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  1. Hi guys just purchased a 2018 65th anniversary of the coronation struck on the day sovereign for £250 in good condition but noticed it has a scratch visible in certain light.will it affect the value much being as it’s meant to be bu and not proof?other than that it’s in very good condition:
  2. ogb777

    Jalan 999 fine silver 50gm

    Seems to settle at 4.84g so 10.41
  3. ogb777

    Jalan 999 fine silver 50gm

    Thanks @Abyss just done the density test it came in as around 4.82-4.84 so 50.39:4.8=10.49 so I’m guessing that’s good?
  4. ogb777

    Jalan 999 fine silver 50gm

    Thanks for that it’s quite an interesting business card 👍
  5. ogb777

    Jalan 999 fine silver 50gm

    Does anyone know anything about this coin?only paid £10 for it but not much info about it on google @BackyardBullion this is the coin I mentioned on your last video:
  6. Yes I know I was also looking at property in Bulgaria but the thing that put me off was the legal ownership hurdles.i believe I got it cheap as it was sort of in a family inheritance dispute....
  7. https://business.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/91/~/sending-valuables%2C-money-%26-jewellery-in-the-uk read up on here if your so bothered about it instead of picking fights on someone’s thread.he answered your question he sends special delivery 1pm thanks and good night 👍
  8. Someone’s on the troll tonight.......
  9. Received my coin from pritchard no problem 👍
  10. I rent in Dagenham East london.average 3 bed house price is around 300k here.i have thought about further north but as another member pointed out it’s also colder wetter and no chance of getting something for 4K
  11. Pretty much fluent French as I spent quite a bit of my life there from 5-18 years old.funny enough all the communication with the notaries is in english..
  12. Research was key for me checking the area house prices and rental prices.the thing that you have to ask yourself is what you want to do with it.if it’s only to be used as a holiday home and isn’t lived in for 9-10 months things start to degrade quickly when empty.for me renting long term Is the best option.i’ll probably buy another if this goes well and so on....
  13. I’ve been searching on and off for 2 years and to be honest when I offered less than half the asking pricing I wasn’t really expecting it to be accepted.i used the notaries search to find it: https://www.immobilier.notaires.fr/en
  14. Yes will definitely keep this updated with costs,pictures etc.only sent back the signed paperwork on Friday and hoping to have keys end of March at the latest.
  15. It was up for 10k originally rental seems to be around the £250 mark so hopefully will pay for itself in a couple of years.Wish I would have done the same as you bullionbilly instead of spending all I was earning on flash cars and clothing as you do at that age and having 2 kids by that age didn’t help....