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  1. £1000. When it gets to £1300 I'm going to cash out and be happy. I would then put that money away and buy if/when it goes back below £1000.
  2. Who is buying at these prices? If I want to sell some, it must be dealers who are the only ones buying atm.
  3. The full stack since reaching the target of 5oz GoldAlways believe in your soulYou've got the power to knowYou're indestructible!
  4. I've been guilty in the past of bringing it up in conversation and instantly regretting it. Only a couple of people outside the family know about my PMs and I trust them, but know that people can talk. What's the likely-hood of someone finding out personal info of a stacker from watching youtube videos or even posts on here? If the videos/profile pic show the persons face I suspect its even more risky.
  5. Yesterday I bought a 1974 Sovereign meaning I've reached my goal of 5oz gold 😀
  6. It's amazing what you can find on amazon these days! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Precious-Metals-Large-Silver-Anal/dp/B01N4BDKT8
  7. My heart says 1oz but my brain says Sovereigns.
  8. Having a look on ebay and there seems to be a lot of fake 50p's doing the rounds. With so many different designs being released I think the Royal Mint have shot themselves in the foot and opened the door to countless fakes.
  9. According to the Royal Male website you should say it's jewellery. There's also a whole list of prohibited items including lottery tickets and frozen water! 🤣 https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail/uk-what-can-i-send#prohibited-items
  10. That's where I got mine at the one in London. I've seen a few 10oz koala's at that fair before but I had my heart set on a Kook for a while.
  11. I picked up my 1st 10ozer. I told myself no more silver but I just love shiny things too much! The marks are on the plastic and made worse by my bad photo skills.
  12. Avoid buying them directly from the Royal Mint. If you only want a few and want to but from a 'shop' in the UK you could try Bullion By Post or Hatton Garden Metals. For larger orders follow the advice of the posters above reg BYB's group order.
  13. Wait and see what happens with Brexit first.
  14. Gold now at £1018.76. It might have something to do with China-Taiwan. I hope it remains peaceful between them as Taiwan is a lovely place. There is a shop near me with a 1913 Sovereign in the window for £250. I'm very tempted 👀