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    MickD reacted to Tonyb959 in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    It's hideous. I love it! 
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    MickD reacted to Wouter06 in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Hi! I just found the design for the Yale of Beaufort. :-) I must say I really like the design! It's my favourite after the dragon and the griffin. What do you think?
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    MickD reacted to terakris in Is There No Room Left For Non Graded Coins   
    I buy a lot of ungraded coins which I then slab in the hope of getting the perfect 70 scores (of course depending on what I'm grading) but for me say the modern special sovereigns is something I collect. I buy them individually or in the sets, send them off for grading via Numi and see what comes back. The 70's stay in my collection, and any duplicate 70 grades or lower get resold to offset the cost of the sets im buying. It may not always be the most cost effective as a poor result can leave you  out of pocket potentially but its the risk I take to get a cheaper coin and see if it comes back as perfect or not. Many people are more than happy with a non-70 grade coin, and often the 69/70 are almost identical so there is a market for those coins, especially when the 70's can sometimes demand a high premium.
    The way I see it is, if i decide to sell some coins I have the original packaging carefully stored away. Should i sell, i can show what grades the coins got and sell with the original packaging. If the buyer wants to put them back in then they know what the grade of the coin is and can break open the slab and put back in the original capsule. Best of both worlds, can appeal to the slab collectors and those that want the original box sets but worry about potential condition of the coin. 
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    MickD reacted to happy2gether in South African Mint - new Big Five Series   
    I just spotted the new series from the South African Mint - The Big Five series (AgAu News).
    I like the idea and design of the series, especially the two-coin-proof set with a nice effect, but I don't like the prices. Unfortunately, I could only find few dealers but they want high premium, about 40 Euro for the first 1oz bullion silver elephant and 245 Euro for the first proof set. Any other sources in Europe? 

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    MickD got a reaction from Goldhooked in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    Aye, but no milk spots 🙂.  As per  @Goldhooked I think I'd be quite chuffed if I'm ever in a position to even have to think about CGT.
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    MickD reacted to Goldhooked in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    Yes, but you have to be making currently £11700 PROFIT in one year from any sales before you start paying any CGT and then you only pay the tax on anything above the allowance.  Most people won’t have to worry about CGT.
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    MickD reacted to HelpingHands in Open Thread.   
    It's based of how dense the member is.
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    MickD reacted to Shaunbarry in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    Pamp 1 kilo is sweet
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    MickD got a reaction from Shaunbarry in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    The following silver bars are all pre-owned and were purchased from Bullionbypost.  I’ve photographed them with the original packing slips but I will be keeping these for my own records.
    I’ve weighed and checked with a light magnet (they are too heavy for the slide).  Please carry out your own testing and fire back at my cost if there are any issues.
    Umicore 1kg - a nice chunky bar, still sealed, with serial number.  £450.  £440.  £435.
    Pamp 1kg cast bar, unsealed, with serial number.  £460. £450.  £445.
    Two Umicore 500g bars, sealed, with serial numbers.  £240   £235   £230 each.
    All prices include UK Special Delivery.
    Thanks for looking.

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    MickD got a reaction from Rugbyplayer in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    I still have these, I'll keep them listed for a while tonight, they might not get posted until Monday.
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    MickD reacted to Mcgrimes in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    I don't understand any criticism? Group buys happen across quite a few forums.
    I ask for a price, BYB informs me, i pay him, he pays them , they ship, BYB unpacks, BYB ships, I save a bit of money.
    The shipping is insured, I've got an invoice, BYB gets some views and increases his reputation, I save some money on shipping.
    I hope that the increased views / reputation / satisfaction goes someway in compensating BYB; I can only imagine the inconvenience (hell) that arranging the orders of 120 individuals can create.
    BYB, if you manage to earn a bit of money by saving me money, then you deserve it. (Whether directly or indirectly) Admittedly, I'm inclined to believe you quite like the experience
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    MickD reacted to Quicksand005 in Netherland Ducat Mini date run   
    Hi all, I have 3 Netherlands Ducats for sale. Asking £130 for each of them plus postage cost or you buy all three for £385 and get special delivery costs paid for by me.