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  1. If anyone is looking to sell, do send me an offer with pictures of the slab.
  2. Anyone would share of examples or stories of how silver were used in similar manner?
  3. If anyone is looking to sell, do send me an offer with pictures of the slab.
  4. Just numbers running up and down, one can associate any reason to these numbers. And the question to ask is the rational why the numbers behave the way it is forecasted.
  5. A banknote whether it carries a security feature hologram or not has the same legal tender value worth in currency. Except for the premium paid for collectible features if applicable. Spot price for gold applies, it only matters if the buyer feels more assured paying for the security feature that comes with it or not, or if there is a rising trend in counterfeit products in the market. Hope these helps 😄
  6. 2017 Britannia 20th Anniversary 1 oz Silver Coin Mintage 120,000
  7. 2017 Britannia 30th Anniversary 1 oz Gold Coin Mintage 7000
  8. If gold is what it is, we are unable to deny its existence and characteristics. And for that, it is worth what it is worth. Gold’s characteristics has been proven to be of value to men for centuries. And for its uses and importance to men, it is worth the price men pays for. For the collective of merchants who has decided gold a commodity for profit, a market is created with the use of greed and fear through numbers. Men chase the number (price) given to gold. What if, is just men’s imagination run wild, building on men’s past experience of memories. Air is worthy of men, yet everyone breathes without paying.
  9. Au79

    Pulsing Maple

    Agreed on UK Royal Mint Lizzy Portrait for the best in its league compare to the rest of her Portrait. It’s very tempting to acquire the cutting edge design but the cost is painful. Since the mintage is low, the cost distribution is higher. Thumbs up to Canadian Mint for the visual treat.
  10. I have read this formulation: Anti tarnishing bag + oxygen absorber + Dehumidifier Box
  11. Au79

    Where to Start

    Health is the greatest wealth of all. The best state of mind creates wealth. Material wealth provides the best of worldly options. A cosy home to return is better than an empty castle.