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  1. No worries, I like being Scottish 🍺
  2. I'm Scottish, spelt is a type of flour 😎
  3. Looking at AVCs to cover 60 to 67, even if I only get the tax back and no growth, I'll be happy but no guarantees.
  4. MickD

    Hello from Oregon, USA

    Hello from Edinburgh.
  5. MickD

    1887 Double Florin...worth grading?

    Likewise, I don't think I would grade it, just keep it and enjoy. Nice chunky coins and they only did them for four years so easy to get a run. They were withdrawn after six years because they were too easily confused for crowns. They were called barmaid's ruin as they were often fobbed off as crowns in pubs.
  6. MickD

    Hello from the USA

    Hi from Scotland
  7. MickD

    Hello from Devon, UK

    Hi from Edinburgh.
  8. MickD

    Frank Frazetta silver barbarian

  9. MickD

    Frank Frazetta silver barbarian

    Looking for a Frank Frazetta 1 oz barbarian silver coin.
  10. MickD

    Indian/Buffalo rounds

    Aye, ebay, mixed years but got them at a reasonable price so not too fussed. I like the coin but don't think I've seen many graded over here.
  11. For someone who doesn't understand my obsession, she's doing okay on her own wee stash.
  12. 1'll get her a silver proof if they're reasonable and leave it at that - if they're a rip off, she'll have to settle for cupro-nickel.
  13. I'm under orders to get a Paddington - from someone who doesn't really understand my obsession with coins. She's also getting interested in Beatrix Potter 50p's. There is a quandry though, do I get her the cupro-nickel and a proof for me (until she understands the beauty of silver)?
  14. MickD

    Indian/Buffalo rounds

    probably beyond the limits of my phone and light in the flat. I've seen a few quite cloudy ones on e-bay, just wondered if it's a known issue? I am experimenting with the photography.