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  1. Thanks 5huggy didn’t know about marking as completed and AIL sold one for £266 delivered
  2. Selling 1 of my 2019 sovereigns *sold*
  3. Condition is very good no scratches or even dust as far as I can see
  4. For sale my 1935 20 Swiss francs *sold*
  5. For sale my queens beasts 1/4 proof lion of England boxed but no outer box*sold*
  6. For sale my 1918 India mint sovereign in good condition comes boxed and in protective plastic £310 inc special delivery p@p
  7. Selling some of my stack: 1902 100 francs *sold* 1897 20 francs *sold* prices include special delivery p&p bank transfer only
  8. Hi i may have a carded half 2008.would you be interested?
  9. Was lucky enough to pick one of these up last month for £249 from my local pawnbroker in a nice wooden box with certificate
  10. Sorry for the late reply I’m actually doing some final bits ie decorating.roof is done as are all the electrics.will be adding furniture and appliances as renting furnished makes me exempt from some of the taxes here.total cost including the purchase £9200 and estimated value is around the £22000 mark.i wont be selling anytime soon and have already placed an ad for £250 a month with quite a bit of interest.will upload some photos when I get home as internet here is the equivalent of dial up...
  11. Just an update received today and it is indeed a full proof!not bad for the price of a half
  12. Exactly it was listed as a half sovereign however weight was listed as 7.99.
  13. Just purchased a sovereign advertised as a half but to me looks like a proof however no proofs or uncirculated were minted in 1981.any thoughts?hopefully it’s a full sovereign