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  1. Got a Bond in my change in a pub so asked the barman to check the till, think i ended up with a dozen or so. Few and far between though. Added 0 minutes later... Certainly never saw a 2018 of anything.
  2. Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.
  3. Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.
  4. Looking for Scottish hammered coins, 8 Reales and Ducatons. Please PM me if you have any for sale. Thanks Mick
  5. Come on, don't be shy, must be loads of these floating around as doubles. Happy to pay a fair price/swap for silver. I can get a complete album on e-bay but kind of takes the fun away.
  6. Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.
  7. Germania Proof with COA - £100 Germania Six Precious metals with COA - £180 Germania Red with COA (purchased on the Forum) - £170 Germania Blue with COA - £180 2016 Chiwoo Proof (purchased on the Forum) - £100 Prices include UK Special Delivery. I haven't removed any of these from their capsules. Please feel free to carry out your own testing and return at my cost if there are any issues. Thanks for looking. Mick
  8. Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.
  9. Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.
  10. I've had £500 bags from the PO and a few hundred from the bank. You can tell pretty quickly when someone has beaten you to it. banks have cottoned on to people getting bags of coins, checking them then sticking what they don't want in the coin counters. Haven't done it for a while though so may give it a go.
  11. Still looking for any of the coins listed above. Many thanks to @Tylerdurden and @fehk2001 for their generous assistance (I have two albums on the go so still looking for them all).
  12. MickD


    Hi and welcome from Edinburgh.