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  1. JimmyStack

    wanted Geiger Security bars

    man those bars are sexy!! i've been trying to score a 500g bar for half a year... people hording them like raman noodles before the zombie apocalypse
  2. JimmyStack

    7 month experiment

    well said!!!!
  3. JimmyStack


    i think so... supply is crazy low right now... even the US mint is not making the 2018 palladium bullion coin due to metal shortage... I got lucky and snagged one of the 15000 2018 proof palladium eagles before they sold out in 5 minutes and its price is almost double from what i bought it at a month ago... but... this is largely hype and the prices should come back down i imagine... so some "collector palladium coins" are a fair investment in my opinion and the bullion seems to be doing well against gold/silver...it never hurts to diversify your metal stack p.s. if this ramble doesn't make sense... you can blame Bombay Sapphire...
  4. well.... my name is Jim, I have a jimmy and i am an amateur stacker (i think) so i just mashed that all together and voila Jimmystack or i guess i could go with i have some equestrian items so they are jimmys tack... either works, i was making my account and was stumped... Gin was involved, it is what it is....
  5. JimmyStack

    Everyday Carry

    Sig P938... the "noisy cricket" of CCW 😀
  6. JimmyStack

    the look of silver

    I don't know what it is really but i love the look of silver much more than gold... something hypnotic about it... better than platinum or palladium too... silver, the gentleman's metal (and Ladies too)... just thought i would put that out... enjoying a wee bit of gin tonight and feel chatty lol
  7. JimmyStack

    Can You Stop Milk Spots In Their Tracks?

    those aren't milk spots, that's mange... better shave that bear ASAP!!!
  8. JimmyStack

    Has APMEX Got Greedy ?

    easiest way is to call them and let them know you want to have the veteran discount, they will ask you for proof (copy of your dd-214 is sufficient, you can black out your SSN), then once they have you in their system all you have to do is call them with your order and they will give you the lowest price for that item (usually the price associated with quantities of 500+ but you get it for any quantity)... you have to call though for the order as the website isn't set up for it... I've used it a few times already and its pretty sweet... just wanted to clarify that this is on Provident, not APMEX...
  9. JimmyStack

    Has APMEX Got Greedy ?

    when i started i bought from APMEX but have pretty much switched to Provident, although they are slower to get the product out the door after you order, but they are cheaper.... and, if you live in the U.S.A. and are a veteran you can buy anything on their website for the lowest price regardless of quantity which is nice
  10. JimmyStack

    Hello Silver Forum, Newbie Here :)

    Hello from the USA!! this is a great place to get information and general knowledge... I'm still pretty new and it is always great to roam the forum and pickup good tidbits of info... have fun and keep on stacking!!!
  11. JimmyStack

    NewB from the Pacific NorthWest USA

    It is a great site for sure, people are always helpful and there is a lot of knowledge around here, I've learned much
  12. JimmyStack

    NewB from the Pacific NorthWest USA

    Welcome Curt! nice to see another Washingtonite I'm a bit north of you on Whidbey Island... enjoy the forums!!!
  13. JimmyStack

    Hello from Oregon, USA

    Hello from a neighbor to the north (Washington)... enjoy the new hobby!!!
  14. JimmyStack

    Indian/Buffalo rounds

    I just grabbed some of those at spot from Monument Metals on a promo and they look great, no spots or cloudy... did you get secondary market?
  15. JimmyStack

    unknown silver object

    those are the best pictures of a USO i've ever seen... <puts on tinfoil hat>
  16. i got perth 1oz silver bars using that coupon, ended up being 16.85 per oz US... search under "collectibles" then search for silver in there... gl
  17. JimmyStack

    Sunday night metal chat

    My lofty goal would be to sell half my stack when the price doubles from where i bought (average) so that the other half is basically "free" and i do use quotes on that hahaha... would be cool to have a bunch of silver that cost me basically nothing
  18. JimmyStack

    What was Your First Coin?

    Canadian quarter 1968, found it in our couch when i was 4 ?
  19. JimmyStack

    How can this be legal?

    they look like foil covered chocolate lol...
  20. JimmyStack

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    i tend to stick with items that don't have to be reported when sold, like maples, ASE's, etc... at least its that way here in the states
  21. JimmyStack

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

  22. JimmyStack

    Coin Rings

    You are so right! The fact that you are giving it a go is impressive, hope your project is a success and the journey is as much fun as the finish...
  23. JimmyStack

    Three 9999 1oz Coins - Which Ones

    Please tell me you won't buy them off of Ebay!!!! .... sorry, i'll see myself out....
  24. JimmyStack

    hands up those without tv

    I have a TV but no cable or anything... use it to watch movies... I don't miss watching "TV" and I certainly don't miss the news... my overall happiness is 10x better when I stopped following the drivel... CHEERS!!!