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  1. Money2Metal

    What's the point of capsules?

    Around 80% of my stack is in capsules. The only ones out are ASE's/philharmonics/Libitads/generic rounds. If I'm at a coin fair or shop I avoid any Britannias/Perth Mints without caps as I feel they have a bit more numismatic value over standard bullion. All of my gold is in capsules apart from my sovereign.
  2. If the state pension is axed in the future, what would happen to what people have already paid into it via NI payments? Would that carry over to the compulsory pension or be lost forever? Sorry if it's a silly question but I'm not that clued up on pensions. I'm mid 30's and only been paying into one for a couple of years but consider my stack to be part of it.
  3. Money2Metal

    Anyone knows a good London coin shop with US coins?

    Every week apart from bank holidays and over Christmas.
  4. Money2Metal

    Anyone knows a good London coin shop with US coins?

    If you're there on Saturday it could be worth checking out the coin market just outside Embankment Station. Come out the station from the left exit and next to the Starbucks is a blue board advertising it. Go down the stairs and its in the underground car park. They have around 20 stalls, half selling coins and the rest are banknotes/stamps. They pack up at around 1pm so get there early. Also as the other poster above me said, Philip Cohen Numismatics is a good shop near Leicester Square. I've bought some gold coins of him recently and found him a nice pleasant man to deal with. He gets there around midday so maybe have a look after the coin fair? There is the Gold Coin Exchange just around the corner on Charing Cross Road. I've bought from there before a long time ago but the owner said something that made me a bit weary so haven't been back. I found a new shop opposite the British Museum but I haven't been in yet. They have a lot of old coins in the window. I believe at the weekend they close at 2pm.
  5. I used to collect coins when I was a child. Nothing much, just the usual crowns/special edition £5 coins and whatever I could find at the local boot sale. I stopped and the last one I got was the millennium £5 my mum gave me at the stroke of midnight 2000. Then around 7 years ago I was looking to get another hobby so I looked on ebay for some coins. It was the ASE's that caught my eye, so I started doing some research and educated myself on the basics of silver coins/bullion. My 1st coin was the 2009 1oz Silver Kookaburra. Since then I've bought mainly Britannias/kooks/ASE/old Mexican Pesos. I also got into stacking gold shortly after starting silver, but wish I bought more back then when it was £600 an ounce! The long term plan is to trade my silver for gold when the price is more in my favour.
  6. Money2Metal

    Got Buffalo’s ?

    I was going to buy one of these last month but didn't as I could only find them online and I don't trust them coming through the post. I bought a 1oz Kangaroo and Sovereign instead from my local coin shop. The buffalo is going to be my next buy!