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  1. Sorry it's the Platinum:Gold Ratio 5 year view. There she is... to the left - not for you and me to trade though! Must be one of those "anomalies". And thank you for the opportunity to talk about it ...great post for discussion. Cannot believe the ratio went below 0.5!!!!!
  2. Thanks for confirming @CadmiumGreen LOL! It was so ridiculous ...It stuck in my mind. With all the rumours of non-audit at Fort Knox .. worth a play? But just look at the 10 year and more charts esp. Gold:Platinum ratio...see the spikes when a sale of one can might be used to buy another?? Anyways what do I know - I think like a 5 year old (so I've been told)!
  3. I seem to recall that this was being mulled over during the reign of Obama?
  4. I haven't checked the Apmex website recently - but as I'm not in the 'business', I'd have to add VAT upon import. currently have **4 left You could just take a deep breath and jump in - you'll have heard about the customer service on TSF talk I'm sure - but they generally work - although you'll have to wait for the coins due to pre-order and the general chaos. Or buy them on here later! Good luck either way. Oh and I understand that they are still delivering to the UK (around £26 via UPS/FedEx) and you can pay GPB I should add that quite a few on here use the European Mint - not sure whether they have any of these coins? **Update Sun 5/4/20 - now appear to have replenished stocks at 50 **Update Sun Afternoon - all GONE! 1/2 hour later 50 back up - obviously selling in tranches. ...End of Post
  5. Hi Thank you for the link. It would be great to find the 1/2 and 1/4oz BUs - But I've never laid eyes on them. Maybe they're in the States - ha just received an email from the RM saying that due to lack of interest, the RM will not be producing the Royal Arms 1oz Platinum Coin. But, to be fair, I did request in relation to UK production - and true enough the Royal Arms Pt is not on the RM site. But selling at Apmex and
  6. Hi Would it be possible for somebody to kindly post a link to the fractional Brits as referred to above? Particulary interested in the 1/2oz Brits (2020). Thanks
  7. Or play it safe with CGT friendly coin/s I suppose for the longer-term - yeah and there's the shipping!
  8. What do you think of these? Not on the RM site?
  9. UK based. Payment by bank transfer only please. UK mainland only SD post included. 42,631 mintage only. Beautiful coin in excellent condition. (Provided in a flip.)
  10. UK based. Payment by bank transfer only please. UK mainand only SD postage inc. Rare (Declared mintage 800: SA Mint); all coins w/box & COAs. Excellent condition. Withdrawn for now - may re-appear in few days/weeks ..or months. Thanks for looking
  11. UK based. Payment by bank transfer only please. UK mainland only SD postage included. SOLD Thank you The obverse of the Bull coin does have the very slightest of marks (obverse only) as per pics below.
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