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  1. kneehow2018

    Today I bought.....

    Hey Graham..that'll be ILCM!! (saves on something..)
  2. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    if you provide the perfect alibi
  3. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    .....but remember, YOU put that idea in my head!
  4. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    Suppose it's not a million miles away..might pop over take the personal approach ☺️
  5. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    Ha I didn't know that they had an english version site before. Last time (couple months back) as I said it was copy -paste- google translate. The restrikes (AG) have an amazing quality to them. I'll look into the ducats. Thank you @fehk2001
  6. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    Apologies @FFkook I missed out on the 2017 Gold Proof 1oz Lion Dollar Re-strike (400th Mint Anniversary) - beautiful and value increased massively. 100 mintage. 200 mintage on 2017 iedfort silver proofs - sold out..... They tend to sell out quickly re the re-strike series - I personally don't see much attraction in any other series - I mean I used to watch Johan Cryuff (R.I.P) with wonderment but not buying a coin with him on it - not happening! But does anyone on SF know as to why an English version* website now - a forerunner (event* that is) to an excellent coin (that I might not miss out on this time 'round)? (Oh unless the prancing lion's completely covered in waves - I'll give that a miss.)
  7. kneehow2018

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    Sorry..but before if you wanted to deal directly with the mint (only real reason might have been to get the gold or piedfort lion dollar re-strikes before they sold out) - it was google translate or learn dutch. Still most of what's on there - is it popular with the SF crowd? Wonder why they chose now to have an english version - wider audience potential but for what reason - unless I'm missing out on something?
  8. kneehow2018

    Taking the plunge

    Hello and welcome to the SF!
  9. This has got to be one of the slowest Saturdays ......ever!
  10. kneehow2018


    I like that ...SirKneehow...(and drop the year)
  11. kneehow2018

    completed Gold 1/4oz QB Lion of England

    Sold. (Just checking - may have one left if not will complete this post) Thanks Addendum - may have a couple to sell in the near future...watch this space. Many thanks
  12. kneehow2018

    for sale 2018 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Dragon 500 mintage

    5oz of 9999 which is honestly better in the flesh, as it were Thanks for coming by : @MickD @Auricsstash