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  1. MickD


    Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  2. Five Prospector's Gold and Gems 1 oz bars. One removed for testing but please carry out your own and return at my cost if there are any issues. Nice little bars with a bit of character. Asking £105 posted UK Special delivery. Prefer not to split. Thanks for looking.
  3. Think I'm safe on this one..................
  4. May as well have done
  5. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  6. Paid £146.90 for 10.93 ounces, so had worse. There's nothing on the assay certificate to even confirm it's that bar. Slide tests fine so hopefully............Might take it into the local jeweller to check out.
  7. Wouldn't be the first time I've been stung, thankfully didn't pay much.
  8. I've always thought of it as just a lump of silver and taken the provenance with a pinch of salt, think I got it a couple of years ago (from e-bay).
  9. I can't see any, I'd always assumed it was melted down fro anything that was too far gone.
  10. It is not 63 oz unfortunately