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    ZatStackz reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Centenario Tuesday.  
    Received this México 50 Pesos today.  And thank you @Abyss for the 1/4oz Gold Standard coins.

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    ZatStackz reacted to silversurf in 1000 up   
    Hello to all
    Without seeming too soppy and turn this into an Oscar speech, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has pushed that "like" icon, it means a lot to reach that mark. Over the past two years I have learnt so much on here and hopefully passed a little bit of that knowledge on to others.
    I've had some great conversations with others on here, made some money, lost some money, learnt how to grade coins, learnt about the scammers and so much more. It's been a real blast participating and seeing the roller coaster rides PM's can be.
    It's great the trust level this forum has built up, something that is quite rare these days.
    Thanks as well to everyone who run and moderate the forum.
    Here's to the next 1000 though that might be a while yet 😁
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    ZatStackz reacted to danmc82 in Royal Mint Sovereign Storage   
    I store all my Sovereigns in air-tites. I dont like the idea of metal touching/rubbing on metal.
    TBH I store everything either in original box's, or in air tites.
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    ZatStackz reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Royal Mint Sovereign Storage   
    I used to store in tubes - but then I realised that even bullion coins sell quicker if they are in decent condition - and if like me, your plan is to sell the bulk after retirement, which could be 10-30 years from now, you never know how much premium these bullion coins will have if in decent condition. So in capsules they go, and then the capsules in labelled tubes. 
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    ZatStackz reacted to mr1030 in Today I bought.....   
    The owner of the LCS I frequent opened a second shop about 30 miles from my house.  It was opening day today, and since it was my day off, I drove over to check out the new store.  I took over a six pack of beer as a store warming gift, and planned on making a modest purchase to celebrate the new shop.  Of course he put a more significantly priced item in front of me that he had recently purchased that he knew I would have a hard time refusing. 
    1989 Double Sovereign.  No box or COA, but he gave me a great price on it.  And also bought a nice 1891 Jubilee Shilling.

    And I ended up being the first paying customer at the new store. 
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    ZatStackz reacted to Notafront4adragon in Any new series??   
    I like the black flag series found the quality to be very high.
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    ZatStackz reacted to Serendipity in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    @ChrisSIlver I think the fact that the Photo Only Threads are for photos only is a great anti-trolling measure. I prefer to upload photos outside the photo threads and engage with members but find that thanks to their awareness of the Photo Only Threads trolls are less inclined to disrupt my posts.
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    ZatStackz reacted to platinreloaded in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Now, I did it. I put the 7 coins of the MARVEL Superheroes Series out of the capsules und made an you tube movie obout the series together with their brothers in coincards. Hope you enjoy it 

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    ZatStackz reacted to terakris in Submissions   
    I think its 30 "working" days... most of mine go via NCS so take around 6 weeks to come back to me on average. sometimes sooner, often longer. I think compared to PCGS they are pretty slow but i prefer NGC slabs. I have some being done atm, and I think they are at about 6 weeks and currently at Grading/Quality Control. Once graded though they ship back pretty fast.
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    ZatStackz reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    So I was out of town for several days and had four packages waiting for me at the post office when I got home.
    Received the 2020 QB White Lion of Mortimer in 1/4 oz gold Proof, 1 oz silver Proof and 11 of the 2 oz bullion.

    The latest in the warrior series, The Aztec in 1 oz silver and copper from Provident Metals.  A 2013 5 oz silver bullion Fort McHenry ATB.  2019 South Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang 1 oz gold, and a Valcambi Suisse 1 oz Platinum bar. 

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    ZatStackz reacted to adamthetaller in Today I Received.....   
    Lots of bits I've been waiting for are finally in my possession - Gilded lunars from @Gildeon made it safely across the Irish sea.

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    ZatStackz reacted to Silverclown in Today I Received.....   
    Just got my delivery from BYB cheers mate!

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    ZatStackz reacted to platinreloaded in Today I Received.....   
    Today arrived the 2 oz Germania & Britannia Allegories ...

    The 2 oz silver medaillon has the same size as the 1 oz silver medaillon but it is very thick...

    ...and the 2 oz medaillon came in a nice package
    Also the 1oz silverswan is a nice coin   ...

    I hope you enjoyed  the pictures,
    thank You! 

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    ZatStackz reacted to Ron in Today I Received.....   
    Quite new in Silver stacking, received my orders today. A little more than 50 Oz of silver including this beauty

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    ZatStackz reacted to blindguy in 2009 Kakapo   
    Thought you might like to see my New Zealand 2009 Kakapo in NGC proof 70 ultra cameo. I think NGC has only graded 4 in proof 70 ultra cameo.  Jim

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    ZatStackz reacted to sg86 in Today I Received.....   
    Raw 1818, soo nice 😍

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from AgD in Sell and WIN a PROOF PF-70 ASE!   
    Ticket #1
    Not sure if this technically counts as a sale.  Forum member needed to source an item from the states.  He paid me upfront, I bough the item and shipped it to him.  Feedback given on both sides.  If this doesn't count, please disregard.
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    ZatStackz reacted to AgD in Today I Received.....   
    This holder came in the post today and a massive thanks to @ZatStackz for his help in getting it so looks great now the gold has a home.
    And a nice addition to the Aztec family courtesy of @SilverStan the 2oz 

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    ZatStackz reacted to Notafront4adragon in Brexit, politics and silver   
    Defend the faith customs and laws of the land which they, the people through parliament by electing throughout the years to go and negoititate to decide to align with the EU. Then offer a referendum where we could express a preference. Expressing a preference to remain isn't treason. 
    You deliberate choose to use treason to vilify those that take a different view of the world. They are not misled or lied to anymore than you have been. They've just come to different conclusions. Rather than charged emotional words like treason they're better ways of debating Britians place in the world?
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    ZatStackz reacted to Notafront4adragon in Brexit, politics and silver   
    Labelling someone as a traitor because they take a different political stance is over the top. Especially as we were already signed up to the EU, how can you be treasonous if you're obeying the country's laws?
    It's this kind of overly emotional dramatic bullshit rhetoric that's clouding any sensible debate to moving forwards. Just as dumb as calling some one a racist or fascist cause they voted leave.
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    ZatStackz reacted to tallyhojim in Brexit, politics and silver   
    And in doing so, you committed an act of treason.
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    ZatStackz reacted to Gildeon in Brexit, politics and silver   
    I am no British or live in UK, so I have no particular say in the matter, although I have my opinion.
    What I know however, is that when in a nation people start calling the ones having a different political opinion "traitors" of any kind, is the first step towards their downfall... 🙄
    I hope the issue will be resolved soon and all this polarization wind down, for the good of everyone inside Britain and around as well.
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    ZatStackz got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    Filling some holes in my Kookaburra collection.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from Zhorro in Today I Received.....   
    Filling some holes in my Kookaburra collection.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from Rat in Today I Received.....   
    Filling some holes in my Kookaburra collection.