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  1. Someone already private messaged saying they might have them pending pictures so got wife to send me some pictures just waiting on reply Will keep you updated Thanks jay
  2. Pictures to follow As title says I would like to get £170 plus postage but am open to sensible offers all in capsules pay pal friends and family or bank transfer am working away this weekend so will post pictures when back monday Thanks jay
  3. Would be nice to know who this seller was as ebay do nothing about fakes being sold the thing is you will send this coin back and he will con someone else the coin needs to disposed of not given back but you won't get your money back if you do that i agree about 1917 catching people out even dealers but for me thats enough to put me off buying it especially of ebay. You wasnt being rude it's a open fourum we all entitled to our opinions
  4. Be intrested in seeing ebay picture Please don't take this as a dig I dont want to make you feel worse But why would you buy a coin that in the back of your mind you knew it was fake only say this as your comment of hope it's real. EBay purchases always come with risk but it's up to us to limit them
  5. 😂😂😂😂 100% my feeling about it too just thought i would put it out there just in case I was missing somthing
  6. Anybody shed any light on these just looking around internet came across these and sure they are over priced but who collects them and why
  7. Sorry no paypal so ignore my last post
  8. I will take them pm you
  9. As close to spot as possible made my first purchase from bullion by post not alot but taken me a year of stacking at as close to spot as possible to get my average price down to a potentially profit making price. This fourum allowed me to get the average price down because of excellent bargains from members. if i didnt join I dont know how many other purchases I would have made from high premium sites or how long it would have taken me to get my average cost per ounce down. I've also dipped my toe into graded coins but only buying what i like and whats unusual because of members post on the site. Keep looking at the queens beasts but I know once I start on them i won't stop until I have all if not most of them and that will soon add up in £££
  10. Popped into my local town and saw this in window of a charity shop at first I thought it was priced wrong £5 or even not silver I am a silver bullion/coin stacker and not upto scratch with hall marks but thought if it is £5 it's worth a punt went in and the spoke to the nice old lady who said i think the price is correct but I will ask at this point I am thinking great now someone going to say no thats been priced wrong but no another old lady came over and said well that's what it's got on it do you want it so took a punt posted a pic on here in van in carpark to see about hallmarks got home and researched hallmarks and my gamble paid of I say gamble I had a idea the lion ment it was silver