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  1. What others purchase may not be the same reason for your purchase. Are you collecting or investing? What do you think you should buy? A full or double sovereign and why? And since you are after a collectible, premium is expected, how much do you think you are willing to pay to be comfortable? Since buyers will want to pay a price as low as possible until a point in price when puts off the seller. As mention previously by other members, for the sovereign series, the collectibles will be the different design and low mintages years. The years depends on your priorities.
  2. Another perspective on this topic : The Gold boat has already left the docks. Swim if you must to chase that boat. Suppose the boat sinks by end of the year, wouldn’t you have to wait for the next ride either way? If you know your risks and point of exit before the boat ride sink, by all means do what you need to do.
  3. Each modern nation competes against the rest of the nations through its currencies in exchange for natural resources, asset and capital resources, human resources and technological resources. With good governance, government spending is to lubricate the economy, creating jobs, creating the wealth effect for spending on products and services. Each transaction points allows the government to exercise the opportunity to collect tax revenues according to their policies. A healthy economic environment should yield a sustaining positive cycle effect. However, reality is that politics is a disruptor to the build up of good governance. And through the elimination by choice from the good to the bad of governance, the effects follows thereafter. The ancient nations are similar but have different priorities due to the environments of their times.
  4. History repeats because of each generational’s ignorance. Many are in the dark, with noises everywhere, those who seen the light may live in half truth, those who knows the light understand it is better to hide in the shadows from those in the dark.
  5. Hyperinflation is loss of confidence with a incumbent government payment system (currency), low probable generational event. The existing government currencies will be like living in the world of matrix as our reality.
  6. Au79

    Toga & Suit

    If 1oz of gold = gentlemen’s suit truely holds. If the possibility of gold price reaches $10,000 an ounce, we will be seeing lots of half naked men 😬
  7. Climate is defined as the average state of everyday’s weather condition over a period of 30 years. Change is define to become different, or to make something become different Can anyone phantom what we are trying to do? 🤣 🌞🌤️⛅🌥️🌦️🌧️⛈️🌩️☁️🌨️🌧️🌬️ It is constantly in different state everywhere. How can one come into a conclusion without any bias of, the system that is in a state of flux covering the entire planet 🌎 I personally really don’t know about this topic, unless perhaps my life is lived everywhere around this planet.
  8. Take the half and quarter sovereigns. Collect them all 😆
  9. ...do whatever it takes, buy precious metals 😆
  10. https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/7524/ngc-expert-review-launched/ 😁
  11. https://youtu.be/r5F4g-TZn2g
  12. Au79

    Proof or BU?

    Home cook food or fine dining? 😬