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  1. UK Based. Payment by bank transfer please. UK mainland addresses - post included. Beautiful bullion coin in capsule. £930.00 light abrasion to cheek - barely perceptible under most lighting conditions.
  2. Pretty sure I got that screenshot from TSF.
  3. UK Based. Payment by bank transfer please. First Class Signed For postage to addresses within UK mainland only, included. Dragon Dollar - OMP (capsule & seal) £36.50 £32.50 posted £28.50 posted SOLD Griffin in capsule £51.00 SOLD Unicorn in capsule £34.50SOLD All coins in lovely condition.
  4. I thought they had the same service at Peterborough?
  5. In case an interested party on TSF missed this the first time 'round.
  6. kneehow2018

    Hi, I am new

    Seiously not being facetious but as I personally have issues with the default font size.... Hi Jim & Welcome! (whoops! no shouty caps)