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  1. UK Based. Postage inclusive offer limited to UK mainland only. Payment by bank transfer please. 5oz Antiqued Silver Dragon w/box & COA 500 mintage 2oz Antiqued Silver Unicorn w/box & COA 1000 mintage 2oz Antiqued Silver Phoenix w/box & COA 1000 mintage SELLING AS A TRIO ONLY - £545.00 NB: Small 'dink' to one corner of the Unicorn outer box as pictured. caused by compression during storage i.e. no sudden impact and no related internal damage.
  2. UK Based. Inclusive postage applicable to UK mainland only. Will consider /negotiate International Delivery. Payment by bank transfer please. Sold out at the SA Mint early on. Level of purity 9999. Limited to 2,017 in number. Comes w/box & COA. Pretty much in mint condition. As gauging interest at this stage only - not fixed a price yet
  3. UK- based. UK swap preferred due to costs. Swap with Lunar II Rabbit or perhaps Lunar I if available? Thank you
  4. Many thanks for the interest and taking the time to comment. Very grateful to the member who snapped up the job lot.
  5. Sorry - sold not so long ago ...forget to whom
  6. At this stage putting these up in order to gauge interest regarding the potential sale of the coins & box (both in lovely condition) [UK based. Inclusion of postage aplicable to UK mainland only. Payment by bank transfer please] 5 x Lions @ £285 each posted. All coins supplied in screw capsules 5 x Griffins @ £280 each posted. All coins supplied in screw capsules The beautiful QB box (Courtesy of Alun) @ £40.00 / F.O.C. if all coins purchased in one lot.
  7. Yes - I may very well have been misinterpreting A.Maguire
  8. I understood (which doesn't mean a lot) that Gold was to be accepted by the CBs as currency in April in any case
  9. Both just sold. Sorry sixgun... Pending payment ??? Ahh ..hang on that man All yours😁
  10. UK Based. Postage Inclusive Offer - limited to UK mainland. Payment by bank transfer. Both capsuled coins in lovely condition. ONLY £1075 EACH (posted)! both sold ..many thanks Excellent starting point/ price in the QBs collection 😉
  11. I am extending the courtesy of a definitive timeline to the SF member who PM'd me to buy the pair yesterday and pay before lunchtime today - either pay in full by 3:30pm today or the sale/ offer will be withdrawn from that member. It would be my prerogative to put back up for sale at whatever price (as it always has been), whenever I choose to do so. In the meantime the For Sale poster is back up so as to mitigate lost time 😁 Up for sale as before