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  1. Money2Metal

    Getting drunk in New Zealand

    I bought this off ebay after a few. £50 😮 Not that much interest when coming to sell it, best offer I got was £5 at a coin fair so I decided to keep it.
  2. Money2Metal

    Tracking your stock

    I use Excel for my gold. Its got columns for coin type/gold weight/cost.Then at the bottom it tots up the total amount spent, amount of gold in oz and the average cost per oz. I did it years ago and had to watch a youtube video to use the correct formula to make it do the right thing.
  3. Money2Metal

    Potential eBay scam please help

    That does sound fishy then. When you track it on the RM website, can you see who signed for it? I had to do that at work and it provided a screenshot of the signature. I'm pretty sure it was RM.
  4. Money2Metal

    Potential eBay scam please help

    I had a RM red card the other week and from memory it did have an option for item left in safe space. Though I had to make a 2 hour round trip to our "local" sorting office instead.
  5. Money2Metal

    Silver coins for sale on ebay

    Can you cancel and relist with a higher price?
  6. Money2Metal

    Financial Crisis / Silver protection

    This impending financial crises has been talked about for around 8-10 years, and even if one does happen, it probably won't mean the crash of the whole system like some are predicting. MM has been talking about it for years and I remember Max Keiser having the whole 'Crash JP Morgan - buy silver" thing. I wonder how much money they made by driving the short term price to nearly £30 per oz? IMO if the system does crash and you need PMs for day to day purchases (very unlikely), then gold has more recognisable value to the general public than silver and small 1g bars would be the way to go. Don't get suckered into the end of the world predictions. I did and made some expensive mistakes along the way.
  7. I got some Britannia's from a pawnshop for £16 when I first started. I sold a few on ebay and got between £24 and £38 each for them. They're really the only ones I made any real profit on. There was also an Illuminati round that I got a bit for but I now wish that I kept it.
  8. Money2Metal

    My first gold purchase

    I would recommend Sovereigns too. I've seen a few bullion britannia's and maples for sale that haven't been in capsuals and as a result had fingerprints and scuffs. I didn't buy them for that reason and that might factor in for others when I would come to sell. With bullion sovs the odd mark and wear doesn't really matter. Saying that I've just bought some airtites for mine 😊
  9. Money2Metal

    Queen’s beasts Falcon gold proof should be out soon

    I like it even though it does look Russian.
  10. With silver quite low at the moment you might be better holding onto them for a while. You're right that most dealers will give you spot or under, so selling on here or even ebay might get you more. I didn't even know that you could get 1/40 gold coins (smallest I've seen in 1/20). I just googled it and you can!
  11. Money2Metal

    1g gold bars

    If you got 1oz in 1g gold bars it comes to around £1120. You would need gold to go up by 20% just to get your initial investment back when you sell.
  12. Money2Metal


    It looks like it's moulded. The colour looks a bit duller in the middle for some reason.
  13. Money2Metal


    Yes I think so. ☺️
  14. Money2Metal


    I saw this in a pawnshops window yesterday and fell in love with it. There is one downside when 'stacking' is that you look at everything on it's silver value. This only weighs around 20g and I thought that the £34 tag was a little expensive... but I got it anyway!
  15. Money2Metal

    Rumblings from Asia

    Welcome. That sounds like the same sort of weighing system they had when I visited Hong Kong where a mace is 3.78grams. You might be able to get some good deals over there on gold jewellery as the quality is a lot better than the UK, being 22 or even 24k. Also if you're coming back to the UK you could always wear it coming through customs ?