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  1. I was after a vw camper van so looked on ebay and came across my friends one so phoned him straight away because i was annoyed as he had said i had first refusal on it. He never had it up for sale and the photo was taken at a vw meet and not a photo he had taken the lenths some people go to con you out of you hard earned cash is unreal. Ebay should be prosecuting these people needs stamping out
  2. His offed to design me a bar thinking of replying with could i have it made into the word bullocks unless someone else got better one
  3. I wear the trousers she just tells me which ones lol i like a little football bet which i have a budget for with agreement i share my winnings i never win i her eyes ash knows when ive won because i message him late on a saturday after all bets have come in wanting coins
  4. @arshimo2012 his deals are always good my goto seller when i have spare cash @BackyardBullion not brouggt from him yet i say yet the work ive seen him put in on just the group buys is amazing the only reason ive not ordered on group order is because he dont take paypal and paypal is my easiest way of paying without wife seeing ive gone over my monthly quotas
  5. jacobkenn

    Silver hunt

    Ok my first day of silver hunt traveled about 50 miles not going to say where at moment all will become clear why its just a general sale but think ive found some gems and under valued by auction house first lot contains 24 925 silver Guernsey raf coins valued at 50-100 now my maths not brilliant but seems under valued 2nd lot contains 8 britainias and 10 proof £2 coins £80-£150 seems a little cheap Now the 3rd was listed as mixed coins wasnt going to have look as boxed looked full of nickel coins but asked to have a look any way now i found in that box 2 more britanias and these 2 First picture a 5oz coin in box and certificates Second picture a £25 gold proof boxed with certificates This box had a value of £20-40 someone missed them 2 coins i am sure as lots of nickel on top ive burried them again and hope nobody finds them didnt take pictures of them either didnt want to draw attention to them Auction Wednesday and will put my bids in and see what i get fingers crossed
  6. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/hose-rhodes-dickson/catalogue-id-srhos10056/lot-072ec869-a021-48ce-8f3e-aa0300ef74d1# Link if anyone wants to bid think auction house under valued from your link to one of the coins
  7. Would like to know what these are and rough value seem to be french Thanks jay
  8. jacobkenn

    Silver hunt

    Colchester essex Already found a auction that contains alot of coins not to far from me thats my first day out planed for this week looked at other autions with coins in and they are in my plans aswell just now looking in to shops dealers inbetween Just need to do somthing as i will be bored and when we are off and bored we spend money on rubbish so thought why not have a 4 days a week hunting silver and seeing places in the uk ive not been to
  9. This happened in my own town very sad but i do think the media have pushed the storie of the 50p as the media do dont know for sure but must be more to this
  10. jacobkenn

    Silver hunt

    To cut along storie short i am part of a family run business and we are having to relocate but because of solicitors i am going to be having 4-6 weeks off ive never been unemployed i know i will be very bored so decided i am going on a silver hunt what i mean i will travel round local first then spread my wings and go further a field i am looking for surgestions on where to go i am intrested in hidden shops that are intresting and in nice locations
  11. I dont know for sure the actual figures that got released but does seem alot but after checking the grading web site just to make sure that mine was listed on there about 500 graded by them still dont give me any idea how many out there or how much it could be worth. i do know when first noticed some went for hundreds but missed that boat
  12. @NikolaAnne Collectors of Britannia silver bullion coins now have a pair of “mules” to consider. Appropriately enough, a Year of the Horse coin is at the center of the error. Approximately 17,000 examples of the 2014 Britannia 1-ounce silver £2 coins were struck with an obverse die intended for the Royal Mint’s inaugural Lunar bullion issue, celebrating the Year of the Horse in 2014. In addition, an estimated 38,000 examples of the Year of the Horse 1-ounce silver £2 coin were struck with an obverse die intended for the Britannia £2 coin.
  13. @SilverStan a close friend of mine started his own car tuning business in the last year to promote his business he hit social media hard showing of his own m5 that was tuned to 1000bhp it made lots of magazine front covers it broke records it is the fastest m5 in europe 212mph i think beats maclearens in a straight line. Anyway last week his house was hit they turned the house upside down stole tag watches his kawazaki zx10 he thinks they come for the car like u he doesn't keep car at home or at his tuning business but still stole over 15000 worth of goods his gutted and knows it was all down to social media and magazine coverage we just need to be safe about what we end up putting on line https://instagram.com/tommy_turb0?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=innz60vf7fzn Anyone into bmws you need to look at this https://instagram.com/velocitytuning?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1id9f9h37zy5o And if you have a car that needs tuning this is his business
  14. @SilverStan sounds like you have rented to my ex wife she would make a excellent gaurd dog so should be safe