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  1. you still have this? I take it please
  2. no TV here for 20+years, great decision, no regrets at all
  3. Where can we buy these coins? Any shop with website in english ? thanks
  4. Yes I will once I exchange PM for whatever, most certainly real estate. But will do it exclusively with no mortgages. I do not want to be in contract with any banks or institutions when things go pear shape, as I dont believe interest rates will stay this low for much longer when LIBOR ends. This is my very humble opinion. Maybe I'm wrong...
  5. Honestly I would wait until SHTF thats coming soon and then would buy something much cheaper. The rental market is going to have a boom when people cant get a mortgage due to high interest rates. BTW, I'm selling my property in East Neuk, Lundin Links, Scotland if you fancy a bit of fresh air
  6. Tin/Copper foil or some metallic mesh forming the so called a Faraday Cage, works really well, especially if the "cage" is connected to Earth Grounds. To check if the a microwave cage isolation is properly done, just put a mobile inside and try to call it. If it rings then your microwave lets all waves escape and you get part of it. If it loses coverage, then you have a properly made microwave. Harder to find these days...
  7. That's a great option there. Is iZettle you're using? they have an option to send invoices by email and the customer just opens the link and pays with the Card on their side.
  8. Thank you very much! its a lovely place indeed