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  1. Money2Metal

    22K vs 24K

    If you're investing/collecting then 22k vs 24k shouldn't be a problem as they still have their marked weight in gold.
  2. Money2Metal

    Help needed. Is this a proof Canadian Silver Maple ?

    Your pictures look like this one so I'm sorry to tell you that it's a fake. https://www.fakebullion.com/index.php/component/k2/item/20-2013-canadian-silver-maple-1-ounce-silver-coin The only one like this I could find on ebay is the one that I think you might have up for sale, as the woodwork background looks the same! It might be worth taking it down just in case you get a strike.
  3. Money2Metal

    Help needed. Is this a proof Canadian Silver Maple ?

    I would say it looks like a copy as I would expect the leaf to have more detail in the vines.
  4. The death of the Queen over Christmas leading to the delay/cancellation of Brexit, causing riots, also a collapse of government with the hard left taking control and causing a financial meltdown.
  5. Money2Metal

    Show your stack.

    They marketed them as "£20 for £20". I got them as gifts a while back.
  6. Money2Metal

    Show your stack.

    Slow but steady stack here. Maybe 8ish years of buying on and off. I sold lots of my generics a few years back and have been replacing them over the past year with Brits. Edit to add: This is just my silver, the other stuff is harder to dig out atm.
  7. Money2Metal

    You'll be a man, my son

    Sovs. QB's are popular now but may not be in 18 years.
  8. Money2Metal

    Buying trips

    For coins/bullion it's cheaper here but for jewellery it's often better quality and cheaper abroad. Not too sure about customs though.
  9. Money2Metal

    Asset Allocation

    This is where I've probably made a mistake. 60% cash 40% PM's
  10. Money2Metal

    Trump 2020 1 oz silver coin ???

    I might get one for work's secret Santa just for a laugh! 🤣
  11. A few months ago I was speaking to someone who was buying gold for the first time and he was shocked when I mentioned that the price also goes down. Gold was a great investment pre 2008, now I see it as more of a preservation of wealth with the added risk that it could go either way. Silver is more risky as you've got to factor in VAT and bigger premiums. I bought post 2008 so I haven't seen any growth yet on my gold investments overall, but hoping it works out in the long term. I sold some of my silver to raise some emergency funds a few years back and I made a loss on that. I've slowly been buying more silver to replace it and am back up to my target, but if I'm honest (in my individual case) I should've stuck with gold. I do like looking at my silver though! 😀
  12. Money2Metal

    Best Looking Coin

    For silver it's the old style 1oz Mexican Peso. It's nice and chunky like pirate treasure! For gold it's the buffalo.
  13. Money2Metal

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    I took mine out the mints wrapper and into a capsule. That way it's easier for me to fit in my hiding spot without getting squished.
  14. Money2Metal

    Getting drunk in New Zealand

    I bought this off ebay after a few. £50 😮 Not that much interest when coming to sell it, best offer I got was £5 at a coin fair so I decided to keep it.
  15. Money2Metal

    Tracking your stock

    I use Excel for my gold. Its got columns for coin type/gold weight/cost.Then at the bottom it tots up the total amount spent, amount of gold in oz and the average cost per oz. I did it years ago and had to watch a youtube video to use the correct formula to make it do the right thing.