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    JimmyStack got a reaction from caloundracats in 7 month experiment   
    well said!!!!
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    JimmyStack got a reaction from jonrms in Palladium.   
    i think so... supply is crazy low right now... even the US mint is not making the 2018 palladium bullion coin due to metal shortage... I got lucky and snagged one of the 15000 2018 proof palladium eagles before they sold out in 5 minutes and its price is almost double from what i bought it at a month ago... but... this is largely hype and the prices should come back down i imagine... so some "collector palladium coins" are a fair investment in my opinion and the bullion seems to be doing well against gold/silver...it never hurts to diversify your metal stack
    p.s.  if this ramble doesn't make sense... you can blame Bombay Sapphire... 
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    JimmyStack reacted to Lowlow in 7 month experiment   
    People in the U.S. are confused too.
    There were protesters storming Congress today chanting (screaming!) "This is what Democracy looks like" ... who don't seem to understand that, actually, the people of the U.S. voting in a majority of conservatives into the U.S. Senate, who then confirm a supreme court nominee ... that's actually what Democracy looks like.  Yelling and trying to force people to do what you want even though you lost an election ... that's not really Democracy at all.
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    JimmyStack got a reaction from mr-dead in Bars Photo Thread...   
    My first Geiger Edelmetalle bar... it's quite beautiful 

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    JimmyStack got a reaction from Lowlow in Everyday Carry   
    Sig P938... the "noisy cricket" of CCW 😀
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    JimmyStack got a reaction from Tingles in Explain your Handle/Member Name   
    well.... my name is Jim, I have a jimmy and i am an amateur stacker (i think) so i just mashed that all together and voila  Jimmystack or i guess i could go with i have some equestrian items so they are jimmys tack... either works, i was making my account and was stumped... Gin was involved, it is what it is....
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    JimmyStack reacted to Reichpapers in US Mid-term Election   
    I regret that the OP has been taken in, hook, line and sinker by the media outlets.
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    JimmyStack reacted to Scuzzle in US Mid-term Election   
    The one thing Iearned about US polls and our polls here in the UK as well for that matter is they are designed to shape opinion rather than reflect opinion, I would not believe these polls for a second, remember Clinton was a 95% certainty to win the Presidency. I must admit I was under the impression that there would be a red wave rather than a blue wave myself.
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    JimmyStack reacted to sixgun in US Mid-term Election   
    With the US elections just around the corner, it is becoming more and more likely that democrats will overwhelmingly win.
    The Democrats are a  dead party - they will not win.
    Define racist and then what racist policies does Trump have?
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    JimmyStack reacted to KDave in US Mid-term Election   
    Thank you for the interesting perspective, I was under the impression that the republicans would make gains in the mid terms, but I see now that Trumps approval ratings are very low. This is based on the polls however, so take with a pinch of Brexit salt. 
    I understand that Trump has over turned the disgusting racist policies that Obama introduced that favoured Black and Hispanic people over White and Asian's getting into University. Skin colour over merit. Do you mean those disgusting racist policies will be brought back in? Or do you mean the separation of families at the border? That policy was brought in under Bill Clinton. Do you mean Trumps continued deportation of illegal immigrants? Obama set the record for that one. Which racist policies do you mean?
    I understand the working economy is booming in the US thanks to the tax cuts, I can't see those going back up in a hurry unless for reasons of political gain from the fallout... I would be content to see this sabotage, it makes sense to collapse the economy with Trump at the helm, there really isn't a better time, or a better president to pin it on. Ride the blue wave. 
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    JimmyStack got a reaction from mr-dead in Bars Photo Thread...   
    This little gem arrived this morning... looking good!  

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    JimmyStack got a reaction from mr-dead in Bars Photo Thread...   
    My first Geiger Edelmetalle bar... it's quite beautiful 

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    JimmyStack reacted to RacerCool in the look of silver   
    I have a really large vibranium round on order, which comes with a neat-looking capsule of this "serum" stuff that they said was part of the package. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend this pay period but Apmex was having one of their vault deals.
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    JimmyStack reacted to kimchi in the look of silver   
    I love the look of silver in the morning
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    JimmyStack reacted to PansPurse in the look of silver   
    I mean, if you like a metal for its scarcity I suggest stacking Francium... although it's also highly radioactive, which might be an issue...
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    JimmyStack reacted to MickD in the look of silver   
    Just sorting through some coins, these are some of the reasons I like silver.  Maria Theresa is a mass produced bullion con but still lovely, Morgan's nice and I may start collecting them, the hunting Thaler is a repro unfortunately, the real ones are a bit out of my price range but I'm not complaining at £7.  
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    JimmyStack reacted to StackerNoob in the look of silver   
    I could not disagree more re the platinum comment. For me platinum is a dirty looking slightly blue version of silver. It is in no way attractive to me.
    Im mostly a silver stacker but have some gold and its a toss up for me between the two in terms of looks. For example, I think the QBs in silver look boss, gold ones are just meh to me. But philharmonics look only ok in silver but look amazing in gold.
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    JimmyStack reacted to Bullionaire in the look of silver   
    I do like the look of copper, especially with a matt finish. I just find gold captivating to look at. Maybe it's partly  knowing how expensive it is that does it
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    JimmyStack reacted to RacerCool in the look of silver   
    Pure copper has a great look to it, which rivals gold.
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    JimmyStack reacted to PansPurse in the look of silver   
    Silver has the highest reflectivity of all the metals, it is objectively and measurably the shiniest.
    Gold is one of the very very few metals to have an emission in the visible spectrum (hence it's colour)
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    JimmyStack reacted to knighthawk in the look of silver   
    Silver is the metal of men, gold is the metal of kings.
    Platinum / Palladium are the metals of cars. ?
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    JimmyStack reacted to FoolzGold in the look of silver   
    Each to their own. BTW I'll be happy to send you a 2oz silver QB for any 1oz platinum QB you might have.
    Personally I'm still waiting for a vibranium or unobtainium 1oz coin. ?
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    JimmyStack reacted to mr-dead in the look of silver   
    I know which of my bars I prefer and feels better in the hand, and its not the one on the right

    At spot you could have 15 bars + change of the one on the right for the price of the gold bar.  Highlights how value dense gold is.
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    JimmyStack reacted to Bullionaire in the look of silver   
    I do like the look of sliver,  but you can't beat pure gold for aesthetic appearance. I will own a 1oz gold coin someday!
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    JimmyStack reacted to augur in the look of silver   
    In which way? I do like the way platinum flows when struck on a larger magnification level but overall it seems greyer and darker. 
    Also on coins the lustre of circulation issue gold coins is more appealing than silver. 
    But as cast bars, silver seems to have an edge. Although i still have to see a BYB gold ripple bar to compare.