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  1. I got 20 when they first came out and no issues other than one little dink. I only have five of the first Allegories but they are all sound. Disappointing to see another nice round milking. Hope you have better luck with the rest. 🍺
  2. Ta, had them both for about forty years plus. Collected militaria when I was younger but ironically, lost interest after I joined up.
  3. MickD


    Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  4. Good luck, never had an Audi but build quality always seemed good. Are they still rear wheel drive (always spooked me a bit but some people prefer it)?
  5. Standing doesn't do brakes, tyres or exhaust any favours either but you would hope a regular service/MOT would pick up on any issues.
  6. Sold, many thanks.
  7. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  8. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  9. Four NGC 2014 MS 70 ASEs, different labels. I've listed these before and know they're not to everyone's taste on the Forum. Listing again to see if current spot makes them a little bit more attractive. Asking £95 posted UK first class signed (likely won't be posted until Saturday now). Thanks for looking. Mick
  10. Sold, many thanks 🍺
  11. Six Scottsdale 100g bars purchased from the Forum. One has some tarnishing which I haven't tried to remove. Weight and slide tested but please carry out your own testing and return at my cost if there are any issues. Asking £360 posted UK Special Delivery. Prefer not to split these due to postage costs. Thanks for looking. Mick
  12. Hi and welcome to the Forum.
  13. Withdrawing for now (kind of like the Allegories anyway). Cheers. Mick