐
  9. There’s no shortage of currency, why are people still keeping the currency in the bank or under their mattresses? It is still a human belief system. It to be useful in the financial system of society. You have a tool to exchange your labor time for worldly goods or services. Silver has a utility purpose. If it doesn’t serve you, I am sure you wouldn’t want it in your world.
  10. You can consider the universal law it gets more liquid when selling more and more lesser from spot. 😆 It may really get illiquid when no one knows what is silver or precious metal.
  11. Technical analysis is no voodoo bag. The price is like a car on the move. Technical analysis is like the tachometer of the car. It provides the current momentum, speed, horsepower of the car. It does not tell what direction the driver intents to go, nor the time it will reach its destination. It is possible for one to have a near-term foresight of the car’s movement if one master such skills. Long-term foresight is like having man set foot on the moon. One who knows the driver, has the information of the driver’s destination would hit homerun than those many without.
  12. Post the coin in the sales section and adhere to the rules. It should gather more attention if it is of interest, the current topic header has reduce the sales of coin marketing exposure.
  13. Localise war has not much impact. What kind of war are you thus referring?