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    ZatStackz reacted to Cking83 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
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    ZatStackz reacted to SteveDavies in Anti Tarnish Strips for Silver Bullion Tubes.   
    ]I'm going to try to answer this very carefully - I wouldn't want to steer you wrong when dealing with proofs.  
    The cream itself will not hurt silver.  After all, cream is a soft fluid while silver is a solid metal - soft, but solid.  And there is no chemical reaction with the silver so gently cleaning it should not do any damage, provided you use the softest, fluffiest material you can find to wipe it.  
    Now, that being said, milk-spots are not considered defects when coins are graded by grading companies.  They are not flaws in the silver, but soiled material upon the coin, basically fluid residue left from the minting process.  You can use Silver Cream on proofs, but I would only do so if I felt it was necessary - to improve the value of a coin for a prospective buyer, perhaps, if a particular coin is heavily soiled.
    If someone has never used a cream to clean their coins before I would recommend practicing on BU, or some old bars, to see what kind of results you get.  Use the product at least a few times until you become comfortable using it before you press on and attempt to clean any of your more valuable proof coins.
    But ultimately, you can clean any silver if you really want to.
    Here is a short video with some interesting ideas.  One thing I disagree with though is this guy does say that milk-spots can't be removed with tarnish removers but my experience proves him wrong.  In fact, I just now cleaned one of my Slave Queen BU/Proof Specials (the BU side) to verify that this cream will clean milk spots - and it did a fine job.  He is right however, when he talks about numismatic coins.  Think twice before polishing any of those gems.
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    ZatStackz reacted to sg86 in Is There No Room Left For Non Graded Coins   
    No I don't, hadn't considered it but will collect them going forward and do that for those who utilise the census database
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    ZatStackz reacted to Numistacker in Is There No Room Left For Non Graded Coins   
    Do you send the inserts back to NGC and PCGS so they can remove the coins from their census? If not this is a really good idea or at some stage these coins will be reslabbed and the census numbers will be wrong. 
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    ZatStackz reacted to BackyardBullion in Flat Earth Coin by PowerCoin & 5% discount code!   
    I was very fortunate this week to get my hands on the Flat Earth "Great Conspiracies" coin by PowerCoin
    It is pretty amazing I have to admit! 
    Really great touch to have a domed capsule too!
    Not only was I able to get a hands on look at the coin (a YouTube exclusive at this stage!) PowerCoin have offered a very generous 5% off discount code
    Full disclaimer - I will get a small kickback from each sale that uses the discount code. 
    That said - I want to put my usual disclaimer here - THIS IS A VERY HIGH PREMIUM COIN - and really should only be purchased if it is something you want. IT IS A VERY HIGH RISK INVESTMENT if you can even call it an investment!
    Make up your mind for yourself!
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    ZatStackz reacted to Alun in Apollo 11 8 coin series from North American mint   
    North American Mint Silver Round Collection
    The most robust offering for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary comes from the North American Mint. This series of silver rounds includes eight designs in all that follow each step in the 8-day mission from liftoff in Florida to the surface of the moon and back as the crew splashed back down in the Pacific Ocean. Each of the silver rounds in this collection comes with .999 fine silver content, a limited mintage of 5,000 rounds per design, and has a proof-like finish with frosted designs and mirrored background fields. The rounds are individually housed inside of Air-Tite capsules and come with a unique serial number engraved onto the edge of the round. The designs include:
    •Liftoff: First off is the design for Liftoff. With the Saturn V rockets at full blast, the Apollo 11 spacecraft hurtles toward the heavens in this design that includes the date of liftoff engraved around the rim and the phrasing “6,5,4,3,2,1 All Engines Running, Lift Off…We Have a Lift Off.”
    •Eagle Landing: Four days after departing Kennedy Space Center, Armstrong and Aldrin descend onto the moon’s surface in the Eagle lander on the obverse of this round. Touching down in a region of the moon known as the Sea of Tranquility, Aldrin and Armstrong report back to Houston “Tranquility Base Here … The Eagle Has Landed.” The date of the moon landing is also featured.
    •One Small Step: On the obverse of this design, you’ll see Armstrong descending the steps of the Eagle lander to mark the first time human beings have landed on another celestial body. As he steps onto the moon, Armstrong proclaims “That’s One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.” The timing of his first steps onto the moon is also engraved on the rim.
    •The Crew: This obverse design features left-profile portraits of all three men who participated in the Apollo 11 mission. With an astronaut’s footprint visible on the moon’s surface and the commemorative 50th-anniversary date mark in the design field, the outer rim includes the names of all three men: “Buzz Aldrin,” “Michael Collins,” and “Neil Armstrong.”
    •Moment of Silence: During their moonwalk, Aldrin requested a moment of silence as he took in the majesty of his position high above in the cosmos as human eyes looked directly down on Earth from above. Aldrin stands in the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, 1969, with Earth visible in the distant background field.
    •For All Mankind: One of the crowning moments of the Apollo 11 mission is captured in this obverse design as Aldrin and Armstrong plant the American flag on the surface of the moon. As one man plants the flag the other salutes. Though America planted a flag, the men pronounced “Here Men From The Planet Earth First Set foot Upon the Moon…We Came in Peace for All Mankind.”
    •Earthbound: Aldrin and Armstrong used the Eagle landers rocket boosters to return from the moon into orbit and rejoined Collins in the command module. The three-man crew jettisoned the Eagle lander and powered up the boosters on the command module to slingshot around the moon and return home to Earth.
    •Splash Down: The final obverse design in the series depicts the moments after the landing pod had reentered Earth’s atmosphere and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. Here, the crew is met by a team of US Navy and NASA rescue specialists. The engraving rim includes the longitude and latitude coordinates where the pod splashed down in the ocean.
    All of the silver rounds in the North American Mint issue have a shared reverse design. This design is inspired by the Apollo 11 mission patch worn by the astronauts of the crew. It depicts an American bald eagle with its wings spread wide as it touches down on the surface of the moon. The eagle clutches an olive branch in its talons and Earth is visible in the distant background. Engravings include the commemorative date marks of “1969 – 2019,” and the words “50th Anniversary.” Other markings on this side include the weight, purity, and metal content of the rounds.
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    ZatStackz got a reaction from ChrisBerg in Anti Tarnish Strips for Silver Bullion Tubes.   
    I use 3M brand in tubes. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Anti-Tarnish-Paper-Tabs-Square/dp/B009YKA106
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    ZatStackz reacted to MrScottsdale in Hello everyone   
    Dear all
    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, Hi 🙂
    My name Peter and based in the UK, I’ve been buying and sell silver on the FB groups for a few years now and I’m just an individual selling in my space time and not a big  bustling business yet lol.
    I’ve been guided here by an eBay member, rugbyplayler77 Thank you 👍
    Ive recently acquired a Scottsdale mint contact to supply me with everything Scottsdale have to offer, if they have it in stock I can get it.
    I offer value for money and  great customer service as I believe that’s why customers coming back time and again.
    Well I look forward to fulfilling your Scottsdale needs here in the UK.

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    Added 0 minutes later...

    Added 0 minutes later...

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    ZatStackz reacted to ChrisSIlver in Quick guide: How to quote from photo only to discussion topic   
    Quick guide: To quote a photo or post from a photo only topic into the discussion topic, simply click on the + button    next to the post(s) you which to quote. Then open the discussions topic and hit the quote post button  (found not he bottom right)
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    ZatStackz reacted to richatthecroft in Libertad Photo Thread...   
    My Libertads just the Onza Gold left to grade...

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    ZatStackz reacted to Sal in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    In the states you would be a Republican for sure. Remember though, democrats at this point in time are out of control in the states.
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    ZatStackz reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @Maundy for the Sovereign and @kneehow2018 for the Gold Standard- pleased I didn’t miss out! Libs from German dealer Silbertresor- I can recommend them- fab service from start to finish. 

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from Csaba in USA & Canadian Coins Thread   
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    ZatStackz got a reaction from Csaba in USA & Canadian Coins Thread   
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    ZatStackz got a reaction from CoinStruck in World coins & medals   
    2018 Around the World Set
    Being that this is my first year collecting, I wanted to complete a set of the coins that I like for 2018.  I think the St Helena Guinea is my favorite.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from CoinStruck in World coins & medals   
    2018 South Korean Chiwoo Cheaonwang & Zi:Sin Canis

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    ZatStackz reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    2019 Proof Britannia 6 coin and 1 oz sets.  2017 Proof QB Unicorn.  2019-P Lowell National Historical Park 5 oz ATB.  2018 1/4 oz gold South Korean Tiger.  And from Provident Metals, the Spartans from the new Warriors series, and The Welsh, 2nd release in the World of Dragons series.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    Finally got my 1/2 oz Reverse Proof Libertad in.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from silversurf in Today I Received.....   
    Apollo 11 coins finally arrived this week.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    Finally got my 1/2 oz Reverse Proof Libertad in.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    Finally got my 1/2 oz Reverse Proof Libertad in.

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    ZatStackz reacted to vicamy in Today I Received.....   
    Received them on Monday but only got a chance today to get some photos up.

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    ZatStackz got a reaction from TheProspector in Any Engelhard Experts out there?   
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    ZatStackz got a reaction from TheProspector in Any Engelhard Experts out there?